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Adding Privacy to the Master Bedroom: The Before

I couldn't host the UFO challenge and not be willing to join the fun! 
(If you are procrastinating on a project you are THIS.CLOSE to finishing check out the challenge and find the motivation to finish!)

 My unfinished DIY project is going to be installing a door (aka "endower of mommy privacy") between my master bedroom and my sewing room.
When we bought the house our master bedroom didn't actually have a door.  Well, if you consider the sewing room as an extension of bedroom, then I suppose technically you could lock someone out, but it was far from a private oasis.

These are the only photos I have of the master bedroom doorway from move in day. This is looking out from the bedroom and into the sewing room:

You can see that the other side of the "walk through" sewing room does acutally have a door, but it only blocks the noise from the stairwell and other bedrooms.
There is a 'window' in the wall that is open to the downstairs. The master bedroom doorway is on the far right:
So, even with the doors to the sewing room closed this is what you actually end up with:
 Earlier this year, I worked hard on updating the sewing room and installed the large expedit shelving unit for my fabric storage:
The room is much more usable now, but I knew adding a double door to that non-standard opening was a job best left to the pros.  (Especially considering the install charge was a mere $300.)

However, I am still considering it a DIY project, because I am only having the pre-hung doors themselves installed.  I need to trim them out, paint them and install the hardware.  

Can I get it done in time for the party?  Come back and find out! 

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