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My Top 10 School Valentine Projects

Since I have three kids, over the years I have shared quite a few school Valentine ideas on the blog  So today I thought, instead of making you scroll back through the archives I would instead bring them all to you in one post, so you can find them all in one place.

 I took the 12 posts that were the most popular (based on the number of people who had viewed the post and/or clicked and downloaded the file, if one was available.

How to Make Cauliflower Rice at Home

A white bowl of the finished, homemade, cauliflower rice with cilantro on top.
Hey y'all!  Mandee from The Kitchen Wife here.  Its officially January and I, along with most everyone else, have made improving my overall health and fitness a priority.  One of the easiest ways we can do that is through food.  Maybe you're trying to eat low carb.  Perhaps you're gluten free.  Hey, you could just be trying to incorporate more vegetables into your diet.  No matter what your New Year's eating plan is, cauliflower rice on the menu.
A white plate of cauliflower rice with the title above.

I know what you're thinking, "Mandee, we've heard all this cauliflower hype before", but let me assure you we aren't talking "mashed potatoes" here.  Cauliflower rice has become my personal favorite alternative to the real thing.  In fact, I prefer it over the real thing.  But don't let the hype around this new food obsession hit your wallet at the grocery store.  Its super simple to make at home for just a fraction of the cost.  I can't wait to show you how so...

Let's Get Started!

Matchbox Car Valentines (Free Printable)

Car ValentinesMatchbox Car Valentines Printables
It is time to start thinking about what sort of school valentine the kids want to hand out this year.  I didn’t want to spend more than $10 on them (for 30 cards) so I took the kids to the dollar store and told them to look around for something that they liked and that came with multiples in a package.

My kindergartener found these imitation matchbox cars and I knew we could come up with something to do with them.
Dollar store matchbox cars

15 Minute Cinnamon Maple Nut Pastry Ring

Easy Cinnamon Pecan Ring
15 minute maple nut sticky bun pastry ring
Welcome back to another Ultimate Recipe Challenge!  This month, the prompt was BREAKFAST and so all the participants created Breakfast recipes to share.

There are more than two dozen delicious entries this month.. sweet and savory, breads and proteins.. Make sure you scroll to the bottom of this post to see them all!
20 must try breakfast recipes from todays top bloggers
My entry this month was this decadent Maple Nut Sticky Bun Coffee Ring.  The recipe is modifed from one of the annual Taste of Home cookbooks.
Pecan and Almond Cinnamon Roll Ring

Is Refinishing Hardwood Floors a DIY Project?

hardwood floor for refinishing
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. All opinions are 100% mine. Nationwide provided me with information regarding its blog post.
Hardwood floor refinishing DIY project
I am a huge fan of hardwood floors.  In my previous home, they were the original 1905 heart of pine, and in my current home I have oak throughout.  Real hardwood floors add such warmth to the space. They are easy to clean, beautiful to look at and stand the test of time.  Plus, real hardwood floors, especially floors in good condition, have been proven to add value to your home.
1905 hardwood floors
Hardwood floors do tend to suffer from regular wear and tear, just like any other flooring surface, but unlike flooring like wall to wall carpet or tile, wood floors can be refinished multiple times and brought back to life!  Very few other flooring surfaces give you that option.
hardwood floor for refinishing
Refinishing floors can change the look of your floors not only by removing the scratches and dents, but when you refinish your floors you have the ability to change the color and finish.

If you are a fellow DIY’r you may be considering refinishing your hardwoods and are asking yourself “Is refinishing hardwood floors really a DIY project?”  Right before we moved in to our current house, we had our floors refinished and I did a lot of research about the process.  There are some important factors to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to DIY your floor refinishing project, and I thought I’d share them with you.

Pros and Cons of Refinishing Your Own Hardwood Floors

2017 Goal Planner Printables to Help You Stay on Track

Free Printable Annual Goal Setting Worksheets. What a great way to plan and be accountable for the new year.  Comes in a single 8x10 printable or 2 per sheet for small half size planners.

Hi everyone! It's Pam from CleverLittleMouse.com and, for once, I don't have a sewing tutorial to share with you. Mainly because my craft room looks like this at the moment:

I can see my sewing machine, way back behind that ginormous pile o' stuff. I just can't get to it. And I can't find my rotary cutter, or my quilt ruler or my good scissors... That's what I get for deciding to remodel my sewing room in the middle of December, in and around all the holiday craziness. I'm hoping it will be put back together with new bookshelves and freshly painted walls in the next week or so, but in the meantime I had to find a non-sewing way to indulge my creative side. And since poor planning on my part is what created this mess in the first place, I decided to design some printables to help me get my planning act together for the new year.

The Best Posts That You Have NEVER Seen

For the past two years I've done round ups from DIY and Home Decor bloggers, featuring their most popular post.  And in those two years I've shared more than 350 amazing projects.

