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DIY Chalkboard Arrow (Using a Pocket Hole Jig)

DIY Arrow Chalkboard
Today’s post isn’t as much about the project but the technique I used to make it.  I mean, it isn’t that I don’t think this arrow sign isn’t downright adorable, but these chalkboards signs are everywhere. It isn’t exactly unique.

What is a little more unique about it.. is that it is a great EASY project where you can learn how to create pocket holes.

If you don’t know what a pocket hole is.. here is a quick definition.
Pocket hole

Modern Industrial Concrete Easter Eggs

Concrete Eggs
Ever since getting back from Haven last year I have been slightly obsessed with concrete.  There were these guys there from Buddy Rhodes and they did some of the most Ah-Maz-Ing concrete work. They specialized in countertops, but some of their art pieces and furniture were so fantastic I haven’ stopped thinking about it since then.

 I have done a little (mostly utilitarian) concrete work of my own, but nothing that was just for the sake of being pretty.

Until today.

Since I have (clearly) been on a plastic Easter Egg kick this week, it would not surprise anyone to know I used the plastic eggs a mold to create concrete easter eggs:Concrete eggs and cactus
And I am so stoked with how this project came out, that I am definitely going to work with concrete more often. I LOVE it!

The process is a little messy, but really fun. And it goes surprisingly fast.

You're Gonna Love It Tuesday: Things That Make Me Happy Edition

Welcome to the party!!  I'm so happy to see you all!

I've been busy this week getting ready for Spring!  I for one am so glad spring is here!   To celebrate I have been designing easter eggs.

And these polka-dot pushpin ones:

I also had a quick tutorial on how to replace your ugly old outlets!

Now Let's Get this Party Started!! It is time for our Features!  

Gold Polka Dot Easter Eggs

Polka dot thumb tack easter eggs
I know not everyone like to go all out decorating or making crafts for the holidays but today I’m going to give you a project that hopefully changes you mind.  If you are like me you want projects that are EASY and CHEAP.  Nobody wants to spend 3 hours of their lives hot gluing wood chips or tissue paper to the outside of a pumpkin.. I get that.

So today I’m giving you a project that will take NO time and cost almost NO money!  (Hey! I aim to please!!)  These gold polka dot ‘blinged-out’ easter eggs using thumbtacks are the answer to your prayers.  They are faster and easier than the cross stitched ones, and easier on the finger tips than these clothesline or twine versions (since no hot glue is involved).

Baker's Twine Stitched Easter Eggs

Embroidered easter eggs

Today is officially the first day of spring!  And of course that means I’m getting fired up for Easter.  I pulling my Easter stuff out this week and realized just how many fake plastic eggs I have. Easily hundreds.  And so I thought I would experiment on a few with my Dremel to see what I could come up with.   This sorta ‘playing’ is exactly how I stumbled across the fact you could etch and illuminate plastic christmas balls and we all know how cool that came out.

How to replace electrical outlets using QuickWire (Push-In) Connectors

When I made over the baby’s nursery I painted the area on the wall below the chair rail white.  Therefore the ratty old off white outlets looked horrible.

Back when I was actually finishing the room what I decided to do was just replace out the switch plate covers and then hide the outlets behind the furniture. (#KeepingItRealwithKimSix) but today I finally got off my horse and decided to suck it up and replace the outlets themselves.

I have to admit they were REALLY bad.. I am pretty sure drunken monkies painted the room or something since they had about 4 layers of paint on them.

Now there are 10,000 tutorials out there on how to replace your electrical outlets.  My personal favorite is from my favorite DIY-guru Brittany. (In fact, I suggest you read HER post and THIS post because knowing more is always better.)  Now, the thing about almost all those tutorials (including Pretty Handy Girl’s) is that they tell you how to use the traditional side screws for hooking up your new outlets.  And that is a perfectly reasonable way of doing it, but I am too lazy for that.

So today I’m showing you the shortcut using the push-in holes (also known as “QuickWire” connectors.)

**Before undertaking this tutorial I am giving you a HUGE warning.  If you are not comfortable working with electricity, or if you are AT ALL unsure of what you are going, please call a professional.  Seriously.. I don’t want you to zap yourself to save $50.  If the wiring looks strange or if you aren’t sure if something is right, don’t assume it will be okay if you just guess.  I’m not responsible if you burn your house down!  Also, be sure to check your local building code. In some jurisdictions, this type of electrical work may require a permit.**

You're Gonna Love It: The Knock-Off Edition

Welcome back to another awesome Edition of You're Gonna Love it.  This week there was a 'knock off theme' to the featured links.. and really love them both:

Carrot Cake White Chocolate Cheesecake

Easy to make Carrot Cake Cheesecake with Creamy White Chocolate.  So good!
Thank you to #CollectiveBias and M&M’s® for the opportunity to create a recipe for today’s post.  I did receive compensation for my time, but the recipe, ideas and opinions are my own.  You can find my complete policy and opinions on sponsored posts here#MMsCarrotCake
Today’s recipe is SOOOO good.  When I was asked to create a recipe which used the new Carrot Cake flavored M&M’s®  I was actually really pumped.  I knew immediately what I wanted to do.  Take my love for carrot cake (and specifically cream cheese frosting) and create a cheese cake.  Which is the best of both worlds!   Plus with the addition of the sweet spiced white chocolate M&M’s® Carrot Cake candy, I knew I would a have a winner.

I was right.
Easter carrot cake cheesecake
The first thing I did was get on the internet and started searching for recipes (since I know the Cheesecake Factory has a Carrot Cake Cheesecake.) But what I found seemed like a LOT of work.   Step 1: make a carrot cake batter.  Step 2: make a cheesecake batter  Step 3: Mix them together and bake for an eternity.

No thanks.  I have stuff to do today. So instead I came up with a quick and easy hack:

Spring Daffodils from K-Cups

Kcup daffodil
Today I’m participating in Stephanie from Crafting In the Rain’s Craft Month from A-Z!

My letter is “K” which happens to be my favorite letter. And since my craft had to be based on that letter, of COURSE I decided to create a spring craft out of KCups.  (Yes, this is starting to become a regular feature with me!)  And I also had to incorporate some old pallet wood, since that is another thing I love to do.