Crayon Vase Teacher Gift: Because Teachers Change Lives

Crayon vase teacher gift
Teacher appreciation week is right around the corner and so the girls and I wanted to make something for their teachers.

I have been so blessed to have wonderful teachers in my children’s lives.
Kindy teacher
After the horrific tragedy in Sandy Hook, when all those babies lost their lives huddled behind their teachers, it made me pause and reflect on just how lucky I am to have such fabulous dedicated people not only teaching, but truly caring about my children.

Second only to our family, their teachers are the most important people in their lives.  People they spend a huge part of their day with, people who influence them and shape them into the young men and women they will become.
First grade teacher
I am keenly aware that teachers don’t really need another coffee cup or little nick-knack like this vase.  When we make gifts for the teachers, we also always attach a gift card, or something they need or want for the classroom.

Sure, the “gift of classroom supplies” may not sound exciting, but when you realize that 9 out of 10 teachers buy supplies for their students with their OWN money, you realize how meaningful it really is.

Taking some of the financial burden off of our teachers is always appreciated, but that doesn’t mean your gift has to be impersonal.  That is why we decided to make this little vase  It cost us NOTHING (100% of the supplies were things we had on hand), and it made our otherwise boring gift, more personal.

 So how did we make it for free?

Happy Easter!

Just popping in to wish everyone (who celebrates it):


The kids and I spent the weekend decorating our eggs (yeah, I put that off until the last minute).  This year I prepped 5 dozen!  We painted some, glittered some, dyed some.. A little bit of everything.  I blew half of them out and I hard boiled the other half.

The boiled ones we dyed with traditional food coloring:
Dyed eggs
The kids liked painting the blown ones with craft paint:.
Child painting easter egg
Painting easter egg
It is so funny how their eggs reflect their personalities.  Wild and loud and colorful from the 8 year old:

My Favorite Easter Posts (Flashback Friday)

Happy Friday! Can’t believe it is already Easter weekend.  Even with all the talk about how ‘late’ Easter fell this year,  it STILL feels like it snuck up on me.

Personalized Maritime Signal Flag Art

When I was working on the baby’s nursery I knew I wanted something personalized in the wall art.  I didn’t want something as obvious as a giant monogram, but something that was more subtle and would blend in with the ‘nautical’ theme.

I knew that ships use standard International Maritime signal flags that represent letters of the alphabet.  I thought that would be the perfect solution.
Nautical flag alphabet
image source
To display them I thought I could replace the photographs in my clothesline frame with mini fabric signal flags.

Because the frame was so long I decided to write out the baby’s name, JOSH, instead of just his initials. When I sat down and drew out the actual signal flags this is what I came up with:
Nautical Flag JOSH
I wanted the flags to hang down, more like real flags so I stretched the design so they were more clearly

No-Sew Fabric Banner (Silhouette Fabric Lettering Tutorial)

No Sew Fabric Banner
Today I am sharing a tutorial on the Easter banner I used on my mantle this year.

I constructed it using my Silhouette although you could make a similar banner without one (the way I made my “He Is Risen” banner), but the silhouette does make it a lot easier (and faster.)  This is also my submission project for April's Silhouette Challenge.  There are dozens of wonderful projects linked up to this blog hop and I would encourage you to check them out (they are linked at the bottom of this post.)
I couldn’t find any really good online tutorials on working with fused fabric lettering, so I thought I would share how I got it to work.  There are plenty of tutorials out there on transferring large shapes, but keeping letters aligned and small details like the ‘dot’ on the letter i is much more complicated.  I wanted to transfer the fabric letters without distorting them or hand placing them one at a time.  

You also could use vinyl for a project like this, but I love the look (and unlimited color and pattern choices) of fabric.
Fabric wording banner
The first thing I did was decide on what I wanted the banner to say and which font I wanted.
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