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"Things I'm Not" Cross Stitch Sampler

Things I m not cross stich
I have a new sarcastic cross stitch sampler pattern available in my series of snarky cross stitch designs.  I know these aren’t for everyone, but I’ve been enjoying venting out my aggressions onto Aida.
Snarky sarcastic cross stitch sampler
This was a meme I saw on Facebook and I decided to put it down in fiber.  Some days I just get tired of being nice.. and this really resonated with me.
Not dealing with your bs cross stitch pattern
I started the pattern a few weeks ago, but I don’t stitch very quickly so even small designs like this one take me a while.

Starting new cross stitch
Needle minder availble here
The pattern only uses 4 colors of DMC floss, and I love the little floral border.
Things I m not cross stitch in progress
Needle minder available her

I finally finished it off at the Oakland A’s game I posted about earlier this month.  It is pretty funny to sit in front of people and have them reading your snarky cross stitch sampler over your shoulder.
Cross stitching at Baseball gameI had an old frame with a 5x7 mat that fit the finished design (on 14 ct) pretty well.
Funny Things I m Not Cross Stitch Pattern

You can get the printable PDF pattern (two patterns actually.. one in full color and one in black and white depending on what you prefer!)

A Sarcastic Cross Stitch Sampler: Things I'm not:  -Skinny -Nice -Going to deal with your BS  OMG! So funny.. I need to stitch this!

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  1. Oh, but how I want to be skinny! I love everything about this!


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