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Geometric Animal Silhouettes with Kaleidoscope HTV

Kalidescope htv on tshirt
I’ve been playing around with creative silhouettes and I really loved how they look when you fragment them into pieces. It is almost like stained glass or string art.   I started with a simple bear outline and then fractured it.  I love the play of modern versus traditional.  
Wild and Free Geometric California bear
I am giving away this SVG  file for FREE, just enter your address below to get it delivered by email:

I thought nothing described it better than the phrase “wild and free” so I added that with “Huh Girls” font from Creative Market. If you want to change the wording you can get the font here:
Powered by Creative Market

I actually created an entire series of animals using this technique since I loved how they turned out.  I turned ALL of them into SVG or Printable files as well. 

Fractured Animals Collection
You can find the rest of the animals (either individually or the entire collection) at Snarky Crafter Designs

I combined my bear silhouette with the absolutely AMAZING kaleidoscope vinyl from Happy Crafters and the result is such a pretty illusion.  I didn’t want the text to be in kaleidoscope since I feared it would make it hard to read, so instead I used tinfoil (which I also thing looks AWESOME!) 
Happy crafters kaleidoscope and tinfoil

Here is your chance to win your own HTV pack from Happy Crafters!  Scroll to the bottom of this point for the entry form!

The hardest part of this whole project? WEEDING.  Gah! Weeding with tall those little kaleidoscope lines makes you cross-eyed! But it will be worth it!
Weeding kaleidoscope vinyl

I laid out my design on my tee.  I am using a Happy Crafters Cotton Tee in XL (Shoutout to all the large chested girls who can't wear tight tees!)  in Heather Purple. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the heathered shirts. They are so soft and have that distressed look.  

California bear silhouette with HTV on shirt

I don’t have a heat press, but I do have an Easy Press and that is exactly what I used for this project: 
Easy press to apply metallic and kaleidoscope vinyl

I love how it turned out. The two types of vinyl look amazing together. 
Kaleidoscope vinyl with metallic

Here is what it looks like with me wearing it. That kaleidoscope almost looks like brushed steel. Super cool!
Wearing Kaleidoscope HTV tee

Of course, since this silhouette was inspired by the bear on the California flag, I thought it would only be appropriate to tag my hometown on the shirt:  
Adding city name to shirt with HTV
This is my final version: 
Wild and Free Bear Silhouette on Tee

You can enter below to win a huge selection of Happy Crafter's HTV!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Today’s post is my submission to this month’s Craft and Create with Cricut challenge.  
Cricut logo2 01

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  1. The fractured bear looks great! I love it, weeding must of been tough, but worth it. The font is super cute. I'm amazed at how soft the shirts are and I love the color. Pinning!

  2. Wow, I am loving the animals with the geometric shapes. Gives them a whole new look. That holographic vinyl is now on my must buy list. It's super cool! Great project!

  3. I really love your fractured silhouette designs, Kim. I don't know if it was the HTV or the fracture lines or the combo but if you look at it long enough it almost looks quilted or 3D. So, so cool!


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