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One Day You'll Miss Your Kids' Laundry - Free Printable

Monson Quote about Laundry Printable
Free Laundry Room Kids PrintableIf you are a mom of kids who still live at home, you are probably facing MOUNDS and MOUNDS of laundry every week.  Laundry is high on my list of my least favorite chores (well, not so much washing but, but folding it and putting it away!)  And now that my kids are heading back to school and starting all their fall sports, the amount of laundry they generate has definitely gone up!

But I recently came across this quote from Thomas Monson and I was struck by how close it hit home:
"If you are still in the process of raising children be aware that the piles and piles of laundry will disappear all too soon and that you will, to your surprise, miss them profoundly.” 

$25 Per Week Challenge: Week 3 Results

25 dollar per week budgeting challenge
RULES   ||   Week 1   ||   Week 2   ||   Week 3

I got really lucky during this third week of the $25 Per Week Budgeting Challenge. I was starting the week with less than $10 thanks to my overage last week, and we were in desperate need of both milk and gas. That alone would have eaten though the $10.   But as fortune would have it,  February is the month that my Costco rebate certificate arrives in the mail!

10 Must Haves for The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Now that spring is getting closer I am looking forward to the warmer weather and using my outdoor space once again.  Creating a welcoming and functional patio or porch doesn’t have to be expensive,  but there are some basic items you will want to invest in if you want to get the most out of your outdoor space.

If you do happen to have a larger budget, or are willing to DIY a few projects, there are some additional features you could add to create an even more luxurious atmosphere. I’m sharing both budget friendly and more extravagant options in this roundup, since we all can use as much inspiration as we can get!

10 must have items that every outdoor space needs. Transform your porch or patio into an outdoor room with these 10 essentials.10 Must Haves for the Perfect Patio Space

Creativity Unleashed 160: CanvasDiscount Giveaway

Welcome to the Creativity Unleashed Link party. I’ve joined Jessi from Practically Functional, Jacque from The DIY Village, Jocie from One Project Closer, Amy from Her Tool Belt, and Mindi from My Love 2 Create as hostesses for this party.
Creativity Unleashed Graphic

This month's parties are sponsored by CanvasDiscount. And just for our Party Goers, CanvasDiscount is offering a free 8” x 12” canvas print to all of our readers! Just click here and follow the instructions to get your free print! Also you can follow them on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter.  

This week you can also can enter to win a custom photo cushion and phone case.  (Look for the rafflecopter giveaway at the bottom of this post!)

Scroll Saw Book Letters

Book Letters on a Scroll SawScroll Saw Book Art
I LOVED the theme of this month’s Power Tool Challenge: Your favorite power tool.   That was a no brainer for me.. since my favorite would be the one I”ve been using a lot lately.  My scroll saw!

Plus it is unusual to have a power tool challenge project that doesn’t involve ANY lumber.. but this month, my only materials were old thrift store books!  Yes books!
Thrift store hardcover books
These were $1/each at the thrift store, and using NOTHING more than my scroll saw, I ended up with some super cute book art that looked perfect on my office shelves:

Easy DIY Milkglass

Faux milk glass DIY from Thrift store Easy DIY Painted MilkGlass
I always loved the look of milk glass.   Country living recently had an article about it and I fell in love with these vases:
Milk glass 1 COuntry living
image: Brian Woodcock for Country Living
They are so pretty all clustered together in a group, with all the gorgeous textures.   It is so clean and pretty, but the real stuff can be pricey unless you get really lucky and stumble upon it at a yard sale or thrift store.  Lately it has been near impossible to find authentic and inexpensive milk glass at thrift stores.

$25 Per Week Challenge: Week 2 Results

25 dollar per week budgeting challenge
RULES   ||   Week 1   ||   Week 2   ||   Week 3
The send week of the $25 Per Week Budgeting Challenge was a lot tougher than the first week.  Maybe I was getting cocky, but this week we really started to feel the squeeze.  This week also contained Valentine’s Day, which meant I had to make some hard choices.

Our family has a 18 year tradition of going to Kentucky Fried Chicken on Valentine’s Day.  My husband and I spent our first Valentine’s Day at KFC when we couldn’t get seated at any other nice restaurant back when we were in collage.  It sorta became a running joke and we have done it every year since.  Now we take our kids (which means they have spent every Valentine’s days of their entire lives there!)

By Tuesday I didn’t have any money left in the budget, and we talked about not going to KFC, but we couldn’t pass it up.  So instead I decided to float the cost of dinner to next week’s budget.  Thank goodness KFC is really affordable and we didn’t have a tradition of $100 steak house dinners on Valentine’s Day!  Because of that we will still have a little money for next week!

Age Specific Grocery Store Budgeting Lessons for Kids

Make your kid a money genius
Tracking Pixel Teaching your kids how to budget
Earlier this month I was invited to read Beth Kobliner's book Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not) in order to share my experience with my readers.  It turns out that the book was really great and it inspired me to get my kids involved in this year’s $25/week budgeting challenge.  Beth’s book reiterated my belief that setting and sticking to a strict budget should involve the entire family!

