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Brown Paper Bag Place Card and Napkin Holder

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Place card utensil holder
I rarely set a formal table.. and by rarely I mean pretty much never. The one exception is Thanksgiving. I do drag out all the fine china an set a pretty tablescape for that one meal of the year.

Needless to say, I don't have a lot of table decor in my stash, so I have to be creative and think outside the box.  And using what I have on hand often leads to beautiful results. I think this project is a great example of that.

Dollar Store Hurricane Vases with Faux Silverplate Stems

I LOVE decorating for holidays and I am always trying to find vases and candlesticks that can add height and interest to vignettes and mantle arrangements.   I came across these candlesticks during a google search and I thought they would be perfect:
Image Source
I love how they are tall and thin, (perfect for a mantle), they vary in height, and the silver stems anchor them and add interest (instead of a regular hurricane vase which is completely transparent.) 

See? Perfect! Right?


The problem was that (1) they were only available in Europe and (2) they were 68 Euros (or about $90!)  There goes that idea.   Now I was on a mission to knock them off.

First stop? The dollar store where I picked up these two candlesticks and tall vases for $4.

The shape was right, but now I needed to make the stems look like they were silverplate.  Enter metallic spray paint:

A couple coats later and things were looking really promising:

To attach the stems to the vases, I inverted them and used super glue to stick them together.

And once they were dry, they were good to go!

 For a Christmas display I decided to add some cheap plastic ornaments:

 I love how the finish came out:

Not bad for $2 each:

This post was originally shared over on Raising Memories in 2013. 

You're Gonna Love It: The November Finale!

You guys!! How can it already be the end of November?!  Thanksgiving is just 2 short days away!  ACKK!!   To reduce some of my stress every year, I order a 'heat and serve' Thanksgiving meal and then I only make side dishes and desserts that are special (and that I enjoy making).  No point making things like mashed potatoes or gravy when we like the prepared stuff just as well.. and I get to save the oven space for other things when it isn't taken up by the giant bird.

I think if the holidays stress you out, you need to let stuff go.   Because I didn't have to do any grocery shopping or meal prep this week I was able to knock out a few other projects, like making over my fireplace. 

Good bye travertine that blended into the walls and hello beautiful stacked stone.  I cannot wait to deck this mantel for Christmas with the stockings and garland and whatever else I come up with.

I also made over some dollar store nutcrackers with a little metallic paint.  The 'Silver and Gold" thing is really striking me this year. I just know I will have to at least one mantel or tree or vignette with that color scheme and I'll definitely be using these little guys!

And finally this week I shared some tips and tricks I use in my home to conserve energy and save on my utility bills.  Every little bit helps.. a Penny Saved is a Penny for Starbucks!

But enough about my adventures.. Time to see what everyone else has been up to.  I was really impressed with all the holiday links this week, and this week we actually have TWO most popular and TWO of my personal faves!  Because 'indecision' is my middle name. 

Besides these four links I also added a bunch to my Pinterest board this week (and so did Kathe

Ands a few of our absolute favorites went up on my Facebook Page and on Kathe's Facebook page (just look for the hashtag: #YoureGonnaLoveIt)  

The most popular links last week were:

My Filler Post About Nothing Much Really..

Like today's post title?  Well, I am nothing if not honest. I've been working on a BUNCH of great content, but it just wasn't ready to post this morning, so I thought instead I'd just tell you about a few exciting things that have been happening with me lately.  Consider this like the preview before a movie you've been dying to see.  It may not be why you showed up, but it gets you in the mood for the main attraction.

So what 'exciting' things have I been doing lately? Hmm..

Airstone Stacked Stone Fireplace Update

Airstone fireplace makeover
I am so excited to finally share my big fireplace makeover.  It has been half-done for a while now, but today I finally finished it and took some quick photos.  But before I get to the full reveal, I wanted to remind you of the ‘before.’  This is what the fireplace looked like when we bought the house: Living room fireplace before

Silver and Gold Metallic Dollar Store Nutcrackers

Turn dollar store nutcrackers into modern shiny metallic silver and gold faux metal versions.This is one of those posts where you are going to say “Why didn’t I think of that!?!”  It isn’t exactly earth shattering, but it was too cute not to share.

You may not be aware of my slight nutcracker obsession. Every year I take the girls to see the Nutcracker ballet and they each get to pick out a nutcracker. When I get home I write on the Ballet name and the date.. (Boston Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, San Jose Ballet, etc)  This was our collection from 2012.. it is a bit bigger now:

And if a nutcracker collection isn’t enough,  last year I even did a mantel that featured my favorite nutcracker theme “the Land of Sweets”So of course this year I couldn’t pass up the cheap $1 nutcrackers at the dollar store this year: Dollar store nutcrackers

You're Gonna Love It: Thanksgiving Hymn Edition

Welcome back to Kathe and my party.  We are so happy you are here.  You would probably even say we are THANKFUL for your presence!  Speaking of thankful (wow.. look at that transition), it appears the theme of my posts this week are "Hymns about Thankfulness"

From my Thanksgiving Mantel (based on the hymn "Bringing in the Sheaves")..

... to my Blessings Box (featuring the hymn lyrics from "Count Your Many Blessings")

I dont' normally go all "church-y" on you, but last week was an exception!

So now it is time to see what YOU have been doing this week.  And we'll kick it off with Last Week's Features! 

It is clear that many of you are also in full-on holiday mode.  And I love how many great recipes, crafts and decor ideas were linked up.  I pinned a bunch to my Pinterest board this week (and so did Kathe

Ands a few of our absolute favorites went up on my Facebook Page and on Kathe's Facebook page (just look for the hashtag: #YoureGonnaLoveIt)  

The most popular link last week was:

Cut Your Winter Energy Bill By Making Your Home More Efficient

Make your house energy efficient
Now that colder weather is moving in most of us will typically see an increase in home energy usage (and energy bills.)  These increases are typically the result of things like the increased cost of heat (either electric, oil or natural gas), increased electricity usage (with decreasing daylight), and increased water usage (more clothing layers means more laundry!)

So, today I’m partnering with PG&E to share some quick tips on how I make my home more efficient and take some of the sting out of those huge winter energy bills.  I have read a LOT of lists for ways to make my home more efficient, but today I'm going to share with you what I have PERSONALLY done to save money during the winter.  I don't want to recommend something I'm not willing to do myself.

If you need a little motivation to get more efficient, you can win one (of seven) $100 Home Depot Gift Cards by entering the #PEGhome Instagram Photo Challenge on PG&E’s Instagram page (now through November 23rd.)

Blessings Box (Shadow Box Tutorial)

Blessings Box: Write down something you are thankful for every day.  Save them in a shadow box and re-read them at the end of the year.
You know how much I love the Ikea “as-is” section with it’s 50% off cabinet doors and scratch and dent furniture. Well, last time I was there I picked up a couple of shadow boxes for 50% off.  They were scratched, but I knew I could repaint them so they'd be good as new. Scratch and dent ikea frameUnder $5 for a 9x9 shadow box was a pretty good deal.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, but I knew I could come up with something.

Then, tonight a friend of mine posted this on Facebook: