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Free Printable Snake School Valentines

Printable school valentines with plastic snakesFree printable dollar store snake school valentines
It is that time of year again.. SCHOOL VALENTINE TIME!  And once again, I'm hitting the dollar store to find affordable bulk trinkets that will make good Valentine SWAG!

This year my four year old picked out these little plastic snakes.  (Since nothing says "I love you" like a poisonous viper!)

Bag of dollar store rubber snakes valentine
They are a pretty good option for Valentines since you get 8 in the pack for only a dollar.  That means I could get enough for the entire class for only $4.

Next I came up with a printable that would make them a little less "death by snakebite" and more like "Snakes are great huggers!"
Printable snake valentines
I came up with four different snake-related versions and created a cute little printable where you can plant your little plastic snake in the grass under a cloud filled sky.

The other supplies I needed to put them together:
Everything you need to make school snake valentines


I printed out the cards and trimmed them down with my paper trimmer. 
Printable school valentines with snakes
Next I cut down the green backing cardstock (so they weren't so flexible) and glued the printable down with a glue stick. (If you print on white cardstock you could skip this step)
Dollar store rubber snake valentines

Next I used the Mounting Foam squares to attach the little snakes to the cards
Attaching toy snakes to valentines

And that was all there was to it! Simple and quick.. and cheap!   My favorite kind of Valentine.. especially when you are making 30 of them!
Printable school valentines with plastic snakes

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