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Removing a Fluorescent Kitchen Light Box

How to Update a Fluorescent Kitchen Box Light
I am pretty sure a large percentage of houses built in the late 80s and early 90s have a large fluorescent fixture in the kitchen.  Back then, they were considered the most efficient way of throwing large amounts of light.   Our house had one, along with the vast majority of houses in our neighborhood:Flurosecent kitchen light boxThe problem is, that now in the 21st century, there are even MORE efficient lighting options available.  Ones that throw much brighter and whiter light, not the yellow (humming) glow of fluorescent tube bulbs.  So when I redid my kitchen, I knew the huge ceiling box had to go.

Replacing a fixture like this is pretty straight forward.  Messy? Yes.  But otherwise it is pretty simple to replace.

First I removed the plastic diffuser panels.
Kitchen box light fixture removalThen I tore out the actually drywall covered box at the ceiling.
Ugly fluorsecent kitchen light boxSo eventually all I was left with was three large tubular lights and a flush ceiling with a gaping hole in it. Removing box light from kitchen ceiling
Oh yeah.. and a HUGE MESS on the floor.
Post demo debris messNext I removed the lamps themselves.  (I would strongly suggest professional assistance when removing the old hard wired lamps and replacing them.)
Fluorescent tube lamp replacement in kitchen
Of course if you are comfortable with electrical work, you may be able to tackle installation of all next fixtures.Rewiring ceiling lights after fluorsecent lamp removal I decided on 5 LED can lights, a pendant over the sink and a chandelier over the island.  (EVERYONE ASKS ME WHERE I BOUGHT THESE CHANDELIERS.  UNFORTUNATELY THEY ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE, BUT THIS ONE IS VERY SIMILAR.  Here is another option you need a matched set of a large (5 light) and small (3 light). ) Fluorsecent box ceiling lamp removalNext I patched the ceiling drywall.
Replacing flourescent lamp with light fixturesBecause our ceilings were orange peel textured, the patch looked terrible, and I knew I would have to mask it. Ceiling after fluorescent box removalI added some decorative chair railing, right on the lines of the old box fixture.
Adding molding to ceilingAnd then painted it to match the ceiling. Kitchen after box light replacement
I am so happy with the way it turned out. And the LED lights use a lot less energy.  Plus the kitchen is so much brighter.    Of course, eventually we painted the cabinets, installed a glass tile backsplash and stained the island, and ended up with a practically brand new kitchen: She removed the fluorescent light box and replaced it with this gorgeous molding covered ceiling
When you see the side by sides, it is even more amazing of a transformation:
Upgrading fluorescent light fixture in kitchen
And the new light fixtures is one of my favorite parts:
Oak kitchen painted cabinet upgrade

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