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Encouraging Outdoor Play with LEGO

Child with lego minifigJune is national Celebrate Outdoor month and I am always looking for ways to encourage my kids to get off the sofa and outside. It is often hard to pull them away from video games or electronics, so instead of fighting that battle, I’m using their favorite play things to my advantage.
Encouraging outdoor play with LEGO
The one toy my kids CANNOT get enough of is LEGO.  I’ve written about how much it means to me that my kids play with LEGO building sets just like I did as a kid, and even as they get older, they still love them!

This little mini-fig is the key to my kids getting outside!  You may not think of it, but LEGO are perfect for encouraging outdoor play.
Little boy playing with LEGOs outsideThe kids build their creations inside and then they take them ‘into the wild’ where their little mini-figs can find their own adventures.  I’m not worried about them getting dirty since they are easy to wash.
Children playing with LEGO
My kids make up backstories for all their mini-figs and let them stalk through the tall grass just outside of their travel trailer.
Playing outside in the grass with LEGO
But whats this!! OH NO! Dinosaur attack!!   Everyone run!!!! Lego velociraptor attackJust watching the delight as their little stories come to life right there in the backyard.   Smiling little boy from legos
You can’t help by get pulled into the story too!
Velociraptor attacking lego mini figs

If you haven’t considered encouraging your kids to take their LEGO builds outside, I’d strongly encourage you to at least let them try.  It will LITERALLY open up a whole new world of adventure for them!Child with lego minifig

If you need some ideas for great outdoor LEGO sets to get started, here are a few:
LEGO City Pickup and Caravan (this is the set featured in this post)


And of course, my kids love any of the Jurassic World sets:  
 Dilophosaurs Ambush (Featured in this post)

Finally, if your family is like mine and LEGO blocks are EVERYWHERE, here are some great storage options for around the house:

Thank you to LEGO for providing a building set for this post.  My kids were thrilled!  

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