My Favorite Easter Posts (Flashback Friday)

Happy Friday! Can’t believe it is already Easter weekend.  Even with all the talk about how ‘late’ Easter fell this year,  it STILL feels like it snuck up on me.

This year I was able to get two different Easter/Spring mantles up.  My first was a colorful (and more whimsical) pom pom inspired one:

The pom pom trees were a craft I made with the girls.  It was really a lot of fun!

The other mantle was a little more formal and toned down:
It featured my clothesline wrapped eggs:
And a no-sew fabric and burlap banner:

Last year’s mantle was very similar:

I didn’t have a silhouette back then, so the easter banner was made by hand:

I had similar twine wrapped eggs:

And another fun spray paint project, “Easter Beans” :

And I would be remiss if I left off my most popular easter recipe, Salted Caramel Bird’s Nest Cookies:

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday.  May the bunny bring you lots of chocolate!

Personalized Maritime Signal Flag Art

When I was working on the baby’s nursery I knew I wanted something personalized in the wall art.  I didn’t want something as obvious as a giant monogram, but something that was more subtle and would blend in with the ‘nautical’ theme.

I knew that ships use standard International Maritime signal flags that represent letters of the alphabet.  I thought that would be the perfect solution.
Nautical flag alphabet
image source
To display them I thought I could replace the photographs in my clothesline frame with mini fabric signal flags.

Because the frame was so long I decided to write out the baby’s name, JOSH, instead of just his initials. When I sat down and drew out the actual signal flags this is what I came up with:
Nautical Flag JOSH
I wanted the flags to hang down, more like real flags so I stretched the design so they were more clearly

No-Sew Fabric Banner (Silhouette Fabric Lettering Tutorial)

No Sew Fabric Banner
Today I am sharing a tutorial on the Easter banner I used on my mantle this year.

I constructed it using my Silhouette although you could make a similar banner without one (the way I made my “He Is Risen” banner), but the silhouette does make it a lot easier (and faster.)  This is also my submission project for April's Silhouette Challenge.  There are dozens of wonderful projects linked up to this blog hop and I would encourage you to check them out (they are linked at the bottom of this post.)
I couldn’t find any really good online tutorials on working with fused fabric lettering, so I thought I would share how I got it to work.  There are plenty of tutorials out there on transferring large shapes, but keeping letters aligned and small details like the ‘dot’ on the letter i is much more complicated.  I wanted to transfer the fabric letters without distorting them or hand placing them one at a time.  

You also could use vinyl for a project like this, but I love the look (and unlimited color and pattern choices) of fabric.
Fabric wording banner
The first thing I did was decide on what I wanted the banner to say and which font I wanted.

My Little Girls Room Makeover (Flashback Friday)

Girls room before after
I have been having a blast over on Google+, discovering all sorts of new bloggers. Thanks to everyone who linked up to the Mommy is Coo Coo hop.  Keep your eye out for the notification that the shared circle is available! If you haven’t linked up yet.. there is still time! You have until the end of the weekend.

Now it is time for Flashback Friday! 

Today I am featuring the girls’ bedroom.   This was the first room I redid when we moved into our California house.  We moved from a 4 bedroom house in Boston to a 3 bedroom house, and so the girls suddenly had to share a room.   Therefore, to make it more acceptable I let them pick out the color, which was PINK, of course.  The actual paint color I ended up using was Martha Stewart’s Carnation.  (Details on the painting are in this post.)

Girls room before and after
To tone down the super pinky-ness of the room, I installed board and batten (the first time I ever did it).  Because of the textured walls I had to install giant sheets of MDF.  All the nitty gritty details including a breakdown of the $300 budget for the project can be found here.

How I'm Growing My Google+ Circles (since Facebook stinks!)

Are you looking to grow your circles on Google+? Are you a blogger who wants better SEO and increased website exposure?  Are you a blog reader who wants to stay in touch with your favorite bloggers?  This is the place to be!  Welcome to the mommy is coocoo circles hop.

Are you thinking "I have no idea what she is talking about"?  Well this is STILL the place to be, since I'm going to explain it to you.

Facebook recently announced that it will no longer be sharing more than a small fraction of my posts to anyone who has liked my Facebook page.  I have nearly 1600 fans on an average post will be seen by less than 100 perople.  Less than 5% of you!!  That is crazy!  

And it is possible for me to force my fans to see my posts.  For a price.
Yeah. Not happening. 

So what am I (and most bloggers) going to do instead? 

Rumor has it that the next big thing in social media is going to be Google+.  I will admit I NEVER liked G+ since it is new and (in my opinion) really confusing.   But for fans who want to follow bloggers (or any other page really) it is great since you can actually see what people are sharing.  G+ shows you 100% of the content you request! (Shocking I know!) 

And for bloggers G+ is great for SEO since Google owns it and weights G+ comments/likes/shares heavily in their search algorithm.  

I was a doubter before, I am not anymore.  Look at how many views my G+ page has seen!  

TWENTY SEVEN MILLION!?!  Holy macaroni! That is a heck of a lot more than the 100 views per post I am getting on Facebook.

So how does G+ work?  Well, to me it feels like a hybrid of Facebook and Twitter.  You have 'circles' of people you know and also follow you (like a Facebook profile) but unlike Facebook also can follow people who don't know your or follow you back (like Twitter.)

How do you find people?  Well.. today I am making it easy for you.   I have joined MommyIsCooCoo as a co-host of the Grow Your G+ Circles hop to help us all fill our circles with creative bloggers (DIY, Crafts, Food, Design, etc).
Throw this away later... from here..... Real Time Web Analytics here....