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Easy Embroidery Floss Tassels

Easy diy tassels from embroidery floss
Easy Embroidery Floss Tassels.  A single skein of embroidery thread is all it takes to make these cute tassels. Perfect for keychains, zipper pulls, home decor or even cell phone dangers.  SUPER EASY TO MAKE

I have seen these cute tassel keychains and cell phone danglers popping up in local stores and online, so I wanted to show you just how easy it is to make your own. Embroidery Floss Tassels can be made in almost ANY color, since there are limitless types and colors of floss.  Plus with the metallics and reflective polyester fibers you can get some gorgeous tassels. 
For my version I used the Radiant Treasures floss, which is polyester and reflects the light beautifully.  But you could also use standard Embroidery Floss or even the Light Effects/Metallic type which looks like spun metal.
Easy diy tassels from embroidery floss I made my tassels directly on jewelry Rings with claw clasps so they could be used as a keychain or zipper pull, but you could put them on standard rings if you wanted to use them in other ways.
How to make your own DIY embroidery floss tassel keychain. So easy and fast to do!
 You could also hand these tassels off a backpack or on a purse, or even use them in decorating.  Make them in holiday colors and turn them into Christmas ornaments.  They really are just that versatile.
DIY tassel zipper pull
Plus they come together in about 2 minutes.  YES.. they are seriously that fast.  I put together a video to show you exactly how quick they come together.
For those of you who prefer the step by steps with photos, keep reading! 


Jewelry Rings (with claw clasps)
Super Glue
Scissors (I obsessed with the non-stick teflon kind)
Standard Embroidery Floss or
Radiant Treasures Embroidery Floss (as seen in tutorial) or
Light Effects/Metallic Embroidery Floss


Step 1:
Pull out approximately 24 inches of floss from the skein and set aside.
Embroidery Floss metallic tassel
Step 2:
Slide the sleeve of the skein down to one end but don’t remove it completely. How to made embroidery floss tassel
Step 3:
Slide the ring over the sleeve on the skein.
Making tassel keychain from thread
Step 4:
Slide the ring off the sleeve and into the center of the skein. You can remove the sleeve at this point. Metallic embroidery floss tassels
Step 5:
Fold the skein in half on the ring. You want to make sure you have lined up both ends, since that is the bottom of your soon to be tassel. Using embroidery thread to make tasselsStep 6:
Take the extra 24 inches of floss and wrap it around the very top of the tassel, just below the ring. You want to make it as tight as you can. Easy DIY tassel keychain
Step 7:
Tie off with a square knot. Again, you would like this to be as tight as possible so the tassel doesn’t loosen up. DIY tassels how to makeStep 8:
Apply a tiny drop of super glue to the knot. This is to keep it from unwrapping, especially once you trim the ends.  Allow to dry completely. Tying tassels so they don t frayStep 9:
Trim the ends of the knot. You can use a needle to push the knot up and under the wrapped thread to hide it. Making your own tassels from threadStep 10:
Cut the loops apart, making sure you have them as even as possible.
DIY embroidery floss tasselsStep 11:
Hold the loose ends in a closed fist and cut them off even with a sharp scissors.Trimming ends of diy tassels
This will make a little bit of a mess. How to make your own tassels
Now you just need to fluff the tassel and separate the floss into it’s individual threads.  This gives it fullness and makes it look really expensive. Silver metallic embroidery floss tassel
This is such a fast and easy project, that looks a lot more complicated than it really is.   You could make a bunch of tassels in no time!

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