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Plywood Candy Corn (Free Scroll or Jig Saw Pattern)

Make your own oversized candy corn out of plywood with either a scroll or jig saw. A super fast and easy project, and with so many uses!
It is always fun to get into the woodshop and create some super fast and easy seasonal projects.  For this upcoming halloween I was looking for a project idea that I could use in place of a regular old wreath on the front door. 

These oversized plywood candy corn cutouts are a great project since the cut lines are so simple and you can make a whole bunch in no time. 

Oversized wooden candy corn
I went a step farther to create a front door decor by attaching them together and adding a few vinyl words to each one with my Cricut Explore.
Trick or treat candy corn
They look super cute on my front door! And they entire project took less than one afternoon to complete. Trick or treat candy corn door hanger

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Plywood Candy Corn

Supply List:


1. Attach your template to your scrap plywood using repositionable spray adhesive.
Scroll saw candy corn templates
2. Cut out on the scroll saw (or if you have a steady hand you could also use a jig saw) Cutting out candy corn with scroll saw
The spray adhesive keeps the template super secure and you can cut right along the line and through the paper.
Cutting out scroll saw plywood candy corn
3. Peel off paper. It should come off cleanly, but if a little adhesive or paper is left, it will sand off.  
Paper scroll saw templates
4. Sand to smooth cuts and round over corners (you could also use a router roundover bit if you were super fussy about how the edges look.
Sanding plywood candy corn
5. Paint with craft paint. I added the yellow first and went back with the orange and white.
Painted wood candy corn
You can pencil in the lines between the colors or just eyeball it. Plywood candy corn
Now you can use them on their own set up on a shelf or in a little basket, but I wanted to display them on my front door.

To make the Trick or Treat Door hanger, I drilled a hole on the top of one, on the bottom of one and on both the top and bottom of another. Then I tied them together using sisal twine.
Wooden candy corn
Finally, I cut out the words “Trick or Treat” out of black vinyl on my Cricut and added it to each candy. Scroll saw jig saw wooden candy corns
I think it is adorable!  If you want you could sand the edges and give it a more distressed look.  I liked it clean.  

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You could also make the candy corn smaller (just print the template at 50%) and use them as a wooden accent on a wreath.  

This wreath was originally a spring forsythia version that I found on clearance and made over using floral picks:
A little painted board with a fall phrase is a fun addition as well (you can see the distressing on these candy corns):
Another great way to use your little plywood candy corns:

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