The Kim Six Fix: Pottery Barn Reclaimed Wood Planter (Tutorial)

Pottery Barn Reclaimed Wood Planter (Tutorial)

I was browsing through my Pottery Barn catalog and fell in love with this reclaimed wood planter set.  I have actually been looking for a large planter for my back yard and knew this would fit the bill.
Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn
Then I saw the price!  The smallest one started at $129 and went up to $229!  For PLANTS! 
I went to the home improvement store and bought my supplies.  Two cedar fence pickets, a wide board for the base and a whole lot of paint stir sticks.  I had a furring strip left over from a previous project that I also planned on using:
Total cost: $8
I sketched out my plans and decided to make the planter 13x13 on the bottom by 14x14 on the top (since my board for the bottom was 13 inches wide.)  I decided to make the height 12 inches so I could evenly cut my fence pickets on the chop saw without much waste:

Once they were the right height, I had to measure the correct angle (knowing each side would be 1/2 inch narrower on the bottom vs. the top) and ripped them down with the circular saw:

After all the cedar strips were the correct height and width, I lined them up to form the sides of the planter:

I used the leftover furring strips to secure the plants together with screws:

I used two strips on each side, secured with wood screws:

I then screwed the four sides to the base and to each other to form the box of the planter:

Lastly, I added a rim with some leftover 1x2s I had in the garage, mitering the corners:

This is an okay planter, but it looks like a box.  The next step is what makes it look like the pottery barn version.  I used liquid nails and small brads to secure paint stir sticks all over the outside:

I drilled some drainage holes and added 4 small block feet (not shown) to the bottom:

What you get is a pretty cute planter:

I found some leftover paint that was pretty close to the original colors (this was actually some of the paint I had leftover from the Money Pit 1.0's kitchen! How nostalgic!)

 And then to get the reclaimed lumber look I went after it with some low grit sandpaper:

Even though the lumber is cedar and designed for exterior use, I didn't want it to sit directly in contact with the wet soil (and I wanted to help prevent the soil from drying out in our arid climate, so I used a heavy duty trash compactor bag to line it.  I just stapled it to the interior:

Added a few flowers:

And had my little helper give it some water:

I think I may even like mine more than the original, with the little notches in the stir sticks:
Courtesy of Pottery Barn
I know I like it more when I consider the $170 savings!

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