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10 Things to Do with Kids At Oakland A's Games

If our family, attending local professional baseball games is a rite of passage.  There is nothing like walking into a ballpark and having the bright green field come into view.  Hearing the crack of the bat as the players warm up or hearing the National Anthem echo through the park is a memory you will never forget.

Our hometown team, the Oakland Athletics (affectionately known as the A’s) is celebrating 50 years in Oakland and we are regulars at the park.
Oakland A s Games with kids
And even if you aren’t a baseball loving family, there is still plenty to do to get the full immersive MLB experience.  From food and entertainment, to games and traditions, the Oakland A’s offer so many options beyond the diamond and even if you are a regular you may not even realize how much else is out there.

So I want to share my top 10 things to do at the Oakland A's game that will keep you (and the kids) busy through the entire game.

How to Make 3D Folded Paper Pumpkin With Your Cricut Scoring Wheel

Cricut scoring wheel 3d PumpkinThree dimensional cardstock pumpkin
It may only be the end of August, but I already have fall on my mind!   So today I am crafting PUMPKINS!   Why? Because if fall had to choose a vegetable mascot, it would be the pumpkin!
Sparkly paper pumpkin
These shimmery and glittery paper pumpkins feature two different types of materials.  Orange foil posterboard as well as copper shimmer paper.  Since the only thing better than pumpkins are GLITTERY pumpkins.

How to Crop An Image In Cricut Design Space

Screen Shot 2018 07 27 at 10 41 02 AM
I wanted to share this quick tutorial today for anyone who is using my print and cut (or just regular cut files) on their Cricut software but only wants to use part of the image. Sometimes you will get a file containing multiple images or motifs and you want to only use certain parts of the file.

Hilarious Shark Week Crafts

Funniest Shark Week CraftsHilarious shark week crafts.  Crochet, cross stitch, sewing and tshirt ideas, perfect for Shark Week..
I don't remember Shark Week as a kid, but in recent years it has taken on a life of its own.  With the meteoric rise in Shark Week's popularity, came a huge increase in the number of shark related crafts making the rounds.

And sure, cute little shark cake toppers and tee shirts are nice, but I wanted to find shark crafts that made me laugh.. and this collection was born.

More than 15 hilarious craft ideas, from crochet to cross stitch.  HTV ideas along with pet costumes and even some unmentionables.. If you love it when your heart races whenever you hear that Jaws music, you are going to love these!

How to Make a 3D Folded Paper Apple

Medallion paper appleHow to make a folded paper apple with the Cricut scoring wheel
I have shared exactly how the Cricut scoring wheels work in previous posts, and today I wanted to just share this adorable project idea, perfect for the start of a new school year.

This is a three dimensional folded apple made out of nothing more than cardstock and a bamboo skewer. It would be super cute with a gift card attached as a teacher gift, or you could add names to the leaves as place cards in the fall.   You could also use it as a gift topper or make a bunch and fill a basket for holiday decor.

And it takes nothing more than 2 sheets of cardstock! YES! So simple! Origami paper apple

How to Use the Cricut Scoring Wheel

Folded chipboard box with cricut scoring wheel
How to use the new cricut scoring wheel on the cricut maker. Perfect folded paper creases.. in all sorts of materials. Includes a free sample project to get started!

I was really excited to get my hands on Cricut’s newest accessory for the Cricut Maker: The Scoring Wheel.  These will be a game changer for anyone who does paper crafting or has been using the scoring stylus for their projects. They go on sale TODAY on HSN and will be coming to stores and Cricut.com shortly!

Cricut’s new scoring wheel is actually TWO tools in one.  A single wheel for effortless folds on thinner materials (such as thin papers or cardstocks) and a double wheel for thicker materials (like cardboard, heavily textured paper and chipboard).   These wheels can use 10 times as much pressure as the scoring stylus.  That means can score and accurately crease a lot more materials.
Chipboard maker scoring wheels
To demonstrate the versatility of these new wheels and to walk you through exactly how they work, I put together a simple project that uses both the single and double scoring wheel.

