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You're Gonna Love It: ANYTHING GOES IS BACK!

Welcome back to another PARRRTAYY!!   It is the FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH.. which means: Anything goes!

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Now.. on with our regular weekly features from last week: 

Southwestern Style Chicken Pot Pie

Easy Bisquick topped Tex-Mex chicken pot pie with the mexican flavors of black beans, peppers and corn. Easy to make.
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I am a huge fan of pot pies.  They are just such comfort food and I love the homey feel you get when you eat one.. The flaky crust and creamy filling.  It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy!  

What I don’t like about pot pies, is the amount of effort it takes to make them from scratch.  Two crust traditional pot pies are a lot of work.  So on behalf of Foster Farms I thought I’d share this easy recipe for a single version with a crust made with baking mix.  And to switch it up a little, I decided to add some southwest style veggies with corn, beans, peppers and onions for a different than typical flavor. 
Easy Bisquick topped Tex-Mex chicken pot pie with the mexican flavors of black beans, peppers and corn. Easy to make.

Southwest Style Chicken Pot Pie

Day of the Dead Dollar Store Skull

Dollar store skull to day of the dead sugar skull
In the United States, All Hallows Eve (or Halloween) is what we call the holiday that falls on October 31 and is historically associated with the celebration of All Saints and all Souls days. In Mexico this celebration is called the “Dia de los Muertos” or Day of the Dead and in some parts of Latin America is actually called “Dia de los natitas” or Day of the Skulls.

Pumpkins (or Jack O’ Lanterns) are probably the most notable symbol of the US holiday, while in Mexico Dia de Muertos is tightly associated with brightly decorated skulls and orange marigold flowers. I decided to create my own version of a Day of the Dead skull on behalf of Plaid crafts, Apple Barrel Paints, and Stiffy fabric stiffener** as a fun Halloween alternative.
Hand Painted Day of the Dead Skull
This project is actually super easy and fun, since you get to express yourself completely and it takes nothing more than a little paint (I used Apple Barrel Multi-Surface), some fabric and fabric stiffener (I used Stiffy).  You could also use plastic or silk flowers, but it is pretty cool to make my own!

It started with this $1 plastic skull I found at the dollar store.
Dollar store plastic skull

Glazed Sweet Potato Pecan Scones

Maple glazed pecan and sweet potato scones
I already kicked off Fall with my mantel debut, and today I’m FALL-ing in love with my home thanks to the Fall Home Tour hosted by The Everyday Home.

Today’s posts are all about fall recipes and I am sharing with you a FANTASTIC recipe for Cinnamon Pecan and Sweet Potato Scones with Maple Glaze.   (To me, the flavors of Cinnamon, Sweet Potato and Maple just scream fall!)
Fall in Love With Your Home TourMake sure you click down to the bottom of this post to see the other four featured recipes, along with the rest of the home tour! 

You're Gonna Love It: September Wrap Up

Is anyone else struggling with the fact that time is FLYING. I mean, I am just NOT READY for it to be October next week.  DANG!

Last week was exciting though, since I introduced my very first ever Food Contributor!  Mandee from TheKitchenWife (who I love!) She shared this fabulous recipe for Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu:

I also shared my fall mantel... (I even officially waited until fall!)

And finally, I gave you the inside track on how I get my kids to pack their own school lunches and gave you 100+ ideas for what they can include in their lunch boxes:

So what were the linky features this week? 

100+ Lunch Box Ideas That Kids Can Pack Themselves

Don’t miss the giveaway at the end of this post!  
Leave a comment below for your chance to win a Jif Bars prize pack!  How to get your kids to eat healthy lunches
I wouldn’t say my kids are the pickiest children on the planet, they are typically willing to try new things and eat more than 2 or 3 items over and over again, but I have always had trouble getting them to finish their school lunches.  What I packed one day (and was completely eaten) would return home the next day untouched.

