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'I Need My Emotional Support Wine' Cross Stitch Pattern

Funny wine cross stitchCross stitch pattern for funny wine
I recently jumped back into cross stitch since I have found it to be a great outlet to get some your sarcasm out.
Funny wine cross stitch
There are a lot of hilarious and sarcastic patterns available out there, and I wanted to design some of my own.
When I heard about the recent “Emotional Support Peacock” episode, I knew I wanted to snark on the ridiculous of it all, and how what I personally really need I some Emotional Support WINE!

When I grab a glass of wine and suddenly things don’t look so bad!
Emotional support wine cross stitch

This project only took one evening to complete (and is pretty straight forward to stitch if you are only a new cross stitcher.) I’ve made the pattern available for download below.

If you don't cross stitch, I have a very similar designs up in my Amazon shop as well:
Buy it here             Buy it here

Every purchase goes towards my ‘emotional support wine fund.’ 

A hilarious look at "emotional support" animals.. how about emotional support wine! You can get the snarky cross stitch pattern for this!

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