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Happy Easter!

Just popping in to wish everyone (who celebrates it):


The kids and I spent the weekend decorating our eggs (yeah, I put that off until the last minute).  This year I prepped 5 dozen!  We painted some, glittered some, dyed some.. A little bit of everything.  I blew half of them out and I hard boiled the other half.

The boiled ones we dyed with traditional food coloring:
Dyed eggs
The kids liked painting the blown ones with craft paint:.
Child painting easter egg
Painting easter egg
It is so funny how their eggs reflect their personalities.  Wild and loud and colorful from the 8 year old:

Children painted eggs
Quieter and more subdued from the 4 year old:
Painted easter eggs

I messed around a little with mine, and even attempted the ‘ombre’ look (since it wouldn’t be 2014 if there was some ombre involved!)
Ombre painted egg
I like the the chalky effect you get from the craft paint on the egg shells:Painted eggs
I gathered them all up and displayed them on the mantle:
Painted easter eggs
And of course this morning we had our annual Easter egg hunt.  And as the kids emptied their eggs, their little brother tried to steal their swag.
Baby wants candy
It has been a fun-filled Easter weekend.   I hope yours was equally wonderful!

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