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A Simple Green St. Patty's Mantle

I decided to do minimal decorating for St. Patrick's Day this year since it falls so close to Easter.  But I didn't want to do NOTHING. My kids love trying to trap the leprechaun, and I didn't want to pass it over completely, so I decided to go with a clean simple green mantle this year thrown together with stuff that was already on hand.
I did end up re-using a lot of the accessories I used last year on my mantle, and the only new thing I purchased was a large green felt shamrock that I double-sided taped to the mirror:
On one side of the mantle was a green glass wine bottle, some green apples and a potted plant:
My favorite little green owl, a 'faux jadite" vase and a depression glass plate I got from my grandmother were on the other side: 

That little vase looks so festive on a St. Patty's mantle, especially when you know it used to look like this:
A simple, clean way to quickly decorate for St. Patrick's day without being awash in shamrocks and leprechauns!   I confess, I also did hang my green coffee filter wreath on the door again this year.  Waste not, want not! 

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