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40 Father's Day Gift Ideas: Outdoorsman, Grillmaster, Woodworker, Sports Fan

40 fathers day gift ideas
Shopping for Father's day has always been difficult for me.  Although my father, husband, father-in-law, grandpa all have a lot of interests and tastes it is still hard to figure out what to get them every year.  I always want to give them a gift they really like, and is something they will really use.   So in order to figure out what they would like, I broke it down into his hobbies and what would be fun gift ideas for each.  I LOVE YOU DAD! 

Father's Day Gift Ideas 

Gifts for the Outdoorsman:

Nothing is as cool as actually giving the gift of OUTDOORS! 
Compass or GPS
I’m a fan of the Smart Wool brand. I love being able to wash them. 
This is seriously my dad’s favorite toy. I got him this one and he plays with it all the time! 

I picked up a couple of these inexpensive ones for my kids and they use them when we camp. 
These are so cool since they are small, fit in a backpack and don’t require batteries.
If you can find one for the area around where your recipient lives, it is like a personalized gift!

I keep these in my car as well.. since you never know.
Camel backs are the coolest things ever! If your dad doesn’t have one, check them out.  

Gifts for the Woodworker:

I actually rounded up gifts for Woodworkers previously, since it is my favorite hobby!  
Some other Ideas: 
I don’t have one, but my dad has this level and it is super cool

Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug

Hardware Store Gift Card (my personal favorite is Rockler!) 
I have K4 the but the K5 is the mack daddy of pocket holes
Snake Light or Flexible Work Lamp 
When I was researching this list I fell in love with this one
I actually have a subscription to Family Handyman and I use all the free plans and tips

Rotary Tool
I have the Dremel Micro, but the full sized ones are awesome too 

Gifts for the Grill Master:

Spice Mixes or Marinades
Or this cool cookbook where you can make your own
This one is meant specifically for grilling

Or while you are at it, how about the whole set?

I’ve started grilling veggies this way and it is amazing!

Cedar Planks
For smoky flavor on fish and chicken


Gifts for the Sports Fan:

 I personally have a fitbit

Gym or Activity Membership/Lessons
This sports photography class looks cool  
Replacement (TennisGolf) balls

Having a heavy duty one also comes in handy for your car tires!
So there you have my collection of ideas.  Hopefully you can find something that will work for the man in your life!

40 Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Every Interest:  the Outdoorsman, Grillmaster, Sports Fan and Woodworker.

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