You can see them here: 2014 and 2015
But this year I'm doing something different.

I asked my blogging friends to give me the post from 2016 that they are the most PROUD of, not necessarily their most popular.  This would be the project they love and hold near and dear, but didn’t necessarily get the same love from their readers or on social media.

These won’t be the big projects that have gone viral and you have seen everywhere, but rather the projects you may have missed and really should give a look.

The project I am most proud of this year, but didn't crack my top 10 posts list, was my backyard patio makeover.  I spent countless hours sweating in the sun, painting the pergola, building the screen around the a/c.. even building the seating



You may have seen it, but maybe not. And I'm not the only one with posts like that.  Every blogger has them!  So I thought I'd give all these fabulous projects a chance to shine with my year end roundup. 
125 of the projects that bloggers have always wanted you to see.  The projects they are most proud of in 2016.. but you probably missed it!

Because there are so many I have broken it down into general categories.  I can’t wait for you to see all the fabulous projects!

How to Recycle Old Crayons into New Crayons

Crayons after remelting
How to take old broken crayons and make new crayons with fun shapes. So easy!  A great way to clean up those bins of busted crayons.
I am pretty sure I’m not the only mom on the planet who has a GIANT BIN of busted up old crayons. I’m not sure where they all come from exactly.  I am sure some are from restaurants and some came home from school.. but there sure are a lot of them!

And anyone with kids knows that they don’t like to use the broken ones.  They are pretty much useless.. Unless of course, you can make them NEW AGAIN! So today I’m going to share a super quick tutorial on how you can give new life to old crayons using nothing more than a thrift store cookie mold.   Plus this process uses up a LOT of broken crayons.. which is great.

Easy Calendar to Greeting Card Upcycle

Hi Kim Six Readers!! We are so excited to be back here visiting with you today. If you can tell, from our previous posts, we love a good upcycle. What's not to love? Take something that is lifeless and bring it back to life. It's probably how a heart surgeon feels.....ha! As we end 2016 we say goodbye to some pretty fabulous calendars. Really, people are paid to make these. They are artists for goodness sakes.

You say you don't buy a calendar? No worries, you can reuse the front of greeting/Christmas cards you receive.
How to Upcycle Your Calendar into a Greeting Card wtih materials you already have on hand

Q. Why make your own cards?
A. Well, not only are you avoiding waste but has anyone seen the price of cards? YIKES! Tight budget or not, cards can really add up. If you send out 55 cards a year (average) X $3 (average) = $165 a year. We can make them WAY cheaper and with less to throw away.

The 10 Most Popular Posts of 2016

10 Best Projects of 2016
Now that the year is over, it is time to take the annual look back on what projects really resonated with my readers. 

I’ve done annual recap for the past 4 years.. and it is fun to compare the popular posts and see how much things have evolved. 

In past years my most popular projects have always been large room reveals and home improvement projects, but this year I didn’t work on my house much, so the top posts tended to be a little more crafty, although my readers still really love power tools!

Here is a countdown of my 10 most popular posts (based on traffic) that I shared in 2016: 

100 Home Cleaning and Organizing Ideas

101 Home Organization Ideas
If you are like me, with the start of the new year, it means a renewed desire to get your home and family life more organized.   Sure, not everyone is going to be perfectly organized (myself included) but a few simple tips can often make life easier.

So today I've joined up with the All Things Creative Team in order to bring you a collection of more than 125 unique home organization and cleaning tips, perfect for the new year.

Stenciled Spray Snow Snowflakes

Stenciled spray snow snowflakes on glass
Happy first day of winter!  I thought I'd celebrate by brining you a snowflake themed craft today.  It is part of our monthly "Create and Share" Challenge, where a group of bloggers gets together and creates a project based on a theme.

This month theme was STENCILS and we were so lucky that the fabulous people at Cutting Edge Stencils were willing to sponsor it.  Nine other bloggers and myself were challenged a holiday themed stencil in a simple DIY project.

I think I was the only one to use snowflakes, and I KNOW I was the only one to use spray snow, although there were some other non-paint uses in the group as well.  You definitely should see the other submissions. 

Kim Six Fix - Stenciled Spray Snow Flakes // Green With Decor - How to Stencil A Pillow For Christmas // Vintage Romance Style - The True Meaning of Noel Sign // Southern Couture - Wooden Reindeer Stencil // One Mile Homestyle - Stenciled Holiday Coloring Page Place Mats // DIY Beautify - Stenciled Wall Hanging Christmas Decor // Elizabeth Joan Designs - Stenciled Wall Hanging // Farmhouse 40 - DIY Reindeer Antlers Bulletin Board // Iris Nacole - Stenciled Christmas Tree Stand Box // Pocketful of Posies - The Easiest Christmas Cookie Decorating Hack Ever

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