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Preventing Package Theft: Arlo Ulta 4K Home Security System Installation and Review

Package theft from front porches has become an increasingly large problem in the U.S.  As many as 20% of people have reported a package lost or stolen from their front porch since 2017.  I live in California which ranks number 3 in the nation for porch piracy.

Law enforcement agencies are now encouraging homeowners to use package tracking and notifications, as well as tighten up surveillance of their front porches.  Just the presence of cameras can discourage package thieves from targeting your house vs. one which lacks security systems.

So why don't more homeowners install security cameras?

There can be quite a few reasons, but one of the most common ones is that many homeowners believe that installing a security camera will be difficult and will require an electrician.
Many also believe the picture quality isn’t good enough actually identify the people responsible for the theft, especially in low light conditions.

Finally, many homeowners don’t want to deal with the data collected by the cameras and believe that setting it up and monitoring it will be time consuming and difficult.

A security system that overcomes all these hurdles.

Arlo, America’s no. 1 internet-connected camera brand, has a new security system that addresses all these issues.  The Arlo Ultra 4K Home Security System features wireless installation, ultra 4K resolution which allows for zooming and tracking, enhanced night vision, a year of free cloud based monitoring and alerts (the Arlo Smart Premiere subscription is good for up to 10 cameras), plus it is simple to use with the free Arlo app on both Android and iPhone.

Installation and Setup.
Debuting at 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in January, this system features cutting edge technology.   But don’t let that scare you away. To demonstrate how easy it is to install and set up the Arlo Ultra.  It is pretty much plug and play.

Everything you need comes in the box.  The camera, the hub, all the cords, battery and mounting bracket.

The Hub needs to be plugged into an outlet and into an ethernet outlet (both of the necessary cords are supplied.)

Drop the battery into to the camera (charge it if necessary) and you are ready to start filming!

You can mount the magnetic bracket wherever you want to film from.  I put it above my front door looking down..

This is because the Arlo Ultra has a “Package Detection” feature that will notify you when something is left at your front door.

Because the mounting block is a big magnet, adjusting the camera is a piece of cake. Plus it is super easy to take down if you need to recharge it (every few months.)

To control and monitor your recordings, you need to download the Arlo App (available for both Android and iPhone.)

The set up was really easy.  The app automatically detected both the hub and camera.

The video quality is amazing. 4K resolution allows you to see details and zoom in.  There is an automatic light for night vision, and my favorite part is that your videos are sorted based on what is happening (since you don't need to be awoken in the middle of the night because your neighbor's cat activates the camera.)

You can see here I was notified when my kids came home from school, as well as when the neighbor's cat was sniffing around my front porch.

The Arlo app could tell the difference! They also can tell you if the person on your porch is dropping off or picking up a package.  The perfect solution to porch pirates!

You can get the Arlo Ultra Wire Free 4D HDR Security System  in store at Best Buy or on Amazon.  Additional cameras and accessories are also available.

This post is sponsored by Arlo Home Security but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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