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15 Easy Fall Woodworking Projects

Easy beginner woodworking projects for fall.  Autumn pumpkins and leaves make for great autumn building projects
Easy beginner woodworking projects for fall. Pumpkins and leaves make for great autumn building projects.

Autumn provides so much inspiration for crafts and decorating, but fall can also be a fun excuse to get out to the woodshop.  Fall has so many great motifs, like pumpkins and leaves that can be turned into fast and easy woodworking projects.

 I've collected 15 creative and not to difficult projects for the beginning woodworker.  This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creative wood projects for fall, but it is great place to start!

Easy Autumn Inspired Woodworking Projects:

Creativity Unleashed 185

Creativity Unleashed Graphic

Welcome to the Creativity Unleashed Link party. I’ve joined Jessi from Practically Functional, Jacque from The DIY Village, Jocie from One Project Closer, Amy from Her Tool Belt, and Mindi from My Love 2 Create as hostesses for this party.

How to Know if Your Latest DIY Project Requires a Permit

Building plans
Working on DIY project and want to know if you need a building permit?  This has great info about the types of projects that may require you to pull a permit. Are you planning on adding some curb appeal to your home? Perhaps you want to expand your patio for more space, or even add some fencing or outside lighting. There are all sorts of ways to make your home look great, but before you start any project you should see if the project requires a permit.

Some outdoor and household projects do in fact require a permit from your local government, and the result of not getting one of these permits can be hefty fines.  I'm going to be honest here and tell you that for many of these projects, you can "get away" with not pulling a permit, but just because you can, doesn't mean you should.  Even contractors will often ignore the permitting process, but don't let them!   Doing unpermitted work on your home can really come back to bite you if you ever go to sell it or need to have it appraised.  Often you will need to get a permit after the fact, and that will be a huge nightmare!   
Brittany has a fabulous interview with her local building inspector about the rationale behind building permits.  
So how do you know if your next project needs a permit or not? Look below at some helpful tips on how to know if your latest DIY project requires a permit. This way, you can stay safe and legal while getting the job done.

Please note that permit laws may vary from city to city and county to county. Use these tips below as a guideline but always check with your local government offices to check on current permit laws.  For example, plumbing projects (as simple as replacing a toilet or water heater) require you to have a permit, but that is not typical in other parts of the country. 

Here are the household projects that more than likely require the homeowner to obtain a permit before beginning:

1. Installing any new electrical lines.

Anytime adding new electrical lines is on the agenda a permit will be needed. This is a job that needs to be done by a professional and done correctly for safe installation.

2. Changing the layout of the house or the floor plan.

If the layout of your home’s original plan is changing, a permit will be needed. This means adding on additional rooms, removing walls to expand a room, or raising a ceiling to open up a room.
Building plans

3. Building/installing fencing over 5 feet tall.

Your small picket fence won’t be an issue, but any fencing over 5-6 feet often needs a permit. It is also a good idea to get your property line in writing so you can be sure you are keeping the fence within your rights.

4. Removing any large trees from the property.

While you are free to remove small saplings and shrubs, any large trees that require professional removal may require a permit. You may need to block off the street during removal as well, which will require the proper paperwork.

5. Adding on a deck or expanding a current deck.

If you are adding a deck onto your home or expanding what you already have, a permit will be required. The permit will state what the height of the deck should be as well as safety features that should be in place.
Wood deck

6. Adding new windows to the home.

While you don’t need to get a permit to replace old windows, you do need a permit if you are adding windows where they didn’t previously exist. This falls in line with the changing layout as mentioned in #2.

7. Roof layout changes.

While you don’t need a permit for a new roof, you will need a permit if the design of the roof is changing. If adding any sort of solar paneling or opening in the roof (for a window) you will need to have it approved.

8. Large storage units.

If you care to add a carport, additional garage, or large storage unit, you will need a permit. Any large structure being added to the property will need to be approved and often times the property area you will be placing it on needs to be confirmed.

As you can see, there are a variety of household projects that require the appropriate permit before the project begins. Use these tips as a guide before starting your next project so you can be sure the job just isn’t done right, but is done within the laws of your city or county.

Easy No Sew Knit Sweater Pumpkins

Three little white sweater pumpkinsEasy No Sew Pumpkins from Old Sweater SleevesThis is a project I’ve seen all over Pinterest and I finally had to throw my hat in the ring and try making my own.  I have actually been holding on to the top half of this sweater for almost a year now.
I used the bottom half to make this pillow but I knew I could do something fun with the sleeves. And that is exactly what I did.

