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The Top 10 of 2017

Best of 2017Kim Six Best of 2017
It is that time of year again! When I look back and reflect on the year’s projects. This was a HUGE year for the blog, with multi-millions of page views, More than 2 million unique visitors and 140 new posts!  And that is just THIS BLOG!

In 2017 I spun off an entirely new blog (posts from that blog are not included here) and a couple of new Facebook and Instagram pages (here, here, here and here) as well as maintained all the social media channels for the original one (here, here, here, here and here.)

I focused a lot more on video (which is a huge learning curve) and tried to stay in regular contact with more than 20,000 emails subscribers.  I also started a new Facebook group to keep me in touch with other power tool toting DIY women!

I’m like a duck.. calm on the surface, but underneath I’m paddling my feet for dear life! 

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So what resonated with all of my readers this year? It is always fun to find out!  So, let’s do the big countdown, starting at number ten!

Spiderweb Lace Collar out of VinylThree Vinyl (two of which were HTV) projects made the list this year. Apparently you all have Silhouette or Cricut Machines!  The spiderweb collar was the first one (which I personally LOVE!) It broke the top 10 even though it was published late in the year.. it was really hot throughout the month of October!

Rae Dunn Inspired Christmas Ornaments
These were all the rage this year and I almost wasn’t going to do a post about them because “everyone was doing it.” I’m glad I did, because this post broke into the top 10 for the ENTIRE YEAR even though it has only been live on the blog for less than 4 weeks!

How to Layer HTV from Back to Front
I’m not really sure if this post was popular since people wanted to learn my funky vinyl layering technique or if they just wanted the free cut file of the butterfly.  In either case, it broke the top 10 this year!

The Best Posts From DIY Bloggers That You have Never Seen
An experimental post on behalf of some of my DIY blog friends. We ALL have posts that we love and that we don’t understand why they don’t catch on.  This is a round up of all of those posts. Personal favorites from bloggers, that never got a lot of traffic or appreciation.

Desk Organizer from a Single Board
This was one of my first DIY videos for Facebook and people really seemed to like it (As of right now it has more than 100,000 views).  The build itself was so simple and straight forward, it was a win all around!

20 Sarcastic Cross Stitch Patterns
Oh you guys.. You know where my heart lies! I reallyLOVE sarcasm!  My blog took a slightly less formal and more humorous turn towards the end of 2017 where I focused more on things that make me laugh.  We could all use a good chuckle, there isn’t always enough of that in the DIY blog world!  There will definitely be more like this in 2018!

10 Must Haves for the Perfect Outdoor Living SpaceThis was an interesting post since it is an expansion of a paid contributor article I wrote for a newspaper.   I loved the idea of “must haves” for outdoor living so I expand the article and added more ideas.  Plus it was a lot of fun to have this much eye candy!

Pottery Barn Inspired Concrete Topped Table
I’m so glad this one made the list. It was one of my absolute favorite projects to build this year and I loved how it came out!

 12 Kid Friendly Make Ahead Freezer Meals
Ironically, this post was one of the first ones to cross over to KimSixFoodieFix. I originally posted it here, before realizing I didn’t want to include food and recipes on a DIY blog anymore.  So it gave me the motivation to start an entirely new site dedicated to food.  (You can now find it on my food blog.)

And the #1 most popular post?

The dollar store basket under sink organizer. 
This was a HUGE hit on Pinterest. Apparently I was not the only one struggling to clean up the under-sink clutter!  More than 350,000 people read this post!

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