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Hamptons Inspired Bathroom Makeover

Our new house has a powder room that was wallpapered within an inch of its life when we bought the house, so I decided it needed a makeover.   

The wallpaper was actually METALLIC and shined in the light. Which was cool, but the copper color wasn't really in my color scheme.

Not to mention,  it had no mirror and some really old fashioned colonial style sconces.  Whut? 

PLUS A SEASHELL SINK. OMG NO. Since my style isn't south Florida meets George Washington, it was on my list of crap to change as soon as we moved in.

Our new house has a color theme of navy, blue and turquoise with a touch of Hamptons/Nautical and a touch of Farmhouse.  Nothing too rustic and nothing to themey.. so this was my vision of the bathroom.

We toured a house when we were house hunting that had the most amazing bathroom with a single tiled 'accent' wall and I knew I wanted to do that behind the sink and toilet.

The walls got damaged pretty badly getting the wallpaper off, so I didn't want to paint.  I decided I would need to re-wallpaper. 

So here is the vision: 

Navy and white, to go with the rest of the house's color scheme.  I also have used a lot of chrome in the house, so I decided to stick with silver accents instead of the currently trendy brushed gold.  

So far, I've purchased the vanity, wall paper, faucet and tile.  And so I'm going to record those costs here and just update the budget as we go along.

Tile: $997 (60 square feet plus thinset)

Vanity: $447
Delta Faucet: $82 (I got a refurb on clearance)
Wallpaper: $324
Total spent so far: $1850

I have the sconces and the mirror in my shopping basket but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

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