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Clothesline Wrapped Eggs (Tutorial)

Clothesline eggs
So funny that yesterday I posted about a Clothesline style frame, and today I'm posting about a craft that uses actually clothesline.  It was totally random! 

I also went round and round in circles trying to figure out if the cord or rope you use for a clothesline is spelled "Clothes Line" or “Clothesline” and I couldn’t find a definitive answer… hence I will be using ‘clothesline’ for this entire post. 

This project may remind you a little of my twine wrapped eggs I used on my mantle back in 2012. Really, it is basically the same thing;
I got the idea when I was walking through the dollar store and saw these colorful clotheslines (they were $1/each):
Dollar store clothes line
The red one reminded me of bakers twine, which remixed me of Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia’s eggs:
Bakers twine wrapped eggs
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Only I had learned with my twine wrapped eggs, that the finer the twine, the more likely you are to burn your finger tips off on the molten lava that is known as hot glue.  The clothes line was nice and thick, and so I knew it wouldn’t be too bad.
The process is pretty obvious.  Start at one and end glue the clothesline around the a plastic egg:
Clothesline easter egg
I always started at the wide end and finished on the narrow end.  I love the striped pattern you get from the two color strands twisted together:
Wrapped easter eggs
Here are a few examples of all three colors I picked up:
Clothesline wrapped eggs
I made a whole bunch while sitting in front of the TV.  One roll of clothesline was enough to make 8 or 9 standard sized eggs.  Since I had three colors I ended up with dozens of eggs:Twine wrapped easter eggs
Now I just have to figure out where to incorporate them into my Easter decorations this year.

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