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Easy DIY Umbrella Stand (From One Board)

Easy DIY Wooden Umbrella Stand from single board. A great beginner woodworker project and a great way to organize all those wet umbrellas
You already know that April showers bring May flowers, but did you know that April showers also mean.. the start of UMBRELLA SEASON!  And if your family is like mine, you have extra umbrellas for every occasion. We have them in the closet, each kid carries one in their backpack, I have a bunch in the car, one in my gold bag.. Umbrellas EVERYWHERE! And the last thing I need is wet umbrellas dripping all over my house.

So as my entry into the Power Tool Challenge (This month was a One Board Challenge), I designed a simple umbrella stand to corral all the stray umbrellas and to give them someplace to drip off when they came home wet.
DIY wooden umbrella stand

15 Easy Woodworking Projects You Can Build with One Board

15 Easy to Build Woodworking Projects that only require ONE Board.  Great for beginner builders.

Want to get out to the woodshop to build something, but you don’t want to spend a lot on lumber.. or a lot of time on a massive project? Then today you re going to LOVE these 15 One Board Woodworking Projects.

The type of board may vary, but every single one of these projects only uses one board to construct it.

15 Projects You Can Build With One Board

The DIY Village - Bottle Vase Holder
one board bottle centerpiece
 The Kim Six Fix - Scroll Saw Basket

Create and Babble - How to Make Simple Wood Frames
Simple one board wood frames.png

The Kim Six Fix - Desk Organizer

Designed Decor - Faux Tin Tiles
one board faux tin tiles
H2OBungalow - DIY Large Wood Name Cut Out
one board wooden scroll saw name
The Kim Six Fix - Easy Umbrella Stand
One board umbrella stand

Woodshop Diaries: Bar Cart
one board bar cart

My Repurposed Life - Baseball Growth Chart
one board baseball growth chart
The Kim Six Fix - Trough Style Planter

Just The Woods - How to Build a Tobacco Kiln for Curing Tobacco

The Handyman’s Daughter - Expandable Desk Organizer

expandable desk organizer
My Repurposed Life: Small Step Stools
One Board Step Stools

The Kim Six Fix - Puzzle Piece Expandable Cutting Boards

Lennartdemeij on Instructables - Guitar Stand
one board guitar stand

Lowe’s - Wooden Bench or Table
one board table

Don't miss these other ONE BOARD Woodworking Project Ideas as well:

25 Beautiful HTV T-Shirt Designs

If you have an electronic cutting machine (such as a Silhouette or Cricut) and you haven’t used HTV (heat transfer vinyl) yet, you are missing out!  Being able to decorate fabric (on items like t-shirts, aprons and tote bags) gives you so many possibilities.

 This spider web collar design is glitter HTV.  It is amazing just how versatile it is!

Geometric Animal Silhouettes with Kaleidoscope HTV

Kalidescope htv on tshirt
I’ve been playing around with creative silhouettes and I really loved how they look when you fragment them into pieces. It is almost like stained glass or string art.   I started with a simple bear outline and then fractured it.  I love the play of modern versus traditional.  
Wild and Free Geometric California bear
I am giving away this SVG  file for FREE, just enter your address below to get it delivered by email:

How to Crochet a Plush Carrot (Amigurumi)

Crochted amigurumi carrots Easy Crocheted Carrot Amigurumi Pattern. A great addition to your play food collection or for use as spring or easter decor
Earlier this month when I was sharing my Rae Dunn inspired Easter eggs, I got a few comments on these life sized crocheted carrots I had used in the photo.
Rae Dunn Eggs and Crocheted Carrots
I have been creating on a series of stuffie veggies for Instagram, and these carrots were one of the patterns I’ve worked out.  So just in time for Easter I am sharing the pattern with you.   The work up really quickly and they are SO FREAKING CUTE!!Crocheted decorative carrots for easter

How to Build A Wooden Easter Basket

DIY wooden easter egg basket
How to Build A Wooden Easter A beginner's #woodworking project for #spring! An oversized #EasterEgg shaped #Easter basket! A fun excuse to get into the woodshop and get a little sawdust in your hair! Goes together in no time and with simple tools. Get the free plans on her site!
I've been looking for excuses to get into the workshop and build things.. small things, since I know not everyone needs 10 farmhouse tables or to constantly makeover chests of drawers and highboys.

