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Salted Caramel Bird's Nest Cookies

With Easter coming up I wanted to work on something with the kids that would be fun and easy, and when I saw bird's nest cookies on Pinterest, I knew it would be perfect.   The recipe contains only three (kid friendly) ingredients and they are no-bake.
Instead of using butterscotch (which the original recipe calls for) I decided to use caramel.  I knew that the carmel mixed with chocolate eggs and salty chow mein noodles would be a great flavor combination.

Salted Caramel Bird's Nests
Equal parts (by weight): 
Chow Mein Noodles 
Caramel Candy 

Cadbury Chocolate Mini-Eggs (or other egg shaped candy)

In my case I used a 12 oz bag of noodles and an 11 oz bag of Caramels, but this recipe is super easy to scale up and down, since the 2 ingredients you measure just need to be equal. 

 I used Caramel Bits (which are unwrapped small carmel pellets), but the standard carmel candies would work too.  Any kind of caramel you could melt to make caramel apples is good. 

I let the girls do as much as they could.  Including opening all the bags:
Pour the caramels into a microwave safe bowl:
This is what the Caramel Bits look like (I found they at Target.) The whole bag was only 99 cents, which also makes them cheaper than butterscotch chips:
Melt them in the microwave on medium power (stirring every 30 seconds or so.) While you are microwaving the caramel, line a cookie sheet or tray with parchment paper:
Once the caramel is melted, make sure it is thin enough that you can stir it easily.  If it is too thick you can add a small amount of warm water to thin it out.  You don't want to over dilute it, but it should be the consistency of creamy peanut butter when it is hot:
Next pour in the chow mein noodles:
Stir to coat the noodles completely.  The noodles will definitely break when you are stirring but that is fine.  If it gets too thick or hard to stir, just put it back in the microwave for 30 seconds. 
Scoop a heaping tablespoon of the noodles onto the parchment and form into a little nest (this is the one step the girls needed a little help with):
Add 2 or 3 mini eggs to the middle of each nest (unless of course you want to be an empty nester):
The girls insisted that the eggs needed to be the same color in the nests since birds only lay one color egg:
Let cool and enjoy.  They actually are quite delicious. The salty sweet with the chocolate egg makes them surprisingly addictive.  Good thing they are so easy to make! 

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