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Spending My Valentine's Day (Han) Solo SVG

Han Solo on Tshirt
Valentine’s Day may be for lovers, but I know not everyone is a fan.. so this year I wanted to make sure to include all the singles in my printable and SVG valentine projects.

Who better to represent the unhitched masses than my man Han Solo!

As my project for the Cricut Craft and Create challenge I made a tongue in check valentine for all the singles. Of course, if you need a more traditional valentine, check out these other fabulous projects from the rest of the team:
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Han Solo Valentine Example
I was able to simplify the silhouette and text enough to make it scalable.  Easy enough to weed, even on a small project, like this coffee cup:
HANS Solo Valentine ON CUP
Or large enough to make an HTV tee shirt. (REMEMBER TO MIRROR IF YOU ARE USING HTV!) Han Solo Valentine on Tshirt
Of course, you don’t have to make this a vinyl project, you could also just print it out as a card or printable.. I have the printable PDF available as well.  HAN SOLO VALENTINE Printable


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  1. This is hilarious! I love it, such good timing with the new Star Wars movie too!


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