Don't get me wrong, if I had a huge house or a shop or something, big furniture builds would be my jam, but my house is bursting at the seams!  I just need some small scrap wood projects that you can whip out quick.. just to get a little sawdust in my hair and keep me busy!

So today I am sharing this really easy basket build, which will be perfect for Easter egg hunting later this month.  My son has already claimed it as 'his' and I am pretty sure it will soon be filled with matchbox cars and LEGO figurines.
Little boy with easter basket
The build is SUPER simple.  It requires a little plywood, some trim and a short dowel. Although you could modify the design to use scraps you had on hand. Since all the measurements were eyeballed, the dimensions aren't super important.

100 DIY Wall Art Ideas

Wall art ideas
One of the most inexpensive and flexible ways to add your personality to your home is with the use of artwork.  Wall art doesn’t have to be expensive or even come from a store.  There are 100s of amazing DIY wall art ideas that you can make yourself, and today the All Things Creative team is bring you more than 100 DIY wall art ideas.

Crocheted Chill Pills Amigurumi Pattern

Crocheted chill pills amigurumi pattern
Today's project is the PERFECT first time crocheted amigurumi (stuffed doll/object) for new or even seasoned crocheters.  It only requires you to know three stitches.. single crochet, single crochet increase and single crochet decrease.  Doesn't get much easier than that!

Crocheting chill pills amigurumi
I had a lot of fun making these, especially since the pattern is so simple that you can do it anywhere. I was dragging my pills from the coffee shop to the side of my kids’ soccer games.  Anywhere I went I was crocheting away..

DIY Rae Dunn Inspired Easter Eggs (Video Tutorial)

Rae Dunn inspired lettered easter eggsHow to make rae dunn inspired easter eggs
Today's craft is so simple you are going to wonder why you didn't think of it yourself.   
Rae Dunn Eggs and Crocheted Carrots
These Rae Dunn inspired easter eggs feature the signature skinny hand-written style font and some cute Easter words.   You could also personalize them with names, which would be fun for little easter baskets.
Rae Dunn inspired lettered easter eggs
The process for making them is pretty much identical to that of the Rae Dunn Ornaments I shared at Christmas time, and I made a short video of the process so you can see just hot quickly they come together.

20 St. Patrick's Inspired Crochet Projects

20 StPatricks Day Crochet Projects20 Crocheted Project Ideas for St. Patrick's Day. From amigurmi and dolls to scarves and hats, there is something for everyone on this list!
You guys! I just can’t stop crocheting.. I am becoming OBSESSED.  I now carry a ball of yarn and a hook with me everywhere I go:

A spare minute sitting in the carpool line? Crochet
At the doctor’s office waiting room:  Crochet.
Watching soccer practice: Crochet.

I haven’t been working on anything earth shattering.  Just little amigurumi mostly. Patterns that I make up as I go (since dealing with a pattern when you are only getting a few rows or stitches in at a time is a pain!)

I’ve been scouring Ravelry and Pinterest for ideas fo St. Patrick’s day and wanted to share some of my favorites!  I am not sure I’ll make any of these designs exactly, but I’m getting some great ideas for my own designs:

DIY Floating Acrylic Frames with Perforated Metal Accents

Floating frame on fireplace mantel
Don’t you love it when a hare-brained idea just happens to work out? You know what I mean: you get that vision in your head and you aren’t sure it is going to work, but when it does, it is AWESOME!  Well, that is how I feel about the simple project I’m sharing today: These Plexiglass and Sheet Metal DIY Floating Frames. 
DIY floating frame with metal accents
I have always wanted to make some floating frames, but I didn’t want them to be completely transparent, I wanted them to have some sort of detail, and that is exactly what I got by adding a sheet of perforated sheet metal to the mix.
DIY plexiglass and metal floating frame
I love that you still get that district “framed” feel to your art, but it is still transparent, so you can see the wall color behind it, and you still get the floating frame vibe. DIY industrial style floating frame
Of course, a plain sheet metal and plexiglass floating frame is can be quite industrial looking, so to soften it up more for my aesthetic, I mounted one inside of an old wooden mail tray I had, and I suddenly had the perfect yin and yang of industrial and rustic.
Make this pretty and modern floating frame. With perforated sheet metal and plexiglass, you can get a clean geometric look, or make it more rustic with the additional of reclaimed wood accents. Such a quick and easy project and a great way to display printables!
And once the frame was mounted inside of the tray, I no longer needed a way to display it.  DESKTOP FLOATING FRAMES! I love it! I am pretty sure I’m going to find a home for them in my sewing room.
Do more of what you love DIY floating frame

