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Children's Rain Boot Planters

My 4 year old LOVES wearing rain boots.  The irony is that where we live it NEVER rains, but that doesn't stop her.  
Needless to say, her boots have seen better days.  The toe of one is blown out and the side of the other
is sporting a big crack (good thing it doesn't actually rain!)

The problem is that she loves these boots so much, she didn't want to part with them.

Good thing her mommy is creative.  I knew we could fill them with flowers! The first thing I did was string the boots up by their straps, and then I filled them with potting soil.  

Add a few mums and hang them on a nail and you are done!  (If your boots aren't holey like mine, you may want to poke a couple drainage holes in the bottom.)

I ended up hanging mine next to the front door.

And the best part is that little J didn't have to part with them!
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