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15 Funny Gift Ideas for Snarky Moms

Sarcastic Mom gift ideas
Funny gifts for snarky moms

This will be my 12th Mother's Day as a mom, and I have learned a thing or two about parenting during that time.  I have also learned a lot about myself. I'm definitely one of those sarcastic moms, the type who is willing to laugh at herself.

So for Mother's day this year I don't want flowers or candy or even small kitchen appliances.  I want a gift that celebrates the humor (and sarcasm) in motherhood.   I've collected fifteen gift ideas for moms who are little too edgy and sarcastic for those cheesy “bath bombs and chocolates” gift guides you see floating around Pinterest. (Save those for your grandma!)  Instead these items all take a more realistic view of motherhood. 

   Every mom can probably relate to most of them, even if they don't want to admit it.

15 Sarcastic Gift Ideas for Snarky Moms

Because children bottle opener..  we all know our kids are the reason we drink.

Nag Notes.. Since those lazy kids never do jack shit.

NewImageMigraine Tea Towel.. you know you’ll be the one washing dishes

 Completely accurate makeup bag.. just because I want to take it back, doesn’t mean I didn’t mean it.  
Screen Shot 2018 04 30 at 9 41 41 PM
 Don’t push me socks.. since we’re all just hanging on by a thread
Knife Charm.. the card sums it up perfectly. 

Screen Shot 2018 04 30 at 9 24 56 PM
Minivan bumper sticker… Trust me, we were cool once too.

wine flask bracelt
Wine flask bracelet.. How else are you going to get through that PTA meeting?

Mommy’s fucking tired Coloring Book.. we all know you'll never get a chance to actually sit down and color this

 Tonight or Not Tonight Eye Mask.. we all know which side will always be facing out!

Toddlers Are Assholes Book… But you already knew that.

Straight out of Patience Throw Pillow.. For when you need to scream into something.

NewImage Cold Coffee Mug.. When is the last time you actually drank your coffee when it was still hot?

She believed she could Tee.. But who the hell really wants to? 

Putting up with my shit candle.. let’s just hope it doesn’t smell like that.

If none of these ideas seems just perfect for that special mom, you can always turn to flowers and a nice card.. but whatever you do, DON'T BUY HER A KNIFE SET! Practical gifts like that make moms stabby! 

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