I am so thrilled with just how great this project turned out, especially for as easy as it was.
DIY Floating Frames Supply List:
- 11x14 Sheet of plexiglass or framing plastic
I purchased anti-glare plaskolite sheets from Home Depot, but there are lots of options available online, including thicker, less flexible plexiglass sheets
30 mm Standoff Hardware
 -M-D Perforated Metal Sheets (12x24)M-D Hobby & Craft have a bajillion designs and metal choices. I used the the Aluminum Union Jack pattern for this since it matched the chrome finish of the standoff hardware.  The 12 inch sheets are EXACTLY 11 inches wide when you cut off the border, which is perfect for the 11x14 sheet of plexiglass.
-Craft Tin Snips You may also want to wear leather gloves since the cut metal can be sharp.
- Course Sanding Block
- Drill or Drill Press
- 3/8th inch Forstner bit
-Artwork to display (if you need ideas, I have TONS of printables that would be perfect!)
-Wall Mounting hardware
The standoff hardware is designed to be hung on the wall with screws. But I actually hung mine with heavy duty mounting squares so it could be permanent or removable.

Perforated Sheet Metal DIY frame project
I first cut down the aluminum sheet to the exact size of the 11x14 sheet of plexiglass, and I used my sanding block to smooth off the sharp cut edges.  (The aluminum is pretty thin and will bend, so make sure you support the metal on a flat surface and only sand the very edge.)
Cutting performated decorative metal sheets for photo frame
Next I marked where I wanted my four standoffs (the hardware that holds the frame away from the wall) would be placed on my plexiglass sheet (make sure to leave enough room for your artwork in the middle!)
Tip: Don’t remove the protective sheet from the plexiglass until the VERY LAST STEP. 
Marking plexiglass for standoff frame
Carefully supporting the plexiglass on a piece of scrap wood (otherwise it will bend and crack) drill through it on your four marks.
Drilling through plexiglass for photo frameI drilled the plexiglass first and then used it those four holes as my template to drill through the metal.  I used clamps to keep the plastic and the metal sheet lined up exactly. The plastic helps hold the aluminum down.

The sheet metal wants to kick out since the drill bit doesn’t catch evenly, so be really careful on this step.
Drilling through sheet metal and plexiglass for floating frame
If you are really daring you could sandwich both the metal and plexiglass and drill through them both at the same time.
Luckily if the hole is a little ugly it won’t matter, there is a decent amount of overhand with the mounting hardware to cover up any rough edges.
Standoff hardware for DIY floating frames
Now it is time to sandwich your metal sheet, your artwork and the plexiglass and then push the screws on the standoffs through.
Floating frame from plexi and sheet metal
Tip: If you are mounting on the wall with screws, I would put all the hardware ON your artwork, put them up on the all, mark where each screw will go and then take them apart to attach them. Dont’ try to mount the hardware to the wall first and then line it up with your artwork.
I even tried mounting mine inside a wooden tray, and I loved it so much!
Make this pretty and modern floating frame. With perforated sheet metal and plexiglass, you can get a clean geometric look, or make it more rustic with the additional of reclaimed wood accents. Such a quick and easy project and a great way to display printables!
The whole process only took me about 20 minutes and it looks a lot more complicated than that.  Don’t you love it when that happens?
This project was part of this month’s Power Tool Challenge, featuring these other amazing bloggers and their projects.  Don’t miss THIS COLLECTION OF OTHER FRAMES AND ARTWORK DISPLAY IDEAS:
The DIY Village - DIY Wood Shim Picture Frame
My Repurposed Life - Printable Pallet Frame
Refresh Restyle - How to Make a Photo Display
Make this pretty and modern floating frame. With perforated sheet metal and plexiglass, you can get a clean geometric look, or make it more rustic with the additional of reclaimed wood accents. Such a quick and easy project and a great way to display printables!
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