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10 Things To Ask When Choosing an Online Mattress Company

How to shop for mattresses online10 things to ask when mattress shopping onlineIf you get 8 hours of sleep every night, do you realize that you will spend ONE THIRD of your life in bed?  Yes. A third.  And even if you don’t get a full 8 hours, you will still spend at least 1/4-1/5 of your life sleeping.   You will spend less time on vacation, in your car, or on your sofa.  But many of us spend more time researching our car and vacation purchase than we spend researching mattresses.
Organic cotton mattress
This is often because Mattress store make it really difficult to tell the differences between their products. And often this is intentional.  Comparing apples to apples when it comes to mattresses is nearly impossible.

Today’s tech savvy shoppers have turned away from buying mattresses in brick and mortar stores, and instead look to ordering mattresses online.  There are big advantages to buying onlin, including no high pressure salesmen, no quick decisions, and reduced overhead costs of brick and mortar stores.
Online mattress shopping
Instead, you can go online, do all your mattress research from the comfort of your sofa, and order exactly what you want.  Your mattress is then delivered right to your bedroom where you can actually TRY it by sleeping on it, the way you would normally use a mattress. You aren’t forced to do ’test drive’ your mattress purchase in a fluorescently lit mattress store filled with strangers.Saatva mattress
Still, many people are not 100% comfortable buying mattresses sight unseen. They are hesitant to make such a large purchase on their own.  But today’s online mattress buying experience can be relatively risk-free.  If buy a mattress from the right online mattress company, you have no reason to be hesitant.

So how do you know you are buying a mattress from the right place?
That is the million dollar question.


There are quite a few factors that set online mattress companies apart from each other.  And if is often the details that will make or break your shopping experiences.  When looking at mattresses online, you need to ask yourself these questions about mattress companies (I’ve actually created a printable checklist):

1. How long can you try your mattress to know if you really like it?  Do they accept returns?  What happens if I don’t like my mattress?

2. How good are the reviews?

3. Do they take away my old mattress? Do they set up the bed frame? Do they charge extra for this?

4. What kind of inventory do they have:

  • What sizes are available?
  • Do they have multiple comfort levels?
  • Are they compatible with adjustable bed frames? 
  • Are split queen and kings available?
  • Are frames/bases/foundations available? 

5. How are the mattresses constructed?
  •  What materials are used?
  •  Do they use off gassing?
  •  Are Organic or GMO options available?

6. What is the warranty policy?

7. Where are they manufactured?

8. Do they have real-time online support?

9. Do they offer financing?

10. What do they cost? Are there any hidden fees or charges?


We’ve purchased multiple mattresses online (as well as in person) and the company that checks off all the boxes when it comes to those questions is Saatva.
Luxury mattress companiesThey feature a 120 day trial period where you can sleep on their mattresses in real world conditions to see if you really like it.  You can't get that with a brick and mortar store mattress. Saatva mattresses come in sizes twin-California king and three offer different comfort levels.

We have the Luxury Firm (the most popular comfort level) and it is one of the most comfortable mattresses I've slept on (and I'm pretty picky about my mattresses since I've had back issues with other mattresses.)  It is soft yet supportive. Our Saatva mattress replaced a saggy discount one we bought at Costco a while back, and it wasn't much more expensive.  And I love that Saatva's products are made in the USA out of quality materials.  If you prefer non-GMO or organic materials you get them with Saatva.
Saatva mattress shopping online Other companies we’ve purchased from (the “mattress in a box” type) have required us to set up our mattress when it came by UPS, and they didn’t take our old one.  Saatva’s mattress delivery was so much better!   The delivery team was fast and courteous, taking away our old mattresses and saving us the expense and hassle of disposing of it.  (Mattress removal was included in the price!)

But let's say I didn't like the mattress, it was too soft or too firm.  I could send it back. That is the great part of the 120 day trial. It means you don't have to worry about choosing the wrong mattress.  Plus you will have long term peace of mind since Saatva mattresses come with a 15 year warranty.Online mattress companies
Here is a chart of just how Saatva stacks up to all the questions above.  You can fill in the chart and compare them to other mattress companies when doing your mattress research. You will quickly see just how much value you get with a Saatva mattress.
Mattress comparison chart

But you don't have to take my word for it.  Saatva proudly touts it's product reviews from thousands of customers.

Saatva provided a mattress to me for this review, however I was not otherwise compensated for this review nor told what to write about.  

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