Oversized Maple Leaf Silhouette From Reclaimed Wood

Oversized wooden leaf cuttoutReclaimed Lumber Leaf Silhouette SignI’m back with another fall sign project made of “reclaimed” lumber.  I will admit I’m using the term ‘reclaimed’ loosely, because this project could be made from old barn wood, or pallet wood or any old lumber, but mine is actually made from some fence boards I got in the cull lumber section of the hardware store.
Oversized wooden leaf cuttoutI love using this type of wood since they are cheap, and I don’t have to spend hours taking apart pallets, pus they give the look of old wood.

Creativity Unleashed 184: Hand Made Sign Giveaway

Creativity Unleashed Graphic

Welcome to the Creativity Unleashed Link party. I’ve joined Jessi from Practically Functional, Jacque from The DIY Village, Jocie from One Project Closer, Amy from Her Tool Belt, and Mindi from My Love 2 Create as hostesses for this party.

This week we have a fabulous giveaway of this hilarious no soliciting sign from The DIY Village:
Scroll down to enter.

"Fork It, Let's Get Takeout" Reversible Apron

Hi everyone! It's Pam from Clever Little Mouse. I have something a little different to share with you today - a sewing tutorial with a fun little twist! I recently purchased a Silhouette machine and I fell in love with this design from Kristin Amanda Designs:

10 Repurposed Home Decor Projects

10 beautiful upcycled home decor projects10 brilliant repurposed project ideasIf you are a thrift shop bargain hunter, you probably have run across at least one of the items in today's post of beautiful home decor projects.   Repurposed projects are some of my favorites, because you take something that someone else no longer wants, and transform it into something new and useful.   I have a whole section of my blog dedicated to repurposed projects, so if today's roundup gets you inspired, be sure to check those out too!

Hand Lettered Cactus Watercolor Printable

Cactus Watercolor
Free Cactus Water Color Printable
If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have noticed I’ve become a tad obsessed with hand lettering.  It is so hot and trendy right now, and in the past I have tried and tried and tried to learn it, to no avail.

But this past week, Jocie from One Project Closer launched an online course to learn hand lettering and something has finally clicked!  WoodenSigns
Granted, I’ve been practicing for a week now, and I’m nowhere near as good as Jocie, but what I don’t have in skill, I make up for in sarcasm.  Hence this week’s free printable:
Painting little prick with cactus
I wanted a play on the cactus/succulent trend, but nothing too cutesy, since watercolor+succulents is already pretty twee.  So I added some snarky hand lettering and I had my finished product!   I have the file available in an 8’x8’ high resolution download if you’d like a copy.   

How to Use and Store Laundry Detergent Packs Correctly

Packets up decal in laundry room
The average American household does 400 loads every year (but in my house I am SURE we do way more than that.) Since the beginning of automated washing machines,  powdered detergent (and then liquid detergent) have always been used to get clothes clean.

Then, in early 2012, concentrated liquid laundry packets came on the market and changed the way many of us do laundry.  Smaller, easier and more convenient, these little concentrated laundry detergent packets can pack quite the cleaning punch.  But are you getting the most out of your laundry packets?

There is actually a little learning curve when it comes to safely and effectively using this relatively new detergent technology and so today I want to share some best practices when it comes to using concentrated laundry packets. 

Three Dimensional Perler Bead Planters

Pearler bead succulent planterThree Dimensional Pearler Bead Planters.  So easy to make and the only limit is your creativity.  Would be a great kids craft for birthday parties or scout meetings.

My kids have really gotten into Perler beads this summer.  I shared a few of their projects on Instagram lately, and they got me all fired up to play along too.
I decided to move away from two dimensional flat projects, and came up with a easy cylindrical container shape.  You could really make ANY pattern on it, so I played around with a few different patterns.  You could use them to store pencils or makeup brushes or pretty much anything really, but I turned them into succulent planters.. since hey.. TRENDY! Succulent pearler bead flowerpots

10 Tips for Camping in Hot Weather

Camping supplies10 Tips for Camping in Hot Weather: Beat the heat and learn what to pack, how to set up camp, and how to avoid the sun all while making fun camping vacation memories
For our family, summer is always camping season.   Here in California there are local, state, and national parks where you can camp year round, but typically the summer months are what fits our busy schedules best. While the kids are out on school break and we often head to the mountains or beach and tent camp. The problem with summer camping is that daytime temperatures can exceed 100 degrees.   Unless you head high into the mountains, the inland areas of California can be really warm and dry.
San Luis Resevoir Camping
When camping as a family we want to make sure it is a fun and enjoyable experience, which isn't the case if we are suffering in the heat.  Fortunately, even on some of the hottest days, there are things you can do to make your camping adventure enjoyable.  A little good planning, bringing the right supplies and modifying your behavior can make all the difference when it comes to staying cool while camping in the hot summer months.  

10 Tips for Surviving A Camping Trip In The Summer

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