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Paper Popsicle Garland (Personalized)

Personalized summer popsicle banner
Today I want to share with you my FIRST EVER ‘print then cut' file for you Cricut machine. I’ve shared a lot of cut files/SVGs in the past, but this kicks it up to a whole new level.  This “Summer” popsicle banner is too cute for words.  The files include both the full banner as well as just the popsicles.
Summer popsicle exampel
If you have never used it, the print then cut feature is great for making things like stickers or cards since you can get a tight and accurate cut around the outside of your image.
Print and cut personalized popsicle banner

If you don’t have a Cricut machine I’ve also made alternative versions of the file so you can use them as darling summer printables. Here is an example I made using this file:
Example Summer vibes printable

Free printable download and print and cut file for this adorable summer popsicle banner..you can ever personalize it!

I used the cut feature to turn these popsicles into a fun pool party banner:
Summper popsicle banner
I just cut out the graphics, tapered them onto some bakers twine and tied them on some skewers:
Making printed popsicle banner
 You can make them really big or really small (imagine how cute this would be as a tiny cake topper?)
Printed popsicle banner
If you want to personalize your banner for a birthday or special occasion, I actually have made the ENTIRE alphabet available in my shop.

Full banner example
Don't miss this post if you want to cut apart your print and cut file into individual popsicles.
I’m definitely ready to kick back poolside for summer.  How about you?
Summer popsicle banner
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  1. Love this! Nothing says summer like popsicles!! My sun wants to have an end of school year party and I'm definitely making this banner.

  2. This one is the perfect for summer party. Looks lovely and my 6 year old will love it more as she loves candy.


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