Creativity Unleashed 159: CanvasDiscount Giveaway

Welcome to my FIRST EVER Creativity Unleashed party!  I’m so thrilled to be joining Jessi from Practically Functional, Jacque from The DIY Village, Jocie from One Project Closer, Amy from Her Tool Belt, and Mindi from My Love 2 Create as the party hostesses! 
Creativity Unleashed Graphic
The format of this party is a little different than my previous linky.  When you link up you are submitting your content to SIX major blogs.   Every week all 6 of the hostesses pick a favorite link to feature.  These links are called “Our Rockstars” which are featured the following week on ALL of our blogs as well as on the Creativity Unleashed Pinterest board

The other big change in this party, is that we actually have PRIZE GIVEAWAYS for EVERYONE (you don’t have to be a rockstar or even a blogger!) Each month we put together a fabulous prize package that ANYONE can enter to win.   This encourages people to come and visit the party every week.. which is also a benefit for our linker uppers! 

This week’s party is sponsored by CanvasDiscount, who are generously offering a free 16” x 20” canvas print for one of our readers!  Canvas prints are the perfect way to show off your gorgeous photos and decorate a plain wall. Scroll down to enter for your chance to win! 

Plus as an extra special bonus, CanvasDiscount is offering a free 8” x 12” canvas print to all of our readers!  Just click here and follow the instructions to get your free print!  Also you can follow them on FacebookPinterest & Twitter
Mega rockstarFEATURES... PRIZES.. SHOUTOUTS... What more could you ask for!?  Well.. just wait! THERE IS MORE! Each week our readers vote for their favorite rockstar and that SINGLE project is given the honor of being our “MEGA ROCKSTAR of the week!”   

Meet last week’s Mega Rockstar:  Anika from Anika’s DIY Life and her Toy Organizer
Image may contain: indoor

Being a mega rockstar is where the big benefits kick in!  Besides the title of “Mega Rockstar" (since everyone loves a good title) you also will get:

  • Tons of exposure from everyone who casts a vote in the contest! (Actually, all six Rockstars for the week will get this!)
  • Each of the six Rockstar projects will be pinned to the Creativity Unleashed Fabulous Features Pinterest board! (Again, all five Rockstars get this!)
  • The Mega Rockstar project will be featured on all of our social media networks (that’s FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and G+ shoutouts from six different bloggers!!!)
  • Each host will visit the Mega Rockstar’s blog that week and we’ll pin a bucketload of any other great content we find to some of our largest group boards!
  • A fabulous badge to display on your party page or sidebar (grab it at the bottom of this post) 
  • The Mega Rockstar of the week will get an invite to our secret group Pinterest board where you can pin your own great content. We go through that board each week when we are looking for great, new content to pin, so this means that even months after you’ve won the Mega Rockstar of the week, we can still find and pin your newest awesome content
  • The MEGA Rockstar will be invited to our MEGA Rockstars Facebook group where we discuss, collaborate, and help promote each other!
The Rockstars from last week’s party were: 


And don’t forget to enter for a chance to win the CanvasDiscount Prize package: 

And now for this week’s Creativity Unleashed link party!

Link up your projects below! I’m so excited to see what you’ve been working on this week! Remember, if you link up at one blog, your link will be seen in the parties from all six blogs! Each co-host will pick their favorite project to compete in the MEGA Rockstar contest, so remember to let people know to come vote for you if you’re chosen as a Rockstar!

Creativity Unleashed Guidelines:
  1. Help us choose the MEGA Rockstar winner from last week by casting your vote above!
  2. Feel free to share any of your latest projects, as long as they are your projects!
  3. Please don’t link up Etsy shops, giveaways, link parties, etc.
  4. Link directly to a specific post, not your home page.
  5. Link up your newest projects! Please don’t share ideas you’ve already shared before.
  6. By linking up, you’re giving us permission to feature your photos and project on our blogs. Images will always be featured with proper credit and a link back.

Don't forget to grab a party button:
Creativity Unleashed
link party every Thursday at 7pm ET!
was featured at Creativity Unleashed!

$25 Per Week Challenge: Week 1 Results

25 dollar per week budgeting challenge
RULES   ||   Week 1   ||   Week 2   ||   Week 3

I survived the first  7 days of the $25 Per Week Budgeting Challenge.  The first week is always the easiest since I’m starting off with a full fridge and pantry, gas in the car and plenty of perservenance.

Slow Cooker Bourbon and Brown Sugar Pulled Pork BBQ

Bourbon and Brown Sugar Pulled Pork BBQUse Cinnamon Bourbon and Brown Sugar to create your own pulled pork BBQ sauce in the slow cooker! It is so good!
As my regular readers already know, this month I have been trying to live off the food already in my pantry and freezer, and only spend $25 per week to keep my family of 5 afloat.

This is only week one and so far I’ve had no trouble, but I did run into one stumbling block.. I wanted to make pulled pork and I had NO bottled barbecue sauce in the house! OH THE HUMANITY!

Puzzle Piece Expandable Cutting Boards and Serving Trays

A set of puzzle piece shaped cutting boards that combine together to form one large cutting board, or seperated can be used individually as serving trays with built in wine glass holders.jpg
A set of puzzle piece shaped cutting boards that combine together to form one large cutting board, or seperated can be used individually as serving trays with built in wine glass holdersFor a relatively new woodworker, there aren’t many projects that come out better than you expect. You typically  have a vision, and your final project is close, but never perfect.  This is NOT one of those projects.  I am just so excited with how this set of cutting boards came out, I’m just pleased as punch with it!

It is a set of puzzle shaped mini-cutting boards (I used maple) that assemble together to form one large cutting board:
Puzzle piece cutting and serving boardBut the fun part is that any individual mini-cutting board can be used as a serving tray, and the notch in the puzzle piece shape can be used to hold a wine glass!  ISN’T THAT GENIUS!?
Puzzle cutting board with wine holder
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