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My Favorite St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Decor (Flashback Friday) and a Giveaway Winner

Some Great St Patricks Crafts and Decor from TheKimSixFix.com 

Before we get to today's Flashback Friday post, it is time to announce our WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!

The wonderful teak bench (courtesy of TeakCloseouts) is going home with....
Angie T 

Congrats!  I have emailed you..  keep an eye out for it!

Now.. Time to take a look at some of the past St. Patrick's day projects I've done in the past.  Let's start with my favorite.. MANTLES!

Back in 2012 I made the paint chip garland and took the 'subtle' route.  A few green accessories and I called it day:

Last year I put a little more effort into it, and it was slightly more obvious that it was for St. Patrick's Day (I actually still really like this mantle in different shades of green):

And of course, this year I went all out with the Irish/Shamrock theme, toned down with some natural elements like the burlap and reclaimed lumber:

I also have a couple St. Paddy's wreaths, including this one made from dyed coffee filters:

And this one made of fabric scraps:

I also have a couple kid's projects, like this little leprechaun house that the girls made out of popsicle sticks;

And of course yesterday's crepe paper shamrocks:

Finally, in the spirit of Ireland's favorite starchy vegetable, Crock Pot Baked Potato Soup:

I hope you can find some inspiration in there somewhere.  Have a great weekend and a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. My machine doesn't have a loaf size setting... But mine is a 2 pound machine.. not one of the big ones.

  2. I ended up mixing it on the dough setting and baking it in the over in a loaf pan. It turned out amazing! It's my new favorite bread recipe.

  3. Kim, that is so incredibly awesome!! We are a Star Wars household, as well!


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