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Three Dimensional Textured Easter Eggs With Hot Glue

Easter comes early this year.  And so I thought it was about time to get working on my annual tradition of transforming plastic eggs.  It has become one of those things I love doing every year. Seeing all the fun variations I can make out of dollar store eggs.  (Like this, this, this, this and this)

And this year I’ve started off by really thinking outside the box.  These monochromatic textured eggs are clean and modern. The polar opposite of the brightly colored cheesy plastic basket filler they started out as.  They almost look like plaster or concrete.   But they aren’t.

So how did I get them to look like this?

The answer is “Hot Glue and Spray Paint!”

I admit there was a bit of a learning curve when decorating these guys with flesh-searingly hot glue.
I started out with simple designs like polka dots and stripes..

And moved on to more complicated designs, like melting splatters and meandering lines.   The nice part is that if you make a mistake, you can throw the eggs in the freezer and after the glue is really hard, you can peel it right off.

I also figured out that you can layer the glue on top of itself if you pre-cool the eggs first.

And as cool as the eggs looked with the glue, I wanted them to be unrecognizable, so I brought out the matte finish spray paint.

It takes quite a few layers to hide the bright colors and completely cover all the texture. 
But when they were done they were amazing!
Seriously.. this guy looks like melting ice cream.  I love how it turned out.

I can’t wait to see what else I can do with them!

The process in a nut shell:

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