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It is that time of year again! When I look back and reflect on the year’s projects. This was a HUGE year for the blog, with multi-millions of page views, More than 2 million unique visitors and 140 new posts!  And that is just THIS BLOG!

In 2017 I spun off an entirely new blog (posts from that blog are not included here) and a couple of new Facebook and Instagram pages (here, here, here and here) as well as maintained all the social media channels for the original one (here, here, here, here and here.)

I focused a lot more on video (which is a huge learning curve) and tried to stay in regular contact with more than 20,000 emails subscribers.  I also started a new Facebook group to keep me in touch with other power tool toting DIY women!

I’m like a duck.. calm on the surface, but underneath I’m paddling my feet for dear life! 

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So what resonated with all of my readers this year? It is always fun to find out!  So, let’s do the big countdown, starting at number ten!

TsumTsum Display Shelf (Disney Castle Version)

MiniTsumTsum disney display shelfAn adorable way to organize and display TsumTsums. Would also work for shopkins or matchbox cars.  The building plans and video tutorial are available. It looks really easy to make! In the kids’ advent calendars this year they each received 24 new TsumTsum figurines.  If you don’t know what they are consider yourself lucky. TsumTsums are made by Disney and feature all their characters from the movies and TV.  (The majority of the ones in the photo above came from this set or this one.)

T-Shirts for Girls with Power Tools

If you haven’t figured it out yet, one of my biggest motivations for writing my blog is to inspire other women to pick up power tools for the first time and tackle DIY and building projects they have always been too intimidated to try.  It is definitely empowering to be able to tackle your own “honey do” projects around the house or even build your own furniture.

For a long time women have been treated with condescension on the male dominated DIY fields.  I am sure we all have a story of visiting the hardware store only to have the people working their address your spouse instead of you.  (When buying a saw recently the sales guy at the store actually told me "This is probably too much saw for you!" WHAT!?!?!)

Or we have had a male builder or woodworker mansplain something on social media, as if female builders were too busy baking cooking or getting their nails done to understand how how a tool worked.

I’m really proud to be a female DIY’r and Girl with Power Tools, so I wear it on my chest::
girls with power tools tee
That brilliant  design is actually custom hand lattered by my friend Jocie and I think it is AMAZING! 

Sawdust is My Glitter Ornaments

Sawdust is my glitter filled ornament
Today’s project is the meeting of my two loves: Woodworking and Crafts.  My Rae Dunn ornament tutorial has GONE CRAZY but Rae Dunn isn’t really my personal style, so I wanted to do another ornament, but this time I wanted something closer to my heart. 

I saw these ornaments on etsy and knew they would be perfect converted from “Sawdust is man glitter” to “Sawdust is MY glitter” (since my mantra of late has been “Silly boys, power tools are for girls.)”

Here is the final result:

Santas and Trees from Scrap 2x4 Blocks

Wooden christmas block santas and trees made from scrap 2x4s.  The painting is simple enough that anyone can do it! Wooden christmas block santas and trees made from scrap 2x4s.  The painting is simple enough that anyone can do it!
The big day is here! It is my turn to post my 12 Days of DIY Christmas project.  In case you missed it, I explained the challenge and shared the 12 other blogger’s projects yesterday.  You don’t want to miss those posts either!

For my project I made these adorable Santas and Trees out of some scrap 2x4s I had in the workshop.

12 Days of DIY: Building Projects from Girls With Power Tools

I’m so stoked to be included in this year’s 12 Days of a DIY Christmas hosted by Sarah of The Creative Home. For the first 12 days of December we will be presenting a new building or DIY project every day! That is so much DIY goodness in one place!

All of these projects are coming to you from my fellow Girls With Power Tools (sorry.. no boys this year!)   Here is the fabulous line up:

12 Days of DIY:

Pie Plate and Pizza Pan Snowman

Dollar store snowman

I am pretty excited to announce that I have joined a BRAND NEW bi-monthly challenge hosted by Gail of MyRepurosedLife.  This one is focused around dollar store DIYs!

100 Christmas Tree and Wreath Decorating Ideas

The highlight of Christmas decorating is the tree! I think what I love about it most of all about Christmas trees that they can be any style or aesthetic. From fun and funky, to sleek and modern, to traditional and warm.  Your Christmas tree should reflect your personality and the things you love.

