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Kitchen Herb Garden (Tabletop or Wall Mounted)

DIY wooden herb garden boxKitchen counter herb garden
Spring is almost here.. sort of.  But even if you are still under snow or suffering from cold temperatures, it is time to start gardening! Even if that means doing it indoors.

So today I want to show you how I made a simple little kitchen herb garden which is perfect either right on the kitchen counter, or even mounted on the wall.
Tabletop herb garden
The premise is simple, grow your fresh herbs right where you are going to use them: the kitchen.  And in this case I made mine to house the most common herbs we use in our cooking.

How to Clean a Crock Pot Insert

This post brought to you by Bon Ami
How to clean your crock pot
Over time the ceramic insert in my slow cooker has become discolored and scratched up.  I love to shred chicken breasts in my crock pot using my hand mixer and the mixer blades leave grey marks all over the bottom and sides. Cleaning touch stains on slow cooker
Regular washing doesn’t take the marks off, but there is something that does.  Bon Ami powder cleanser! 

Look at my slow cooker insert NOW:
How to clean a slow cooker

How to Make Your Own Marquee Lightbox Letters and Words

How to make your own lighbox letters
DIY marquee letters
If you have been on Instagram for more than a nano second you know that marquee light boxes and letter boards are all the rage right now. These lighted boxes with slide in letters let you express yourself!
Marquee Light box letters and words
I confess.. I’ve used them.. I love mine!  I have a huge collection!
do more of what makes you happy.jpg
But one of the problems I have is that I don’t always have enough letter (or enough space) to actually say what I want to say.

Let’s just be honest here.. The lovely Heidi Swapp is never going to make a “cuss words” expansion pack!  I have A LOT of letter sets, but I still struggle with being able to spell out exactly what I want to say.

Easy DIY Tote Bag from Dollar Store Placemats (Video Tutorial)

How to sew a tote bag from placemats
How to make a bag from placemats
This post is April’s Dollar Store Design Squad challenge and I'm so stoked with just how fabulous this project came out. I mean, I thought it would work out, but the actual finished project is so much nicer than I actually thought it would be.. (oh, should I be admitting that out loud?)

This tote bag is actually made from dollar store PLACEMATS. Yep, those are placemats, and the entire project only took a few minutes and cost about 4 dollars!  (Nice right?!)
How to sew a tote bag with dollar store placemats

10 Dollar Store Inspired Spring Projects

It is time for another Dollar Store Design Squad challenge.. and this time everyone participating in the challenge focused on spring and early summer projects. 

All the Best DIYs in Red and White and Blue

Three collections of fabulous diy projects.. in three colors: Red, White and Blue.  Because you don't need stars and stripes to be patriotic.
This month the All Things Creative team are brining you not one, not two, but THREE collections of amazing DIY projects all sorted by color.  But not just ANY COLORS.. We are talking about projects in the patriotic colors of Red, White and Blue!

Isn’t that a fun idea? Instead of projects that scream “Fourth of July” we are celebrating the colors of the Stars and Stripes in a more subtle way.   Each of these projects features a single color, not all three!

That means you could use most of these projects all year long.  I thought I’d share a few of my favorites and then the entire collection. And let me tell you, the ladies of the ATC team did not disappoint. 

Celebrating 50 Years of Oakland Baseball with Oakland Family Tees

Rooted in oakland header
April is finally here and Major League Baseball’s season opener was this past week! If you follow me on Instagram you know we are a softball family, and our love of the game extends all the way to our Bay Area major league franchise, the Oakland Athletics.

The Oakland Athletics (affectionally known as the "A’s” ) kicked off their season this week, and with it came a huge milestone for the franchise.  This is their FIFTIETH season in Oakland.

The Athletics are actually one of the American League’s original charter teams (originally the Philadelphia Althetics) but moved to Oakland in 1968 where they have been ever since.  That means that for the past 50 years Oakland has been able to call the Athletics “our” team!
Oakland A s game
In a major metropolitan area, there are often multiple major league sports teams, and in the Bay Area has no shortage..  but the Oakland Athletics are special. They have ALWAYS focused on being Oakland's home team. Not the Bay Area, not San Francisco, not Northern California.. ONLY Oakland and the East Bay.  They have continuously celebrated the people in their home city and are always improving on the experience of attending A’s games in Oakland.

