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15 Fantastic Ways to Upcycle Cheese Graters

15 Fantastic Cheese Grater Upcycles.  You never knew you could repurpose graters this many ways!

Kitchen tools come and go, yet the not much has changed when it comes to cheese graters.  Sure, they may pad the handles, or make them round so they will fit as an attachment on your stand mixer, but really.. at the heart of it, cheese graters have stayed pretty true to their original 1540 design (Yes graters are almost 500 years old!) 

 This article from Culture Magazine article showcases the diversity of this common kitchen utensil. (And if you are a cheese grater aficionado, it is practically cheese shredder porn!)  

So it got me thinking.. we all have cheese graters, and you see them at thrift stores all the time.  They are still affordable, even the old ones.  But what could one do with the beloved cheese grater to give it new life?

Well.. I've collected 15 fantastic ideas (NONE of which have to actually do with grating cheese!) So now if you see a grater at the flea market, you may be inclined to pick it up!

Just wait until you see #15!!

1.  Turn it Into A Darling Little Table Clock
15 awesome Ideas for how you can repurpose or upcycle cheese graters.. Box graters, microplanes.. new and vintage!   #theKimsixfix

2. Organize Your Office Supplies:
Cheese Grater Organizer

3. A Wall Mounted Floral VaseCheese Grater Flower HolderFrom Etsy

4. Pendant Lights that Give off A Fun Glow
Cheese Grater Pendant Lamps

5. Go Big Or Go Home with a Cheese Grater Chandelier 
Giant cheese grater chandelier
Source unknown (Found on Pinterest) Spotted in the wild by Design My Heart Out)

6. A Cylindrical Grater Makes A Great Table Lamp Shade 
Cheese Grater Table Lamp

Rotary Cheese Grater Candlestick
From Etsy

8. A Holiday Lantern is a Rustic Upcycle
Christmas Grater Candle
Source unknown (found on Pinterest)

9. Store Your Earrings on a Vintage Plane Grater
Earring holder vintage cheese grater
Rustic Living for The Cheapskate Mom

10. Go Whimsical With a Cheese Grater Bird House 
Bird House from Cheese Grater
From Etsy

11. This Little Grater Owl Stole my Heart
Cheese Grater Owl
Focus On Art (Facebook)

12. A Fun Way to Display Photos 
Cheese Grater Photo Frame

13. And Who Said Cheese Graters Couldn't Be Art? 
Painted Cheese Grater ArtSource Unknown (Found on Pinterest)

Holiday Cheese Grater arrangement

14. And My Personal Fave.  Turn them in Dr. Who Daleks!  Because every cheese grater should say "EXTERMINATE!" 
15 awesome Ideas for how you can repurpose or upcycle cheese graters.. Box graters, microplanes.. new and vintage!   #theKimsixfix
GammaRayBots (Etsy)

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