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LEGO Minifigure Printable Valentines

LEGO valentines It’s February again!  That means it is time to make another set of school valentines!

This year my 5 year old is OBSESSED with LEGOs and so that was the theme he wanted for his school Valentines.

This is what I came up with:
Everything is awesome lego valentine
A lego minfig on a card featuring the phrase “When you are my Valentine everything is awesome"
Cute right?  Especially cute when you make dozens of them: LEGO valentines
Every valentine has a different character (wouldn’t it be cute if you matched the mini-figs with the recipients? I wasn’t patient enough for that.. but you could!)

The printable itself is pretty simple:
Lego valentine
If you would like your own high resolution printable PDF, sign up below to get it by email.

To construct the card itself, I just cut the 4 printables apart with my paper cutter and then cut out 4 rectangles of red cardstock just slightly larger than the paper.
Printable LEGO school valentine
Next I used double stick foam to attach the minifigures to the card.Minifig lego valentine printable
I know LEGO brand mini-figures can be expensive.  But I actually used some off brand bulk figures for less than $1 each. But you can get authentic LEGO minifigs on Amazon for about $2/each)
Printable lego valentine
I think these are pretty darn cute.. how they came together.  I guess you could say EVERYTHING is AWESOME about our Valentines this year!
LEGO mini fig valentines. Such a cute idea.  Featuring the phrase "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME" on a free printable.  LOVE IT!

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