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You Are On In A Melon - Watermelon Candy School Valentines

Valentine with watermelon candy
Valentine’s day is fast approaching and I’m putting together our annual school valentines.
One in a melon valentine

I saw these darling watermelon sour gummy candies in our local bulk bins (you can actually get big bags on Amazon to make it affordable) and knew they would be perfect as valentines.
Add a handful of them to a little favor bag (even just the corner your cut off a sandwich bag)Printable school valentine
I put together these cute little tags to tie onto the little bags.
Melon Valentine
Quick and easy.

Watermelon school valentine
Cute watermelon slice valentine
I have the tags available as a free printable PDF.  Just enter your email below to receive the file by email:

Melon candy valentineI used some black and white baker’s twin to tie the bags, but pink or green would be super cute too.
Melon valentine card
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Watermelon gummy candy valentine
Or if you love printables, we have more of those available too! Watermelon valentineI hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day! You are one in a MELON! Watermelon vday card

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