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T-Shirts for Girls with Power Tools

If you haven’t figured it out yet, one of my biggest motivations for writing my blog is to inspire other women to pick up power tools for the first time and tackle DIY and building projects they have always been too intimidated to try.  It is definitely empowering to be able to tackle your own “honey do” projects around the house or even build your own furniture.

For a long time women have been treated with condescension on the male dominated DIY fields.  I am sure we all have a story of visiting the hardware store only to have the people working their address your spouse instead of you.  (When buying a saw recently the sales guy at the store actually told me "This is probably too much saw for you!" WHAT!?!?!)

Or we have had a male builder or woodworker mansplain something on social media, as if female builders were too busy baking cooking or getting their nails done to understand how how a tool worked.

I’m really proud to be a female DIY’r and Girl with Power Tools, so I wear it on my chest::
girls with power tools tee
That brilliant  design is actually custom hand lattered by my friend Jocie and I think it is AMAZING! 

It also comes with white text on different shirt colors (I obviously like the pink the best, since I still AM girly girl!)
Girls with Power Tools Tee
I love the idea of creating my own line of hand lettered tees focusing on the things I am passionate about so I took Jocie’s FANTASTIC hand lettering course and have been practicing.

A while back I created some free (sarcastic) printables for the blog using everything I learned and eventually I’m going to create some fun t-shirt designs.   Power tools (and funny tees) aren’t just for boys anymore!

Screen Shot 2017 12 11 at 11 03 36 PM

If you are interested in hand lettering, or know someone who is, right now you can actually give Jocie’s class as a GIFT!
Gift of hand lettering

What is included?
  • Course does not expire. Learn at your own pace when your schedule allows!
  •  Learn brush hand lettering techniques, tips and tricks.
  •  Use hand letterings for mugs, t-shirts, bags, gifts, pillows, signs + more
  •  Convert your hand lettered art to Silhouette Cut Files
  •  Staging Photos for Social Media
  •  Hand Lettering on the iPad Pro
  •  DIY wooden sign video tutorial
  •  Free Printables + Silhouette cut files
  •  Shopping lists
Course button

How can you create your own hand lettered tees?

I realize not everyone wants to design their own shirt, and I have you guys covered too! 

I actually have a little shop on Amazon set up with all of my favorite DIY (and crafting) related designs for the and power tool loving DIY girl!
Screen Shot 2017 12 13 at 10 17 26 AM

All these designs focus on being a woman who loves DIY: girls with power tools tshirt

In the current political environment, women are started to realize just how much power they have can yield when they are brave enough to take it.

We often have to battle for our rightful place right besides men who have typically dominated the DIY field:
hardware store tee

We need to flip the stereotype on its head!
silly boys power tools are for girls

Even Ana White has a line of tees aimed at female builders (unless male builders are into lipstick these days!):
Mockup 426a9f58 large
Of course, women in the workshop also face more girly challenges from our DIY projects, like our hair:
sawdust hair dont care shirt
and our coffee drinking habits:
Screen Shot 2017 12 11 at 10 59 09 PM

I love the looks I get when I walk into Home Depot sporting my "Silly Boys" tee.  In fact, I got a TON of compliments on the shirt I was wearing when I filmed this video at a local lumberyard.

I'm excited to shout it from the rooftops:  I'm a girl with power tools and I'm in the woodshop to stay!!

Sawdust is My Glitter Ornaments

Sawdust is my glitter filled ornament
Today’s project is the meeting of my two loves: Woodworking and Crafts.  My Rae Dunn ornament tutorial has GONE CRAZY but Rae Dunn isn’t really my personal style, so I wanted to do another ornament, but this time I wanted something closer to my heart. 

I saw these ornaments on etsy and knew they would be perfect converted from “Sawdust is man glitter” to “Sawdust is MY glitter” (since my mantra of late has been “Silly boys, power tools are for girls.)”

Here is the final result:

They came out so cute, I decided to include them as my contribution to this months BRAND NEW “Craft and Create with Cricut" challenge that just kicked off this month.
C c cricut
Every month we will be asked to create a project with our Cricut machine, and following a monthly theme.  (This month was “Holidays”) 

You can see the other participants Holiday themed Cricut creations at the end of this post.  

Creativity Unleashed 201

Creativity Unleashed Graphic
Welcome to the Creativity Unleashed Link party. I’ve joined Jessi from Practically Functional, Jacque from The DIY Village, Jocie from One Project Closer, Amy from Her Tool Belt, and Mindi from My Love 2 Create as hostesses for this party.

