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I'm a mom of 2 girls (6 and 3).
I love my family, twitter, pinterest and HGTV.
I'm frequently grouchy and sleep deprived.. I adore iced coffee and DIY projects.
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  1. HI Kim..... just had a great time looking at all of your home projects! We moved into our new house last year and have a huge master bedroom, cira 1970. I'm looking for an update to cover the dark barn boards that go half way up all the walls. Too rough to paint. I'd love any suggestions and would be happy to email a picture. Kimbo1234@yahoo.com

  2. Hey Kim. I just want to say all of your DIY projects are spectacular. I do have a question. What line of work were you in before you became a full time mom? Did you have experience, or training regarding contractor/home builder?

    Thanks for your time,

  3. Shoot, I wish I'd read this page before posting...I nominated you for an award you've already gotten lol. Oh well, you can check out my Liebster post here: http://cozycapecottage.blogspot.com/2014/06/its-going-around-liebster-award.html


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