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Easy Handmade Gift Ideas Anyone Can Make

With the holidays ahead many of us are getting our shopping lists ready, but this year instead of heading out to the mall, why not make something with your own two hands.  Not only are homemade gifts often less expensive and can help you avoid that headache filled trip to the busy store.. they also are often much more meaningful.
What keeps many people from making their own gifts is that they think it will be difficult or it will look bad and the recipient won't want it.. but that doesn't have to be the case at all!    I teamed up with members of the All Things Creative Team to bring you dozens of handmade gift ideas (from sewing and crafting, to mall woodworking projects and printables.)
** The DIY Village ** The Kim Six Fix ** One Project Closer **Practically Functional ** Blue i Style **Virginia Sweet Pea ** Pet Scribbles**Interior Frugalista**

No matter what your skill set, you will find something on this list that you can handle!

 Easy Handmade Gift Ideas

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