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How to Crochet a Plush Carrot (Amigurumi)

Crochted amigurumi carrots Easy Crocheted Carrot Amigurumi Pattern. A great addition to your play food collection or for use as spring or easter decor
Earlier this month when I was sharing my Rae Dunn inspired Easter eggs, I got a few comments on these life sized crocheted carrots I had used in the photo.
Rae Dunn Eggs and Crocheted Carrots
I have been creating on a series of stuffie veggies for Instagram, and these carrots were one of the patterns I’ve worked out.  So just in time for Easter I am sharing the pattern with you.   The work up really quickly and they are SO FREAKING CUTE!!Crocheted decorative carrots for easter

I’m making all these veggies for my kids to use in their play kitchen.  Plus food is really hot right now and making my own is so much fun!Crocheted carrots for kids
Amigurumi Carrots:

SC: Single Crochet
Ch: Chain
SlSt: Slip Stitch
InvDec: Invisible Decrease (or any SC decrease method you are comfortable with)

Crocheted Carrot patternSupplies: 
Crochted amigurumi carrots

CARROT (In Orange): 

R1: SC 4 into MagicCircle/MagicRing (4) in your first color.
R1 (Alternative): CH2 and work 4 SC stitches in second chain from hook. SlSt to close loop. 

R2-3: SC 4 (4)
R4: *Work 2 SC into first stitch, SC into next stitch* repeat 2x (6)

R5: SC 6 (6)
R6: *Work 2 SC into first stitch, SC into next two stitches* repeat 2x (8)

R7: SC 8 (8)
R8: *Work 2 SC into first stitch, SC into next three stitches* repeat 2x (10)
Crocheted stuffed carrot

R9: SC 10 (10)
R10: *Work 2 SC into first stitch, SC into next four stitches* repeat 2x (12)

R11-12: SC 12 (12)
R13: *Work 2 SC into first stitch, SC into next five stitches* repeat 2x (14)

R14: SC 14 (14)
R15: *Work 2 SC into first stitch, SC into next six stitches* repeat 2x (16)

R16-7: SC 16 (16)
R18: *Work 2 SC into first stitch, SC into next seven stitches* repeat 2x (18)

Stuff firmly, adding additional stuffing as you go 

Crocheted toy carrots
R19-24: SC 16 (16)
R25: *InvDec, SC* repeat 6x (12)

R26: *InvDec, SC* repeat 4x (8)
R7: *InvDec* repeat 4x (4)

Close remaining opening with yarn needle. Fasten off.

CARROT TOPS (in Green) MAKE 3: 
These will be “Y” shaped stems with curly leaves. You may want to vary chain length if you want a wider variety of sizes of carrot tops. 

How to crochet carrot leaves
Ch 20 (Leave a long starting length since it will be used to attach carrot tops to carrot)

Starting in the second loop from end SC2, SC2 in next 9 stitches (this will only be half of the starting chain!), SlSt

Ch 10 (this will be a new branch off of the stem)

Starting in the second loop from end SC2, SC2 in next 9 stitches (this will bring you back to the beginning branch point), SlSt into next stitch of ORIGINAL chain. Fasten off
Crocheted carrot tops
Attach all three carrot tops to the center of the top of the carrot using a yarn needle. I found it easiest to thread all three strands of yarn though the same needle and attach them all at once. If you are making these carrots as play food for small children, make sure you attach the tops well and weave in the ends completely.

If you would rather get the print-friendly downloadable version of this pattern, I also have it available here:

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