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Organizing My Sewing Studio & Fabric Stash

I am still working on my sewing room.  It is a big project.. 
no it is HUGE.

I have a lot of junk in that room that needs sorting, organizing and pruning.  The kids can barely walk in there:

Remember how I was going to paint that big IKEA Expedit system white and fill it with my stuff?  Well... that didn't work out.  After I lived with it for a while I hated the white.

So I still had the big.blank.wall. yearning for some color and a garage full of white MDF.
After hemming and hawing over the adjoining master bedroom color
 I settled on Bleeker Beige by Benjamin Moore:
I was originally going to paint the entire room, but really liked how painting only two walls accentuated the weird high ceilings and strange little interior window.

 I then decided to paint the entire Expedit system the same color and set it up in that open space:
 I spent 8 (YES EIGHT) hours folding all my fabric using this technique that I found on Pinterest. It was great to get my fabric out of the plastic bins and where I could see it.  I had forgotten about a lot of half finished projects that had been hidden away for years.
I really liked how the shelving unit receded into the wall and that the color fabric is what you focus on.  I am glad I didn't leave it white.
On top of the shelf I added a bunch of my antique sewing tchoskies.
And at the ceiling hangs my $1.05 chandelier.
 I am LOVING it.

Now that I have organized all my sewing stuff, the built ins on the other side of the room are much more open.  But they are screaming for a coat of paint. Now that I have seen how nice the other unit looks and how the actual items on the shelves are the focus and not the shelves themselves I am more convinced then ever that they need a paint job.
 And I thought folding that fabric was a lot of work!

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