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What Are The Advantages Of a Composite Wood Deck?

Adding a porch or deck to your home can open up a world of possibilities for outdoor living. A 2018 study by the National Association of Realtors and National Association of Landscape Professionals ranks a new deck in the top 5 of outdoor projects that adds value to a home. 81% of homeowners who have installed a new deck, say it makes them want to stay home and enjoy their space more than before the deck was installed.

When making the investment in a deck or porch, you want to work with high quality materials that will stand up to the weather and that is where composite decking materials shine. Whether you are installing a deck as a DIY project or hiring an experienced contractor, using composite decking materials are head and shoulders about traditional wood decks.

Advantages of Composite Decking Materials:

-Minimum maintenance
-Mold and mildew resistant
-Long lasting and rot resistant
-Available in multiple widths and colors
-Resists fading
-Consistent coloration between boards
-Eco-friendly and sustainable

Why choose Timbertech?

There are multiple composite decking products on the market, but when selecting a brand you want the best. TimberTech was Ranked #1 in Quality in the 2019 BUILDER Brand use study for Composite/PVC Decking.

TimberTech offers a huge variety of colors and widths which opens up a world of design options. If your focus is aesthetics, the TimberTech line opens up styles not available elsewhere.

Their multi-width boards can be used separately, or mixed together for a custom look.
This wide range of color and style choices mean TimberTech decking can be used for any house aesthetic. From farmhouse to ultra modern, there is a great design option. From rich chocolate browns on a craftsman style home to the grey washed look of a beach house, composite materials offer flexibility for design and style.

Not sure about what is the right fit for your space? You don’t have to guess. You can actually see and touch up to four different colors or styles for free. Ordering samples is a breeze. Get them here.
A Real Life Case Study

I am fortunate to have first hand experience with composite decking materials, having worked with them on my parents lake house over the years.

About 8 years ago my parents built their retirement dream home on the a lake in the Blue Ridge mountains. They installed what they thought was a hearty pressure treated lumber sunroom and deck.

Little did they know how poorly the wood would last after a few hot summers, rainy autumns and frozen winters. Huge portions of the porch rotted away leaving them with costly replacement costs.

The second time they knew better. The entire sunroom has been replaced with beautiful AZEK composite decking.

Because they had trimmed out all their windows and doors with AZEK back in 2012, and then we went on to add matching composite trim to the boathouse as well, we can see a direct side by side comparison of how it held up against the trim on the sunroom.

The new sunroom is beautiful and functional. So much, that they are now considering replacing their decks with TimberTech as well. You can't get too much of a good thing.

This post was sponsored by TimberTech. The content and experiences are my own.

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