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15 Modern Fall Cross Stitch Patterns

15 modern fall autumn cross stitch designsGot cross stitch?  Grab your pumpkin spiced latte and a your embroidery hoop and get inspired by these amazing MODERN FALL crossstitch designs!  Great for autumn or anytime!
 I know cross stitchers never really need an excuse to find new patterns, but IF they did, than the beautiful changes of seasons would be the perfect one! With fall right on the horizon, pumpkin spice lattes are showing up everywhere and I’m feeling really excited about sweater and get-to-skip-shaving-my-legs season!

So what better way to celebrate than gathering up 15 beautiful fall inspired cross stitch pieces.  None of these are the traditional farmhouse scene with pumpkins and leaves, but are more modern takes on the Autumn season.  Grab your embroidery hoop and some Aida and get started on one of them right now!

15 Beautiful Fall Inspired Modern Cross Stitch Designs

fall leaves water color cross stitch.png
Watercolor fall leaves
Just looking at all those color changes makes me a little queasy, but there is no doubt the finished product is gorgeous.

autum fox
Autumn Fox
There is something to be said for the simplicity of this piece, yet it gives off those fall vibes perfectly!

Hello Gourdgeous
Fall is always better with a good pun! 
Fall Forest
This is very similar to the original Satsuma Street work that I am guessing inspired it.  But I just love the color way on this version.

If you wouldn’t want to tackle a whole forest you could also just stitch a single tree:
Blackwork Leaves
There is no pattern available for this piece but the idea is simple. A few leaf silhouettes filled in with colorful blackwork. I love it!

Fallin for you
Awww.  This would be a great project for kids! A simple pattern with relatively simple color changes.

Folk Deer
You don’t normally consider baby blue as a fall color, but in this piece it works perfectly.

Fall Leaf Word Art
I always like word art cross stitch designs, so of course this fall leaves version made my list.

Fall Forest
If you like filling in large blocks of color, you’ll be in hog heaven with this piece. The entire surface is stitched.

Lacey Maple Leaf
I like that this piece gives you the feel of backstitching, but they are all full cross stitches.  It is amazing how delicate it can still look.

Geometric Squirrel
If you feel a little “nuts” during the crazy fall season, then maybe this squirrel is your spirit animal. 
Fall SamplerEven if you didn’t stitch this full piece as is, any of the individual motifs would be great as mini-stitches.

Autumn Leaf Veins
This piece fascinates me. It is actually quite large and I am sure the chart is pretty tricky, but what a result! 
Of course it wouldn’t be a snarky crafter roundup with a few sarcastic and inappropriate pieces:
Fall of the Patriarchy
If you like this, you may like this roundup too.
Decorative Gourd Season
Mic Drop

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