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Powder Room Reveal!

I have already given you little hints to the new powder room, but it is time for the full reveal! 

My inspiration post was pretty much spot on.  I put in the molding, and the basket shelves and the beadboard ceiling.  I also lightened it up a lot by picking a new fresh color vs. the awful faux suede finish that was in there before.
Here are a few before shots I shared earlier:

Here is my brainstorming session. Just like my garage planning, I used sidewalk chalk to draw on the walls to see exactly how I wanted everything laid out:
I figured out how large I wanted the box molding:
And I even marked where I wanted the shelving:

Once I had the measurements determined I drew it out all in order to compile a cut list:

Then I painted the bottom of the walls the same color as the baseboards (Martha Stewart's Glass of Milk):

After the white was done, it was time to pick out a wall color.  I settled on 2 choices based on the towels and artwork I already had in the bathroom.  Benjamin Moores' Soft Chinchilla and Gossamer Blue:

 I settled on Soft Chinchilla since it was a more Blue-Gray color while Gossamer Blue had a green tint that reminded me of the color of hospital scrubs.  
Once the room was painted I had to find the studs in order to secure the molding.  When my studfinder was not giving me the answers I needed, I went back to the good old standby method of drilling holes at 1 inch intervals:
 Once I found and marked the studs I was ready to roll:
I didn't own a nail gun for this project so I hand nailed up the chair rail molding to the studs. (I have since bought myself one since I am sick of pre-drilling and countersinking nails. WHOOT! WHOOT!)

I cut all the frame molding to the specifications (including those pesky mitered corners!)
 I installed it with small finishing nails, and then caulked, spackeled and touched up:

I did have one area where I ran into a snag since I didn't take into account the height of the outlet, and I had to work around it:
The last step was painting everything with a final coat:
Plus there was a lot of additional touch up, since whoever painted the bathroom previously, must have been either drunk or blind:

At this point I installed the basket shelves (tutorial here):

and the beadboard ceiling (tutorial here):

and I thought I was FINISHED:

Here it is, reveal #1:
I lived with the room like this for about 24 hours and I decided I wasn't in love with it.  One of the things that bugged me was the black mirror (everything else is the bathroom was brown, including the shelves, artwork, frames, floormat etc): 
I also didn't love how the room was divided up with the color on top and white on the bottom and snce I hadn't cleaned up the mess in my new garage workshop, I knew I had to do a little bit more to the room:
I went ahead and painted inside of the box molding:

 It unified the room a little bit more:
I also painted the mirror the same color white in order to bridge the gap between the lower molding and the ceiling:
I liked how it came out.  It definitely feels like it fits in with the cape cod style beadboard and rustic baskets.
The whole room is just fresher and cleaner feeling:
Reveal #2: What do you think!? 

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