I tend to be pretty traditional with my tree decor, but I have lots of blogging friends who are totally different.. and that is what makes decor so fun, there is something for everyone.
100 decorating ideas for christmas trees and wreaths
So this month the All Things Creative Team is bringing you wreath and tree decorating ideas.  There are so many creative ornament and theme ideas as well as some beautiful home tours.  You could spend all day just browsing through the links!   ENJOY! 
** The DIY Village ** The Kim Six Fix ** One Project Closer **Practically Functional ** Blue i Style **Virginia Sweet Pea ** Pet Scribbles**Interior Frugalista**

Christmas Tree & Wreath Decorating Ideas

If the collection fails to load, CLICK HERE

100 christmas tree and wreath decorating ideas for any style

I thought you also may also enjoy these other Christmas ideas: 

25 Wood Slice Holiday Projects

25 holiday project ideas made from wood slices
If you like the warm natural beauty of wood disks, you are going to ADORE these next 25 projects.  I scoured the internet looking for beautiful examples of how you can use these rough wood slices (from tiny 1/2 inch ones all the way to giant tree trunk slices) in holiday and home decor.

I got the idea for this round up since I’ve done quite a few wood slice projects myself, and I have seen some gorgeous variations on the theme.  And yes, there are 500 different ways to made woodslice Christmas Tree ornaments, but I tried to feature different techniques or styles.   

25 Unique Wood Slice Holiday Projects

wood slice magnets

photo wood slice ornament

wood slice santa ornaments

wood slice wreath

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wood slice wine charms


Want more wreath ideas? Check these out!
buffalo check ornament

chalkboard wood slice banner

placemat wood slice

wood slice coaster

wood burned ornaments

wood slice snowman

monogrammed wood slice ornament

wood slice napkin rings


Learn how to easily transfer any photo onto a slice of wood using Silhouette temporary tattoo paper.


25 Wood Slice Christmas projects. I love the warm rustic natural beauty of wood slices during the holidays and these 25 ideas for using wood slices in christmas decorating are beautiful.  From ornaments, table settings, wall art, wreaths and more!

Want more Christmas Decor? Check out these collections: 

How to Update and ReStitch Cross Stitch Samplers

I m sorry my house looks like shit cross stitch

I learned to cross stitch when I was a kid.  My mom taught me the relatively simple craft and I created some simple samplers featuring Care Bears and Precious Moments dolls.  Yeah.. You can tell I was a girl in the 80s.  I did evolve to do more complicated pieces, but eventually I lost steam when it came to cross stitch.  It just took too dang long to make anything.

Folded Paper Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Folded paper christmas tree countdown calendar
Create little three dimensional paper trees out of paper or cardstock and fill them with treats for the most adorable DIY advent calendar.  A little paper forest christmas countdown that looks just as cute on the shelf as it is fun to open!
My kids love advent calendars. Every year they each get their own, and opening the little windows as a Christmas countdown is always fun for them.   This year the girls both wanted these TsumTsum calendars. (I don’t understand the TsumTsum addiction.. so I must be getting old.) 

15 Holiday Woodworking Projects

Easy Christmas woodworking projects.  15 ideas that you can build out of wood for the holiday season. Easy woodworking projects all the way to more complex carpentry!
Easy Christmas woodworking projects.  15 ideas that you can build out of wood for the holiday season. Easy woodworking projects all the way to more complex carpentry!
The holidays can great inspiration for simple woodworking projects.  No matter if you have barely used a saw, or if your building skills are top notch, there is a Christmas inspired building project out there for you!  I’ve collected 15 of my favorites, from scrap wood projects to 2x4 and plywood builds, many of these would be great gift ideas.

So get into the workshop and build these holiday inspired projects!  (Not that you needed an excuse to grab the power tools!)

Love woodworking projects? Find more HERE!

Painted Thrift Store Ski Makeover

Repurposed Vintage Ski christmas decorI’m really excited to finally share this project with you guys!  I bought these skis way back in MARCH and they have been sitting in my garage the entire year, just waiting to be beautified!
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