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Did You Miss It? My Favorites from February

I don’t have a brand spanking new post up today, but instead I wanted to go back and highlight some of my favorite posts from the month of February.  I know not everyone is a regular reader, and it pretty likely you may have missed some great stuff, so I’m doing a quick recap for you today.  I’m super proud of all my content last month.  There was definitely no ‘calling it in’ and I’ve been super busy!

My most popular post this month (hands down) was:

A life hack on creating bungee and wine cork cord ties,  It did get a boost by being featured on the Hometalk Facebook page and people were really opinionated about it.  (Which sort of boggles the mind!)

 Another post that people had a lot to say about was this one about how to use non-compatible KCups in the Keurig2.0. (Who knew that everyone had an opinion about that!!?)

I am starting to get known as the ‘crazy Kcup lady’ because I also had a Valentine’s Day mantel featuring KCup Marquee Lights:
My proudest moment this month was when I opened a new dialogue with a lot of people about the subject of sponsored posts.  I was nervous about publishing that post originally, but now I’m really glad I did.  I think transparency is really important if you are going to ask your readers to to trust you, and so I’m #KeepingItRealWithKimSix

As a follow up to that post I also showed you what actually goes on behind the scenes of a blog post (and it isn’t always pretty):

A few other of my favorites were: My Dollar Store Wastebasket Turned Pendant Light:

And my St. Patrick’s Day String Art which I’m pleased as punch to say was featured on Craftgawker:

I added it to this year’s St. Patrick’s Day mantel:

Lastly, I did have a couple of recipes this month:  Garlic Parmesan Rosemary Popcorn:

and Campfire Italian Garden Vegetable Soup

Not the most earth shattering recipes you may ever read, but they are delicious.

I hope you agree that is a great line up of posts.  If you missed them the first time I’d love to suggest you sign up to get my posts delivered by email.  I know you can always follow me on social media, but then it is up to the ‘powers that be’ to show you my posts.   If you subscribe by email, you get it directly from the horse’s bloggers mouth email account.

And the bonus perk is that because the emails come directly from my personal email account, if you have any questions or comments you can just click “REPLY” and it emails me right back.  (Plus I get your out of office reply so I even know when you are vacation!) 

You can sign up below and get the posts the day they are published, or condensed down into a once a week email (that arrives Monday morning)  You also can opt into the Weekly Party email if you so wish.

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March has some fun stuff in store.  I'm aiming to a few small DIY/Home Improvement type posts and I am going to drag out the Silhouette and get my crafty on!

I hope you stick around!

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