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Replacing the Kitchen Faucet

I'm slowly making progress on my "dream" kitchen. Tiny baby steps

One of the small (but very important) changes I made this week was replacing the kitchen faucet.
Previously we had a brushed nickel single hole faucet that didn't actually work very well.
Not only was the finish coming off,  the spray vs. stream button didn't work and the pull out hose no longer retracted.
It just hung there like a limp noodle.  Not cool.

After pulling out the old one,  I was left with a single hole in the granite.
 This didn't leave me with a lot of options.  I originally wanted this Danze Faucet, but at $400 plus the cost of drilling a second hole in my granite, it wasn't going to happen.

Instead I settled on the Price Pfister Hanover.
This is the same faucet I mentioned in my earlier post.  I liked the more traditional look, dark finish,  one-hole installation, plus it came with a tiny pricetag ($130.) Danze makes a very similar model, but it was nearly triple the price. 

Installation was a breeze, less than 10 minutes and I had a brand new faucet!
One more kitchen project down..  only a few more to go!
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  1. It looks really good- worth doing for sure...and a decent price, too. xo Diana

  2. It's amazing how little changes really make a big difference! Looks good!
    -Rachael from The Rehomesteaders

  3. baby steps...as long as you keep moving forward! looks great

  4. Limp noodle...NO GOOD! The new one looks great!

  5. This looks great and I love the price1 ~ Maureen

  6. I'm debating whether to mention this or not... but we have the same faucet. And it starts to hang like a limp noodle very quickly. :-/
    -Debbie Downer :)

  7. Nice choice Kim! Don't you just love getting what you want for the price you are willing to pay? :o) Looks like we have the same granite - is that tropical brown?

  8. Love it! Can I ask where you got yours for that price? I'm not finding anywhere for that cheap. Also, so far has it hung like a limp noodle like the previous poster said? Thank!


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