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Leprechaun House!

With St. Patrick's Day upon us, the kids wanted to make sure the leprechaun had a place to stay if he came to visit.

So I checked our craft supplies and settled on popsicle sticks as our construction material of choice. 

A little bit of glue and a little help lining up the sticks and we had walls:

I cut down a piece of lumber from my Valentine's day sign to the exact width of the walls and we glued them in place:

We made sure to leave him a door so he could actually get in:

The girls then went on to make a separate fenced area for the leprechaun's dog (I didn't know that leprechauns had dogs, but you learn something every day):

And then the girls decorated the outside of the house with 2 entire packs of St. Patty's stickers:

Finally we added a rug, some furniture, and a teddy bear so the leprechaun would feel right at home:

Of course we need to also live him a vintage fisher price van and a dog house for his dog!
Pretty sure he is going to leave the girls some gold coins for all their trouble! 

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