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100+ Easy Container Garden Ideas

Spring is almost here!  So it is finally time to start thinking about our gardens. (Hooray right?!)   I don’t have a ton of yard space in my sliver of California so I am almost exclusively a container gardener.  Therefore I'm teaming up with the All Things Creative team and sharing 100+ Ideas for container gardens.
100 plus Container Gardening Tips and Tricks
Growing your “garden” inside pots or planters is a great option if you live in an apartment or town home and have limited yard space.  Even if you do have a large yard, container gardens are great since they are easy to maintain and don’t require nearly as much water or other resources as in-ground gardens.  (Another perk for us here in drought-stricken California! I am gardening in zone 9 and I am also always trying to be aware of plants that are drought tolerant and need very little water.

So 10 of us Bloggers got together to share 100+ Container Garden Inspiration with you.

Also, thanks to my partnership with Monrovia I’m also sharing some great tips on how to chose the proper types of plants to fill a patio garden.

100+ Ideas For Container Gardens:

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Which plants do well in container gardens? 
The plant choices I”m showing in this post are great in my area, but you need to use this awesome plant finder, to figure out your zone by zip code and make sure they will work for you! )

For seniors and those with limited mobility tall planters are also a great way to garden without having to bend down as much as well!  Like this reclaimed scrap lumber box planter:

Here I am growing sun-loving lavender, a fragrant and hardy perennial, which doesn’t require a ton of water. 

Planters can also add visual interest or hide trouble spots in your garden.  Like this version which also features hidden storage for your garden hose:

Because this planter is up against the house and gets partial shade, hostas or plantain lilies would be a great fit. 

If you are on a limited budget, this small footed planter is unique because it is built from a single 1x8 board:

This planter is long, narrow and low to the ground.  A great way to feature ground cover perennials such as carpet rosemary 

And of course, you don’t have to build your own planters to make it a DIY project. You can purchase flower pots and create vertical gardens like this one if space is limited:

 Since the growing space is small in this case, using trailing plants, like trailing lantana, will make the planters seem fuller

Lastly, who said that container gardens had to be made of conventional materials?   Old rain boots make great planters since they are water tight, and they can be hung on an outside wall or even a door, which means ANYONE can do it:

You can grow flowers for cutting right on your own front door if you use plants like Dianthus in your boots! 

The key to keeping a container garden happy is choosing the right plants!  Not every plant is good in every location and you need to really consider the location, sun exposure and water requirement for each specific planter.   Like I said before, I’m in zone 9.. (you need to find your zone to make sure these choices will work for you.)

I like to use perennials since they are long lasting and re-flower.  I may mix in a few annuals, for immediate pops of color, but long term you get more bang for your buck with perennials.  (And can I just tell you how excited I am to live in a zone that supports HIBISCUS plants!!)
Hibiscus flower in the rainFor me, shrubs are a great addition to planters since they add a good back drop and a lot of height to more delicate and/or low growing plants.  Some of my favorite inexpensive and super hardy choices are Rhododendrons.
With a huge variety of bloom colors and shapes, you can find a great fit for any garden color scheme. Since I’m a fan of PINK, my favorite is the Rose Azelea.
Rose Azelea
Another flowering shrub that is really common in my area is the Hawthorn.  It hardly uses any water and when it is in full bloom, the plant is covered in flowers.
Indian Hawthorn
For a contrast and touch of brightness, adding hostas (or plantain lilies) is a great choice.  Plus they multiply every season and can be easily divided, which makes them a great investment.
Night before christmas plantain lily
All of these plants are available from Monrovia online or find a retailer near you.  Now that spring is here it is time to add a little color to your life!

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