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Gift Idea for Embroidery & Cross Stitch Lovers

Have a friend or family member that really loves fiber arts, or more specifically embroidery and cross stitch?  Well, today I have the ultimate gift guide for those people.

These are all products I use and recommend, in various price points.  Almost all these items are available on Amazon, which makes shopping a breeze.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Embroidery & Cross Stitch Lovers
  1. Pin Cushion: I love that these flower ones come in a variety of fabrics for a big selection of styles.
  2. Embroidery Floss Pack: The Gold Standard Brand of floss is DMC, and their variety packs would make any stitcher happy! 

  3. Removable Highlighter Tape: Keeping track of exactly where you are in a pattern can be difficult.  This tape is a great way to highlight the exact row or area you are stitching, without damaging the pattern.
  4. Sewing Machine USB Stick: How cute is this USB stick? Fill it with PDF patterns for your gift recipient, for an even bigger surprise! 

  5. Thread Organizer: I have at least 10 of these. Not only are they great for floss storage, but you can also use them for notions, needles, buttons and so much more.
  6. “Pen to Thread” Embroidery Design Book: A great book of embroidery designs for any level
  7. Gold Crafting Scissors: You can never have too many nice quality scissors.
  8. Cross Stitch T-shirt: Loving this sarcastic tee. Would be a funny gift for any stitcher! 

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  9. Needlework Fabric Set: A collection of gorgeous linens in a variety of colors. Perfect for stitching.
  10. Drawer Organizer: The perfect way to store patterns, fabric, or even WIPs and unfinished projects (but nobody has any of those right?) 
  11. Embroidery Transfer Pen: Used for copying embroidery designs onto fabric. These things are always running out of ink or drying out, so stick one in your gift recipient’s stocking and save them a trip to the craft store! 
  12. Cross Stitch Organizer Case: For taking projects on the go, or just gathering up all your clutter in one spot. 
  13. Embroidery Hoop Set: If a stitcher displays their finished pieces in embroidery hoops, then this is another great gift idea, to keep their creative juices flowing.
  14. “Life’s A Stitch” Mug:  Coffee and Cross Stitch.  A perfect combination.  So why not combine both with a stitching related coffee mug?  Sure, there are more risqué versions available, but I kept it clean for this gift guide! 
  15. Floss Bobbins: These are really inexpensive and would be a great stocking stuffer.  It is another one of those stitching accessories that you can never have too many of!
  16. Foldable Craft Lamp: I love my OttLite. I use it every time I stitch.  This folding version would be great if space was limited or you want to take it on the go.NewImage
  17.  Needle Minders: These are magnetic pieces that hold your needle on your stitchwork so it doesn't get lost. There are a HUGE variety of motifs.  This a great personalized gift idea
  18.  Gift Card to Craftsy.  This site is filled with a ton of Embroidery Tools, Supplies & Notions, Embroidery Patterns, and Classes.  Let your gift recipient choose exactly what they need!

Give a stitcher what they want and what they need..  and maybe you'll get lucky and they'll give you some of their work as a thank you in return! 

Cross Stitch and Embroidery HGG 2018

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