Shut Your Piehole Cross Stitch Pattern

Shut your pie hole cross stitch patternShut your piehole pie cross stitch
I recently found this little cross stitch pattern at the craft store and I immediately knew I could “snarkify” it.  I mean, as much as I love the sweetie pie sentiment, it was a little too cutesy for me.

Is the Disney Dining Plan Worth it? Advantages & Disadvantages

Disneyworld castle dining
When planning a trip to Disney, there is much to take into consideration. It is no secret that a Disney vacation can take a huge chunk of change out of your bank account. And it is also no secret that a lot of planning can be necessary, to make sure that you are spending your money wisely on every detail of your magical vacation. One of the biggest questions that people have when planning their trip is, Is the Disney Dining Plan worth it? Well, the answer varies by family.

We have taken trips where we paid for the food out of pocket AND we have taken trips where we bought the dining plan, and I want to share what we learned about all the advantages and disadvantages to purchasing the Disney Dining Plan.

Note: I'm talking about the Disneyworld dining plan. Disneyland's plan works differently.. so that will have to be another post.
How does the Disney Dining Plan work? 

Easy DIY Umbrella Stand (From One Board)

Easy DIY Wooden Umbrella Stand from single board. A great beginner woodworker project and a great way to organize all those wet umbrellas
You already know that April showers bring May flowers, but did you know that April showers also mean.. the start of UMBRELLA SEASON!  And if your family is like mine, you have extra umbrellas for every occasion. We have them in the closet, each kid carries one in their backpack, I have a bunch in the car, one in my gold bag.. Umbrellas EVERYWHERE! And the last thing I need is wet umbrellas dripping all over my house.

So as my entry into the Power Tool Challenge (This month was a One Board Challenge), I designed a simple umbrella stand to corral all the stray umbrellas and to give them someplace to drip off when they came home wet.
DIY wooden umbrella stand

15 Easy Woodworking Projects You Can Build with One Board

15 Easy to Build Woodworking Projects that only require ONE Board.  Great for beginner builders.

Want to get out to the woodshop to build something, but you don’t want to spend a lot on lumber.. or a lot of time on a massive project? Then today you re going to LOVE these 15 One Board Woodworking Projects.

The type of board may vary, but every single one of these projects only uses one board to construct it.

15 Projects You Can Build With One Board

The DIY Village - Bottle Vase Holder
one board bottle centerpiece
 The Kim Six Fix - Scroll Saw Basket

Create and Babble - How to Make Simple Wood Frames
Simple one board wood frames.png

The Kim Six Fix - Desk Organizer

Designed Decor - Faux Tin Tiles
one board faux tin tiles
H2OBungalow - DIY Large Wood Name Cut Out
one board wooden scroll saw name
The Kim Six Fix - Easy Umbrella Stand
One board umbrella stand

Woodshop Diaries: Bar Cart
one board bar cart

My Repurposed Life - Baseball Growth Chart
one board baseball growth chart
The Kim Six Fix - Trough Style Planter

Just The Woods - How to Build a Tobacco Kiln for Curing Tobacco

The Handyman’s Daughter - Expandable Desk Organizer

expandable desk organizer
My Repurposed Life: Small Step Stools
One Board Step Stools

The Kim Six Fix - Puzzle Piece Expandable Cutting Boards

Lennartdemeij on Instructables - Guitar Stand
one board guitar stand

Lowe’s - Wooden Bench or Table
one board table

Don't miss these other ONE BOARD Woodworking Project Ideas as well:

25 Beautiful HTV T-Shirt Designs

If you have an electronic cutting machine (such as a Silhouette or Cricut) and you haven’t used HTV (heat transfer vinyl) yet, you are missing out!  Being able to decorate fabric (on items like t-shirts, aprons and tote bags) gives you so many possibilities.

 This spider web collar design is glitter HTV.  It is amazing just how versatile it is!

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