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Fall Door Decor From Dollar Store Bowls

Leaf door decor dollar store
These are metallic acrylic (plastic) bowls or candy dishes.  I thought they were really cool, especially when they catch the light, and so I thought they would be the perfect front door decor! Dollar Store Leaf Bowls
Instead of creating wreath out of them, I thought they would look good as a swag, similar to my scroll saw candy corn that I loved to much.

To attach the dishes together, I drilled two holes (top and bottom) in the center bowl.  The bowl that will be at the top only needs a hole at the bottom and the bowl at the bottom only needs a hole at the top. Metallic acrylic leaf dollar store bowl
Be careful when you are drilling through the acrylic. It tends to melt from the heat of the drill bit, and if you press too hard you are at risk of cracking the plastic.
Drillling though metallic acrylic
I attached the bowls together with brown grosgrain ribbon I had on hand. I use a large needle to get it though the drilled holes. Dollar store leaf bowl decor
I tied simple bows between the leaves, but square knots would have been cute too.
Metallic leaf decor
 I used double stick foam to attach the swag to the front door.  Leaf door decor dollar store
I did add a second small piece of double stick foam on the bottom bowl to stop it from swinging every time I opened the door (with kids, the thing was going airborne!)Dollar store bowl leaf garland
A super simple 10 minute project that costs less than $5!  You’ve gotta love decor ideas like that! Dollar store leaf front door decor

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fun fall projects using dollar store items

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