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My Favorite Easter Posts (Flashback Friday)

Happy Friday! Can’t believe it is already Easter weekend.  Even with all the talk about how ‘late’ Easter fell this year,  it STILL feels like it snuck up on me.

This year I was able to get two different Easter/Spring mantles up.  My first was a colorful (and more whimsical) pom pom inspired one:

The pom pom trees were a craft I made with the girls.  It was really a lot of fun!

The other mantle was a little more formal and toned down:
It featured my clothesline wrapped eggs:
And a no-sew fabric and burlap banner:

Last year’s mantle was very similar:

I didn’t have a silhouette back then, so the easter banner was made by hand:

I had similar twine wrapped eggs:

And another fun spray paint project, “Easter Beans” :

And I would be remiss if I left off my most popular easter recipe, Salted Caramel Bird’s Nest Cookies:

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday.  May the bunny bring you lots of chocolate!

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  1. I love your banners and mantles Kim! And I've pinned that bird's nest recipe... looks yummy!

  2. I love these ideas and will have to put a few to good use.

  3. I am loving those clothes line wrapped eggs. Very cool! I just pinned them. :)


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