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My Three Year Hiatus: The State of Blogging in 2022.

Wow.  This feels so strange.  I almost forgot my blog's password it has been so long.

Yes.. It's been 3 years since I've published a post.  I can't believe it.  I logged in and the last post popped up from October of 2019.  TWO THOUSAND AND NINETEEN?


That was before Covid.  

That was right around my move back to the East Coast.  

Before my new house.

I stepped away from my blogger life to launch a needlework shop that has taken off in ways I have never imagined. 

I was tired of blogging. It was a huge rat race. It was SEO and perfect photography and social media and all sorts of bullshit that I just didn't like. It sucked. I had known it had sucked for a while, but I was earning my living off ad revenue and sponsored posts so I keep on plugging along. 

Until I didn't have to anymore.

And I didn't miss it. Not one bit.

I was doing all these house projects and not needing to document or share them. I could remodel or redecorate and I didn't need a photo of every step or an affiliate link for every item I may have used.  I could just do them.

I would decorate my new mantels for holidays but didn't need 100 photos of 10 angles posted 2 months in advance.  And if I didn't feel like decorating them.. I didn't.  No pressure.

I could power wash my deck and it didn't need to be some article about types of power washers or a tutorial on how to "powerwash natural stone" blah blah blah.

I would hire contractors to do major things to my house since I was no longer in need of "DIY" content that was relatable to readers.  I just needed to fix my house.. like a normal person. 

But I have recently had the craving to keep track of some projects I'm working on.  I think this is just as much for myself as for anyone who still follows the blog.   But I want a way to document my project on some of my larger projects.  To keep track of the budget and to see if it comes together like the vision. 

But it's going to be a fast and loose version of blogging.  Because jumping back in now, in 2022, the 'competitive make money and get eyeballs on your content" part of blogging still sucks.  And now it is WORSE. There is TikTok and videos and influencers and bullshit that I just am not into.  So this is not going to be that. 

You're gonna get a few unstaged snaps with an iPhone.  The text I feel like including, if any.. and my lack of "give a shit" about SEO and optimization.

The way blogging was when I first started.. more than 1000 posts and 13 years ago.  HOLY SHIT.  13 years! 2009. 

My kids were just babies.. now one is in High School.

Things have changed since then, and I don't want to get back on that race to nowhere.  I just want to blog for fun again.  And so that is the new plan! 

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  1. I always enjoyed your blog "back in the day." I'm happy to follow along with your new projects just to see what you do!


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