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Garage Workshop REVEAL!

The workshop is finished.. from vision to reality:
So, how did I do it? 
Remember I started here:

And after cleaning it up, repairing the walls and repainted I ended up here:

And then with a whole LOT of planning I got to here:
I then had to actually install the workshop area. Everything ended up going pretty much exactly where I planned.  (This proves that good planning pays off!)
  I used a shelf I had to store all of my power tools and toolboxes:
I had to make sure I secured everything really well because we are in earthquake country and nobody wants a stray circular saw falling on their head:
I also set up a specific area for everything paint related.  I always wanted a magnetic knife bar to hold my paintbrushes and I finally got one:
 I also have a little trick if you are like me and CONSTANTLY lose your paint can opener.  Attach it to a carabiner, and then  latch it onto the paint can handle as soon as you open the can.  Viola! It is always with the paint (unless it is hanging in it's new designated spot with the painting supplies:)
I rehung the previously nail laden board that held the lawn tools (although I painted it to match the wall color) and made a "lawn/garden care" area. In the corner is a plastic 3-drawer organizer that holds all the hand tools as well as the fertilizer, sprinkler attachments, hoses etc.
Next I added my saw bench with a pegboard above it to hold my small hand tools:
After seeing the plain white board against the wall, I decided I would "girl" up my work area and taped a pattern onto the peg board: 
A little wall paint and I had this:
LOOOOVEE IT!! Seriously.  I didn't even want to hang my tools because it was so pretty:

Eventually I did hang all the tools, it has only been about a week, but I already LOVE having everything on the wall where I can see it. Plus it has taken so much clutter out of my tool boxes.
 Lastly I moved in the rest of my painting/drywall gear, the trash cans, lawnmower and shop vac:
So there you have it.  The finished workshop.  I couldn't be much happier with it.  

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