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DIY Canvas Pocket Tool Organizer

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DIY canvas tool organizerFather’s Day is coming up and today’s project would be a great gift for dad.  It is a pretty straight forward sewing project (all straight lines) and it is completely customizable depending on what exactly you want to carry around.
Tool organizer with water bottleI made sure my organizer had room for both small hand tools (like screwdrivers, wrenches and pencils) along with large pockets that could accommodate larger items, like garden tools, hammers and a Brita water bottle.  When working outside or in a hot workshop it is important to keep hydrated and so having water bottle within reach is a must.

When working outside or in the workshop it is so convenient to be able to refill from the tap and have the water still be filtered directly inside the bottle.   Plus the filter is replaceable, which is so much more environmentally friendly.  But my favorite feature about this hard-sided bottle is that the lid is ATTACHED.  So I don't have to set it down while refilling.   (To learn more about Brita, please visit them on FacebookTwitterInstagram or Pinterest.  And while you are there you can also find MeMeMeMe! )Organize tools in a bucket
With this organizer you can have all your tools close at hand, along with storage for large items in the bucket itself. It is like a portable workshop!

So how did I make it?  Spoiler: It took me less than an afternoon...

You're Gonna Love It: Memorial Day Edition

I hope you are having a lovely Memorial Day weekend.  My thoughts and prayers are with all those families and loved ones who have sacrificed someone in the line of service to our country.  That is really what Memorial day is about. 

Last week I had a patriotic project of my own;  A painted cross stitch american flag on pegboard: 

I also had another summer project:  This Seashell stamped beachy pillow:

Last week was also a big week here at the party since I had a lot more linker-uppers while Kathe was on vacation!  I'm so glad you were here!  Kathe is back this week, so the party is in full swing!

Here is who was featured last week! (There are a lot!)

Painted Cross Stitch Pegboard Flag

Painted faux Cross Stitch on pegboard- Such a simple and cute idea!Since this is Memorial Day weekend I am sharing a patriotic flag craft.  I’ve seen really cool cross stitched peg board creations on Pinterest, where people have used yarn or twine to actually stitch the pegboard, but I wanted a faster and easier way.  So I decided I would just paint the ‘stitching.'

Seashell Stamped Pillow (Tutorial)

DIY beachy pillow how toToday’s post is a craft I wouldn’t have normally attempted if I hadn’t been challenged by Kathy of Petticoat Junktion to come up with a project that used seashells (is that right? or is it sea shells”? meh.. whatever.)

Now you all know I went a little “nautical” crazy in the baby’s nursery, but I never used shells anywhere, so this was a real challenge.  After brainstorming and brainstorming I came to the realization that I couldn’t come up with anything unique that actually used the shells themselves, but I had a genius idea to use the shells as STAMPS and create a great craft.

You're Gonna Love it: The DIY Edition

Welcome back to the party!  Glad you are here!
Last week was a great week for me for projects.
I kicked it off with this custom built x-leg bench that I sized to fit a pair of storage crates.

Then I played with concrete and thrift store finds (a few of my favorite things) to create these cute little scalloped planters:

And lastly, a resource you should PIN NOW since you are going to want to remember it later:

Enough about my week.. let's see what you have been working on!

Let's see who was featured last week!

The Ultimate Guide To Painting Cabinets (Tutorials)

More than 100 different tutorials on how to paint your cabinets.  Sorted by paint type, sanding, priming, and more!  The BEST collection of painting tutorials available today.
Recently my post about how I painted my kitchen cabinets broke the 2 million pageview mark.  And I was reminded that back when I was figuring out the optimal technique for painting my cabinets, that I did research,  A LOT OF RESEARCH,  into how other professionals, bloggers and homeowners painted their cabinets.  It was google search after google search, asking my friends, turning to social media…  I was trying to get as much information as I could and it was a lot of work.  What I really needed at the time was a place to go where all that information was gathered in ONE spot.  With lists of options and links to actual tutorials.  A cheat sheet to cabinet painting.

Scalloped Concrete Planters (From Thrift Store Bowls)

Scalloped DIY concrete planters
I have been all about concrete these days!  I used it at Easter (since everyone needs concrete easter eggs) and have been trying to thinking up other things to make.  So I was surfing around Hometalk and found TONS of great ideas for planters and garden decor.   So many ideas that I had to create my own “Concrete Planters that ROCK" clipboard to collect them all:
Concrete planters
They made it look so easy, so I headed to the thrift store and found things I could use as mold and the result is my very own SCALLOPED VERSION:
Concrete flower plantersCreating these couldn’t be easier (and the best part is the supplies are reusable so I can make as many as I want without breaking the molds!)

X-Leg Wooden Bench with Crate Storage for Under $40

Rustic X-Leg Wooden Bench with Built-In Crate Storage made from simple 2x4s and 2x2s.  An EASY DIY project Total cost: Under $40
It has been a while since I’ve tackled a building project and my recent spring backyard cleanup has finally given me the excuse to get back out to the workshop and generate some sawdust.

I needed a storage solution for the backyard, but due the limited space I wanted something that would double as seating.  I couldn’t find anything commercially available that was NOT either:

You're Gonna Love It: The "Drab to Fab" Edition

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I shared my annual thoughts about being a mom earlier today.    I had a fantastic weekend and am getting ready to share some BIG projects this week!  If you aren't subscribed to receive my posts by mail, this is a great week to sign up!

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Last week I shared a simple yet delicious Cinco de Mayo recipe:

and we celebrated the baby's birthday with a beachy blue budget birthday party:
It was a crazy week but now things are finally settling down and I can get back to more DIY and crafts.  I can't wait to see what inspiration you all have for me this week.

But first, let's see who was featured last week!
They all had a common of theme of transforming something that was 'meh' to something special!