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Give A Teacher What They Really Need: Wine!

Give a teacher a bottle of wine with this free printable gift tag.  Teachers love grapes.. not apples.
It is the last week of school before Christmas break and I am getting my teacher gifts all lined up.
I have done a lot of different teacher gifts over the years and I’m always trying to get away from the ‘cutesy’ gift ideas that teachers don’t actually want or need.

When I surveyed my teacher friends for what they actually wanted, and what would show them that a parent appreciates them for all their hard work, I got the same tongue in cheek answer over and over:  BOOZE.

I’m sure being a teacher can be a rewarding and wonderful experience, but that doesn’t mean teachers don’t have ‘those days’ where they just want to kick off their shoes and have a nice glass of wine when the day is finally over. It is with that rationale that I decided to GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!


Of course I couldn’t just hand over a bottle of Merlot, like a strange housewarming gift.. I wanted the teacher to understand I was in on the joke, so I came up with this little poem:

“An apple for the teacher"
it is often said..
…but I know you probably look at
gifts like that with dread.
On the other hand, I hope you 
will enjoy these grapes instead..
…especially since they come
inside a bottle of red. 

I added it to the inside of a gift tag silhouette.  Now all I needed to do was print it out and cut on the lines:  Teacher wine gift download

I’ve included this file as a JPG so you can print it out and your add name for a quick and easy teacher gift.  Click HERE to download.
Tag for teacher gift wine
I wanted to skip the cutting out step, so I imported the file into my Silhouette Cameo software and used the print and cut feature to cut it out:
Print and cut wine tagI have also included that Print and Cut-ready studio file HERE if you would like that version. 

I added it to a bottle of Malbec with a simple red ribbon.  And presto!  An instant teacher gift. Teacher Wine Gift

I know my kids teachers will appreciate the humor. Anyone who has ever been trapped in a room full of 26 third graders would!
Teacher gift wine

You're Gonna Love it: Dollar Store Edition

Welcome back to another party! We're glad you're here!
This week I've been all about Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

Now it is time to see what YOU have been busy with. Remember, if you haven't been featured here, be sure to check my Pinterest board this week (and Kathe's) for more of our favorites.

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The most popular link last week was:

2014 Christmas In the Community's Gold And Silver Tree

Gold christmas tree decorationsToday’s post is extra special because it has so much more meaning to me than just decorating my own home. I was so flattered when gave me the opportunity to decorate a Christmas tree and donate it to a local charity of my choice.  As part of their Christmas in the Community campaign, they sent me this beautiful 7.5 foot Asheville Slim Pine to give away. (Seriously, this tree is beautiful.. It looks so real!!)
Gold and silver christmas tree
As part of the campaign, I personally got to select which charitable organization I thought was worthy. Originally I had hoped to donate it to our local Veteran’s center, but due to logistical issues it didn’t work out.

Garland 101: Everything You Need To Know To Make Garland Look Great

Because I’ve had so many inquiries into how I get my garlands to look the way I do, I have decided to do a thorough tutorial on making the most of your fake plastic garland.  It is really hard to find “off the shelf” garland that is full and beautiful (without paying an arm and a leg) but I’m going to teach you how to get that look without the huge price tag. You are basically going to assemble your own, which also let you control exactly the look you get.

I admit, I’ve become a garland snob and it makes me cringe when I see a sad thin wispy garland adorning someone’s front door.  When you see pine garlands in magazines and in high end hotels, they are usually really full and often filled with lights, like this:
Outdoor christmas decor garland
But in reality, most people end up with something that looks more like this:  (which just pitiful)

Make Your Guests Feel At Home with A Gift Basket

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Houseguest Welcome BasketI am so excited that my parents are coming for a visit this month and in order to make their stay more enjoyable I thought I would assemble a welcome basket of items they may need.  You often hear of wedding and hotel guests getting little collections of essentials when they stay for a visit, so why not do that for people who stay in your home?

For my welcome basket I collected a few things I thought my parents would enjoy or possibly need:

Burlap and Poinsettia Christmas Porch

Poinsettias and burlap porch
I’m not actually going to give a whole “Christmas Home Tour” this year, but I did want to share my front entry way since I do that every year and this year is no exception.

I personally think your front entry is one of the best places to decorate for the holidays since it sets up the rest of your house as you walk through the door.

You're Going To Love It: NomNomNom Edition!

I'm baaack!  I know I have been posting up a storm lately, but there is just so much great stuff to share!   I've been busy, getting my mantles together:

If you want the full tutorial on how I made that awesome buck's head silhouette artwork, I also published that. 

And I got ready by Counting Down To Christmas with a cute little chalkboard I made from a dollar store charger:

Don't forget I have some AWESOME giveaways going on: 

My favorite things Gift Basket (Worth $250 plus I'll personalize it just for you!)

And the Silhouette Challenge gift baskets:

But enough about my adventures.. Time to see what everyone else has been up to.  I was really impressed with all the holiday links this week, and this week we actually have TWO most popular and TWO of my personal faves!  Because 'indecision' is my middle name. 

Besides these four links I also added a bunch to my Pinterest board this week (and so did Kathe

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The most popular links last week were:

Chalkboard Christmas Countdown Charger

Christmas chalkboard free downloadI know I already shared a great giveaway today.. but I have ANOTHER one!  Yes!  I know, I told you I was feeling like Oprah.  (Details on how you can win this awesome stuff are at the bottom of this post!)Decembergiveaway250

But first I have to show you my latest Silhouette project for this month’s Silhouette challenge.   A dollar store charger that I turned into a chalkboard countdown calendar! Christmas chalkboard plate
I am actually including the cut file for this design (already laid out for a standard sized plastic charger) so when you win the machine, you will already have your first project ready to go!

I Want To Give You My Favorite Things! (A Blog Hop Giveaway)

I am so excited to be doing my first ever "Favorite Things" Giveaway.   Not a sponsored giveaway, but a bunch of things I specifically went out and got because I love them and I want YOU to have them too.

22 amazing bloggers from 2 countries have gotten together to offer 22 prize packages for this year's Christmas Wish List Giveaway! Each blogger has gathered some of their favourite items from their own wish list and put together a gift for you!

Visit each blog to see what items are included in their prize.  Every blogger has a separate giveaway that you must enter on their own site, to win their prize package.  You might win more than one!

Here is what is included in MY gift package (all the other bloggers' giveaway packages are listed at the bottom of this post.. make you sure you go and enter there as well!)

So what am I loving so much right now I just had to give it away?