10 Amazing Handmaid's Tale Cross Stitch Patterns

10 handmaid s tale cross stitch patternsHandmaid s Tale Cross Stitch
If you haven’t seen the amazing Emmy award winning series The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu, you are missing out.  I discovered the series last year (during Season One) and even my cheap ass paid the $9 per month to watch season two.  It is beautifully produced and the storylines are heart breaking and rage inducing all at the same time.

The plot revolves around a dystopian future after a second American Civil war where most women are infertile.  A patriarchal totalitarian government has forced the remaining women into child-bearing servitude as “handmaids.”

If you have never watched an episode, it sounds bizarre, but the flashback progression on how this society has developed is disturbingly familiar and eerily foreshadowing.  

The show has become like a siren’s song to the feminist crafting community and so many amazing projects have come out of it.
Since I love cross stitch, here are 10 of the most amazing patterns I could find. 

Under his eye..

How to Save Drooping Hydrangeas after Cutting

How to save wilting hydrangeas
The trick on how to revive cut hydrangea flowers if they start drooping.  It isn't too late to save those wilted mophead flowers! This is the secret!
There is nothing more frustrating than cut flowers that wilt or droop too fast.. and one of the WORST culprits for premature drooping are HYDRANGEAS!  
It never fails, you can bring home perfectly perky cut mop head blooms from the florist or even cut your own in your back yard and within hours of putting them in water, they have fallen into a lifeless slump.  Wilted and droopy.  So sad.

These are some stems I cut in my own back yard. I IMMEDIATLEY stuck them in water, and within 2 hours they looked like this:
What to do if your hydrangeas are limp
I have very alkaline soil.. so the hydrangeas from my yard are very pink.  If your flowers are blue.. you can actually make them pink by adding lime to the soil!  Alternatively, I could turn my pink flowers blue by adding acid to the soil (peat moss, sulfur or ammonium nitrate.)

Okay.. but what about the droopy blooms?

Fear not! Hydrangeas are actually pretty easy to revive.. even once they get to the point of where you think they cannot be saved.  Mine looked like they were near death.
How to perk up dying hydrangeas

Encouraging Outdoor Play with LEGO

Child with lego minifigJune is national Celebrate Outdoor month and I am always looking for ways to encourage my kids to get off the sofa and outside. It is often hard to pull them away from video games or electronics, so instead of fighting that battle, I’m using their favorite play things to my advantage.
Encouraging outdoor play with LEGO
The one toy my kids CANNOT get enough of is LEGO.  I’ve written about how much it means to me that my kids play with LEGO building sets just like I did as a kid, and even as they get older, they still love them!

10 Crocheted American Flag projects

10 crochet project ideas featuring the American Flag. Adding stars and stripes can give any crocheted project a patriotic twist.10 crochet project ideas featuring the American Flag. Adding stars and stripes can give any crocheted project a patriotic twist.Summer isn't usually considered "crochet season" since you typically think of crocheted projects as cold weather ones. Hats, scarfs and afghans.  But today I'm turning that notion on its ear.   There are lots of great ideas for crocheted projects you can use year round.   And if you add an American flag motif to your designs it fits perfectly into the fourth of July or Memorial day. 

Now that you have an excuse to crochet in the summer, to grab your crochet hook, some red, white and blue yarn and start your first chain!

10 Patriotic Stars and Stripes Crochet Project Ideas 

10 Wooden Lanterns You Can Make Yourself

10 Wooden Lanterns You Could Build Yourself

DIY Outdoor Drink Stakes

Diy scrap wood drink caddyScrap wood drink caddy
I’m pretty excited about today’s build because
1. It uses only scrap wood.
2. It went together super fast (like one afternoon.)
And 3. It involves holding my drink..  We can pretty much all agree the a cold beer or glass of wine close at hand is ESSENTIAL to summertime happiness.
Yard stake drink holder
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