Santas and Trees from Scrap 2x4 Blocks

Wooden christmas block santas and trees made from scrap 2x4s.  The painting is simple enough that anyone can do it! Wooden christmas block santas and trees made from scrap 2x4s.  The painting is simple enough that anyone can do it!
The big day is here! It is my turn to post my 12 Days of DIY Christmas project.  In case you missed it, I explained the challenge and shared the 12 other blogger’s projects yesterday.  You don’t want to miss those posts either!

For my project I made these adorable Santas and Trees out of some scrap 2x4s I had in the workshop.
Wooden santa and trees from wood blocks
With the busy holiday season I didn’t want a huge complicated build.. I knew that nobody would have time for that.. so instead I went back to my roots of keeping it simple!

12 Days of DIY: Building Projects from Girls With Power Tools

I’m so stoked to be included in this year’s 12 Days of a DIY Christmas hosted by Sarah of The Creative Home. For the first 12 days of December we will be presenting a new building or DIY project every day! That is so much DIY goodness in one place!

All of these projects are coming to you from my fellow Girls With Power Tools (sorry.. no boys this year!)   Here is the fabulous line up:

12 Days of DIY:

Day 1: Amy from HerToolBelt’s Sleigh Rides Signsleigh rides sign

DIY Christmas Lantern Post from Wood Scraps!

Day 3: Cara, Build Craft Love Christmas tree card holder

diy christmas tree card holder

Day 4: Me, The Kim Six Fix's 2x4 block Santas and Trees

Day 5: Anika, Anika's DIY Life Photo FramesDIY lumber photo frames
Day 6: Vineta, The Handyman's Daughter’s Christmas Tree Yard Decorlight up wood christmas tree

Day 7: Cristina, The Painted Key Advent Calendar Moose


Day 8: Mindi, My Love 2 Create Reindeer Puzzle


Day 9: Sheri, Hazel and Gold Designs' Decorative Ladder

holiday ladder

Day 10:  Sarah, The Created Home’s Dining Tabledining table
Day 11: April, Uncookie Cutter

Day 12: Ashley, Homemade with Ashley

As the posts are published I'll be sure to add them here!

Love Christmas Woodworking projects?

Don't need Christmas ideas?  Check out the projects for other seasonal holidays: 

Pie Plate and Pizza Pan Snowman

Dollar store snowman

I am pretty excited to announce that I have joined a BRAND NEW bi-monthly challenge hosted by Gail of MyRepurosedLife.  This one is focused around dollar store DIYs!
The beauty of challenges (vs. just doing projects around the house that I need or want to do) is that they tend to push me much further and make me even more creative.   I definitely feel that this project is an example. 
Painted cake pan snowman wreath
I repurposed these baking pans into holiday decor I never would have come up with otherwise! 
It is adorable on my front door:
Pie and pizza pans turned snowman

Here is how it went together in practically no time:
The supplies are pretty easy to find at Dollar Tree:
Pie Plate
Pizza Pan 
Cake Pan
Kid's winter hat
Spray Paint
Fabric Snamawatch for scarf
Hot Glue and Glue Gun
vinyl for face (or you could draw it on with a Sharpie)

First I spray painted the back of all the pans.  You will want to rough up the surface with sand paper to get the paint to stick.
Spray painting pizza pans
Next I added the face and buttons. I cut mine out on my Cricut but you could draw on a face with sharpie.
Adding vinyl letters to pie pan snowman
I glued the pans together where they overlapped.
Gluing pie pans together to make snowman
I used an outgrown hat for the head, but you can find inexpensive winter hats at dollar tree for only$1!
Adding hat to pie pan snowman
I hung it on the front door with double stick tape. It isn't very heavy but it is quite delicate.
Painted pie pan snowman
You could also just prop it up, or even add it to a stake to be used in your front yard.
Painted pie pan snowman
It's beginning to look a lot like christmas!!

Now see the other Dollar store Christmas project entries! Don't miss these other bloggers' projects:

Dollar Store Bathroom Tray The DIY Bungalow
Hot Chocolate In a Jar Gift Idea The Country Chic Cottage

A simple snowman made of pie plates, cake pans and pizza pans.  So quick and easy. Perfect on the front door!

Creativity Unleashed 200: Oriental Trading Giveaway

Creativity Unleashed Graphic
Welcome to the Creativity Unleashed Link party.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS IS THE 200TH WEEK OF THE PARTY!?!? WOW! 

I’ve joined Jessi from Practically Functional, Jacque from The DIY Village, Jocie from One Project Closer, Amy from Her Tool Belt, and Mindi from My Love 2 Create as hostesses for this party.

This week's party is generously sponsored by Oriental Trading.  Enter for your chance to win $100 below. 
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