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Kitchen Reveal 80s to Awesome

It is finally finished!! I can't believe the day is here.. my big KITCHEN REVEAL!  
And without further ado, here she is.....
Isn't it beautiful?  Not a speck of oak in sight! 
In case you forgot how horrific it was before, let's take a walk down memory lane.. Here is what the kitchen looked like when the house was built:
Then the previous owner replaced the awful white tile countertops with granite:
Here is what it looks like TODAY:


Look at them side-by-side:

Here are a few of the details.  The backsplash (from Costco!):

The island:

The faucet:

Here is what I changed (and the posts with further details):
New Appliances (except for my Faux Stainless Trash Compactor)
New Cabinet Hardware
Stained Island Cabinets (
Painted Cabinets (Manchester Tan)
New Backsplash
Cabinet converted to open shelves
New Lighting
New faucet
Miscellaneous little details
I did 100% of the work myself.  Every drop of paint, every single tile, even the electrical and plumbing.  I am so proud of how it came out. 
I have been carefully recording all the costs as well.. and even after spending $2000 for new Bosch appliances the total still came to less than $3500 for the whole thing.   EVERYTHING.  To pay a contractor to do it, it would have easily been double that.  I promise I will write up a detailed budget breakdown in the future.  
I'm so thrilled with how it came out.  It is so different, and worth every penny!  It was just as satisfying than the previous kitchen renovation I did on the Money Pit 1.0.
 UPDATE: For the FAQs about this kitchen makeover please see this follow up post!

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