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20 Sarcastic Cross Stitch Patterns (PG, PG-13 and R Rated)

20 snarky cross stitch patterns

20 sarcastic cross stitch patterns. Rated PG through Rated R.. some of these are FREAKING HILARIOUS!!

I have been having great time sharing sarcastic and snarky crafts on my Facebook page and some of my favorites have been simple cross stitch patterns.  

In order to keep track of all that sarcasm, I put together a list of my favorites, along with links to wear you can buy the patterns.  (Some are not actually available for purchase.. but most are.)   I have sorted them by JUST HOW OFFENSIVE they probably are.  So if you don’t like swear words or other risqué topics, I wouldn’t scroll down!

However, if you have a smart ass sense of humor like I do, I bet you get at least ONE good chuckle from one of these!  Check them out!  

If you are looking for less offensive embroidery ideas, you may like these projects instead.

 RATED PG (No vulgarities)

You could probably hang these in public view and although that cranky Aunt Eunice may think you are a little bit of a jerk, the pearl grasping will be limited. 
sarcasm cross stitch


i hate living here cross stitch
i hate you the least
Bad influence cross stitch

RATED PG-13 (Moderately offensive) 

These designs may ruffle some feathers, and when the next PTA meeting or Church potluck is being held at your house, you may want to hide them away.  However, most of them will pass the NSFW test.

naughty words
Bra comes off

 Shampoo Bottles NewImage

Seen at the Minnesota State Fair

Mn state fair

jesus toilet seat cross stitch

RATED R (Not Suitable for Work!) 

If cuss words and genitals may offend, than these designs may not be for you.  I know I wouldn’t hang them in my guest room, but they would sure be fun to stitch up and hang in the back of my closet to get a good chuckle every time I opened it. 

looks like shit


If snark is your thing, you may also enjoy my snarky watercolor printables

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