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Welcome to my home(s)!
These are my favorite transformations in both the Money Pit 1.0 and 2.0.   Quite frequently I have detailed tutorials for these projects, so please visit the links for more information.

The Money Pit 2.0:
Welcome to my California "Duet" (one of two houses that share a common wall.)  We purchased this 1988 condo in 2011 and have been slowly fixing it up room by room, and on a shoe-string budget.   The first photo is from the MLS listing when we purchased the house (or the day we moved in) and the second photo is what it looks like today.
Kitchen Transformation:

Stair Bannister Update

Fireplace Built In Update

Dining room staging

There are a lot of spaces that are still works in progress:

Office/Guest Room (Turned Nursery):


Master Bedroom (eek!): 

 So far we added doors:

 Living Room:

Money Pit 1.0:
Welcome to my Boston "Money Pit" (the original reason I started this blog)  We purchased this 1905 Victorian Condo (we only owned the top two floors of the three-story house) in 2010 and sold it less than a year later.   The first photo is from  the MLS listing when we purchased the house (or the day we moved in) and the second photo is what that room looked like when we sold it.

Guest Bathroom:

Office/Master Suite

Dining Room

Girls' Room 

Master Bedroom 


  1. Kim I love your kitchen design!I moved into my house 2 years ago and hate the kitchen! I have been looking all over the internet to find something similar and when I found yours I got so excited!! I (same as you) don't want to spend a ton of money but want to update the space. The layout is very similar to yours(I don't have as many cabinets or counter space). I was wondering are the cabinets next to your fridge your "pantry"? If so how is it organized inside? I have a pantry about where you fridge is and was thinking if I moved my fridge to that space it wouldn't stick out near as much. But,I want to keep a pantry spot...I would love to share some pictures of my kitchen and get your thoughts or ideas if you are willing. Please respond to my email address;

  2. Hi Kim,

    I like the home you decor and the new color are really great in its look and the shades you have used for the lightning the home. there are a lot of homes that are good in its design and you can make it perfect by applying your own ideas. I love your home and it is so great to live.

  3. Hi kim,

    Your post is great and the home you are living in and have in these pictures is so beautiful in its decoration and the wood works you did in your home. Your ideas are great, innovative and so trendy that is amazing for all the people who want to have their own luxurious homes.


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