I never could figure out exactly what my kids would like for lunch on any given day.. and in the morning rush getting ready for school, I was not going to hold a polling session to find out.  Now I totally get it.. I worked outside of the home for many years and had to bring my own lunches to work and somedays you just didn’t FEEL like eating a sandwich or TV dinner or whatever was in my lunch box.  But at least I was in charge of making my own decisions.  I can’t even imagine what I would have thought if lunch was a game of russian roulette every day with someone packing what they THOUGHT I wanted.

So I decided I was going to let my children pack their own lunches.  (Plus.. hey.. less work for me!) They were never fans of sandwiches or little "lunchbox meals” but mostly I found they were eating the “snack” like foods.  Single serving packages of crackers or yogurt or fruit.  Things I knew they could easily pack for themselves.

The problem was.. if I just told them to “pack a lunch” my 3rd grader will fill a bag with cookies and root beer and my 1st grader would pack a single bag of fruit snacks.   They wouldn’t be balanced or they wouldn’t be sized appropriately.  So I had to come up with a system and some guidelines for them, which made sure they were getting the right mix of foods, but were also getting things they WANTED to eat.

The key to my system is diving the foods up into 4 groups and making sure the kids take a fixed number of servings from each group.  I’m going to give you a TON of ideas for each group so even if you kids are really picky, you will be able to find something they will eat.  Maybe your groups will only have a few items (since your child will pick it over and over again) or perhaps your groups will be full of a huge variety as your child figures out exactly what they do and don’t like.  But the key is giving the the CHOICE and including things they want to eat.  (Since at the end of the day, getting your kids to actually eat (and finish) a healthy balanced school lunch is the goal here!) 
My school aged kids are currently in 1st and 3rd grade so the size and breakdown of their lunches reflects that. If your children are older, or if they tend to be lighter or heavier eaters, you will want to change the portion sizes and break down to fit your own needs. 

Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe

I am SO EXCITED to introduce to to a new monthly feature here on TheKimSixFix.  A monthly recipe post from a super good friend of mine:  Mandee from TheKitchenWife.

I LOVE HER (and her food is fabulous)!  I asked if she would be willing to write a post every month so I could share her fab recipes with my readers.  She is going to be a big time food blogger.. mark my words! You want to start following her to keep up with all her great recipes:  Her blogFacebook, Twitter, Instagram

And without further ado: 

It's officially fall Everyone!  And while the temperature is slowly declining (for some of us anyway), and the leaves on the trees are beginning to change color and drop, I'm just not quite ready to give up my grill.  Yes, I'm craving those heartier dishes, but there's just something about grilled food that is irresistible.  That's why I love this recipe for Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu.

You get all of the great flavors of the traditional chicken cordon bleu, but with that little hint of smokiness only grilling can give you.  This Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu is packed full of flavor, and couldn't be easier to make.  I know you are going to love it, so...

Let's Get Started!
The grilled chicken cordon bleu, on a plate, cut in half, with the title above it.

My Orange, Red, and Gold Fall Mantel

A gorgeous fall mantel in oranges and reds with accent pops of silver and black.  I love how the wreath is hung off the front of the mantel shelf!
Today is the first day of FALL!! Can you even believe it?  Since it was 104 degrees here yesterday I have to say it doesn’t really feel like it, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to celebrate!  I actually decorated my mantel a while back, but of course never got around to photographing or posting about it.

You're Gonna Love It Party: Fall is Almost Here Edition!

The party is back and gaining steam!! It was so great to see so many of you around last week.  I have to say.. I spent a few HOURS pinning all the links this week. There were SO MANY AH-MAZ-ING projects.  I am so glad you all brought it bigtime!! 

I was ALL ABOUT building stuff last week.  (My favorite!!)

First I participated in the Repurpose It Challenge with 7 other bloggers.

My entry was repurposing hammers into a coat rack:

I also had the big excitement of guest posting on Pretty Handy Girl's blog with this West Elm mirror knockoff

Also.. don't forget you have a chance to win $1000 in tools by creating something out of a single 8 foot long 1x8 board!  You can find the rules and details here.

So what were the linky features this week? 

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