You're Gonna Love It Tuesday: Pumpkins Galore!

Welcome back to another You're Gonna Love It Party.   It feels like this week has flown by.. and it probably has, because I have been spending so much time getting my Halloween Home Tour ready!

If you have a few seconds after linking up I'd love for you to swing over and take the tour!

Time for Last Week's Features!!

Halloween House Tour

 Halloween House tour where she decorates with things that can be easily changed to use after Halloween is over 
I’ve never teamed up with any other bloggers to do a holiday house tour, so I’m probably a tad too excited about this!

Today I’m taking you though my house and showing you how I decked it out for Halloween this year.  At the end of the post are the other awesome ladies who on this house tour with me.. be sure to visit them as well, we all have very different styles and you are sure to find something you love! 

I am not actually a super hard-core Halloween decorator, but I like to use fall vignettes with a Halloween spin that can easily be converted to Thanksgiving vignettes come November.

Let’s start with my favorite place to decorate.. My family room mantel:
Halloween mantel

How to Add Twitter Cards to Your Blogger Blog

How to install Twitter Cards On Blogger Blog
If you are a frequent user of Twitter, you may have noticed that some tweets containing URLs have a lot of extra information associated with them.

This is what a typical tweet looks like:

But did you know your tweet could look like this (without actually changing your tweet at all)? 
Tweet with twitter card

These expanded tweets are called “Twitter Cards” and if you are a blogger they are a great way of getting you blog post tweets a little more exposure. When you have the Twitter cards code installed on your blog, any tweets with your blog's URL will also contain this extra image, title and summary.

They are sorta like Pinterest’s “Rich Pins” but for tweets.  (If you don’t have rich pins I also have a tutorial on how to install them)

To add them it is simple copy and pasting of some HTML code.  (Even a rookie blogger should be able to do this! Don't panic because it is HTML!)

You're Gonna Love It Link Up

Welcome back to another You're Gonna Love It Party.   Before we get started I wanted to let you all know that next Monday, I am co-hosting a Halloween Home Tour with these five other bloggers!

I am actually a little intimidated since they are also so amazing!  I'd love for you to come back and tour my little house.. (I'll even clean up for you!)

If you aren't already a subscriber, you can join my mailing list and get the post emailed directly to you.. then you will be sure not to miss it!

Time for Last Week's Features!!

Dollar Store Placemat Pumpkin (Cut File Included!)

Dollar store placemat pumpkin

It is Silhouette Challenge Time!  The theme this month was “Fall” and since I’m in Halloween mode I decided on a Jack-o-lantern.

When I saw these round orange woven placemats at the Dollar store, I knew I could add some vinyl and make a cute wall hanging.  And that is exactly what I did.   The trick was choosing the face. Originally I was going to just find a Jack o’ lantern face and trace it, but then I decided I would try my hand at designing my own so I could share that file with you! 

That is right!  This month I am going out on a limb and attempting to share my first ever cut files!  I have never offered a free download before and I really want to start doing it more often.. so this is a trial run to see how well it works out.  If you have a cutting machine (Silhouette or Cricut) the file for the pumpkin’s face is available at the bottom of this post.  Not only that but you also will be signing up to receive additonal Silhouette inspiration, DIY, decorating and more!

So how did I design the cut file?  And how did i get the vinyl to stick to that highly textured surface?  Never fear! I’m going to walk you through it!

How to Keep Lettuce Fresh after Washing

How to keep lettuce fresh
I know I don’t usually post on Sundays, but when Fresh & Easy asked me to share my favorite cooking hack to be included on their “Hacks of Life" Pinterest board I thought you wouldn’t mind a quick ‘bonus’ post from me this week.

As you can guess, as a mom of three kids and a pretty much full time blogger and slave to social media, I am a busy lady.  So when I buy produce I like to get everything prepped in advance, so when the time comes all I have to do is pull something out of the fridge and serve it.  

An example of that is with lettuce.  I like to wash my lettuce ahead of time and then just pour it out into a salad when I need it.   I sometimes buy the ready-made salad mix that is supposed to be washed, but I really do prefer to wash it myself.  (Plus it is much more economical to buy a head of lettuce and put it into my own bags.)

So once I have prepped and washed my lettuce, how to make it last as long as the bagged stuff? 

Easy! The trick is to keep moisture away.  (Yes, that is counterintuitive, but it is true.)
Storing lettuce in plastic bag
Moisture on the outside of produce is what makes it start to break down and get slimy.  If you can keep the moisture away from the surface, you produce will last much longer. So here is my process for prepping lettuce in order to keep it fresh:

Flashback Friday: Halloween Past

25 Easy and Inexpensive DIY Projects for Halloween

It has been a crazy week around here.  Hubs had to work late every night this week and I haven’t had a lot of time to work on the plethora of projects that are piling up on me.  Mainly I have been trying to get the house “Halloween Ready” but the kids are rearranging the decorations as fast as I can get them up.


Anyhow..  For today's Flashback Friday I thought I would round up my favorite Halloween Projects from the past:
How about a little costume inspiration?
And of course, I must include all the Halloween/Fall Mantels:

I'm really looking forward to sharing the rest of this year's projects! If I could only get them done!

Turn Your Landscaping into Minions!

Ornamental grass minionsSometimes it is funny how fate works.  As of 8 PM last night I didn’t have a post scheduled.  I have been really busy getting my Halloween Home Tour ready and I felt bad about it but I was going to skip posting today.

But then a friend of mine posted the most awesome Halloween landscaping project on her Facebook page and I just had to share it!

You typically don’t see landscaping or outdoor projects from me because I don’t have a yard, so that makes this post even more awesome.  It is something I never even would be able to pull off, even if it had been my idea (which it totally wasn’t!).

Lara lives in the mid-Atlantic region of the country and tall ornamental grasses are really typical in landscaping (I know we have a bunch of it around our North Carolina house):
Tall decorative grass
In the fall you cut it back and it regrows in the spring.  It is really hearty stuff.   But before cutting it down, you can create hilarious halloween landscaping by turning a bunch of it into a Despicable Me2 Evil Minion:
How did they do it?

You're Gonna Love It: ANYTHING GOES!

Welcome back to another You're Gonna Love It Party.  Before we get started I wanted to remind you of two huge giveaways I have going on right now (there is still time to enter!)

First up, you can enter to win this super cool GE Smart Light Kit (which lets you control your lights/thermostat/sprinklers/security cameras all from your smart phone):

And don't forget to throw your hat into the ring for a chance to win a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer:

Now.. on with the show!

Time for Last Week's Features!!

Once again, there were so many great links, that besides from the features here, there are dozens more on my Pinterest board (and on Kathe's.) 

Plus a few of our absolute favorites went up on my Facebook Page and on Kathe's Facebook page (just look for the hashtag: #YoureGonnaLoveIt)  

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